Sexual energy to aura

So I’m dealing with a large amount of sexual energy at the moment, being on no fap and generally preferring to not go down that route for a while, so I’d rather use the energy for different purposes. I’ve read on another thread by @Dentyuns how this sexual energy can be projected to the aura, rather than transmuted away to increase attraction and attention, and I’m interested in attempting this. @Dentyuns had a 5-20min exercise to achieve this, but as he is no longer active I’m interested if anyone can recall this exercise? I believe @Olivqa22 and @JAAJ asked for this, so if you could potentially enlighten me I’d greatly appreciate it.
If there is no luck with that, or there are any other better ways I’d like to find out how to move my sexual energy into my aura, in order to make myself more magnetic.
I’m presuming any ojas track would help with this, or microcosmic orbit? Are there any other fields people could recommend?

I don’t know which exercise Dentyuns meant, but this is a good one. Most I know are similar.

I don’t know if orgone would increase magnetism (well, animals like it xD) but raise libido and the attraction you feel to others it does.

I’d pick ojas (for pure magnetism purposes). And do Alkul’s exercise. I guess using GOAT, but you could also use quantum love album instead.

I’d also think about transmuting it. If you have an abundance of sexual energy, you’re probably magnetic enough already. For more influence, there’s quantum love. For sexual opportunities, I don’t think you need anything really. But then GOAT…

You wouldn’t believe which fields can increase attraction and attention…it’s practically all of them as they enhance your energy. Most people have a shtty uninteresting aura. If you use fields, you definitely won’t.

You will get attraction and attention even on angelic vibes. But it’s better to use the love fields (old attract love album, and love gravitation wave, and the new attract and radiate quantum love) for that.

Definetly use all of them to get a balanced effect and attract high vibe people. And be willing to forgive and move on cause they sometimes attract the wrong types and bring old relationships into your life.

I guess a special mention should go to The Star too. That field brings interest from ALL people. You will get attention from certain individuals if you use crystal fields for example. But The Star is the most universal one. It affects nearly everyone.

For attraction, I don’t know which would work, but I’m sure that trarot archetype, planets or zodiac fields would greatly boost it. I will leave that to someone more knowledgeable though.

Oh and maybe blessings of Aphrodite would help too.

Good luck.


Without any fields involved:

Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe,
Rati Priyaye Dimahi,
Tanno Ananga Prachodayat

108 times a day for at least 21 days really spikes up sexual energy. It will eventually turn into a siddhi.

Mentally chanting is ok for these types of mantras - “vibrating” the mantra is best for Beej mantras like Aum, Aim, Hreem, Shreem, Kreem, Kleem, Hoom, Hleem, Streem, Treem.

For magnetism Hoom Kleem Streem Kleem Treem Kreem Heem Hreem Aim Aim Kleem Streem about 21 to 108x times a day works great. (better memorize it and focus on Sahasrara as you’re chanting this)

You can do the Manipura Mudra for extra oomph while chanting (this is more for inner stability to keep yourself from interfering with the effects of the mantra):

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For those who want to nerd out, Heem is a Trailokya Beej Mantra, it wasn’t a typo.


@Alkul What audios did you listen to specifically?

If they were specific youtube audios, could you attach links to those mantras here?

These 2:

Om Gyanam Dhyanam Shantam Hari
Om Kroom Lingaya Om

I remember dhyaanguru on youtube had audios for these mantras years ago. Still on youtube


I chanted them.

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought they were audios you listened to.

That’s the Goat Audio in that thread.

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Somewhere I have heard that ojas is closely related to the aura so if you listen to ojas it’s transmutate sexual energy into magnetism or aura I feel @Maoshan_Wanderer @SammyG @Dreamweaver would know better