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Hey Luna. Ya I have the Eternal for over a year and a half now. Eternal, Max Heal Potion, Caladrius and Plasma Flaunt are in my main health stack that I use every day.

I’ve been asking Caladrius and my Negentropic Dragon to replenish all of my organs, systems and energy centers with the specific energies they need to bring my bodies back to complete negentropy for a long time now, many months.
Maybe I need to be more specific with my requests for them.

I’ll try this, thank you. I’ve never thought to ask Caladrius to boost other fields/NFT’s 🫣


Thank you @vaportransmission I’ll check these out :pray:t3:

Great to hear you have recovered from it :pray:t3: I didn’t think the other strains could be as bad as it first but this is hitting me just as bad as the first time. I’m sure my immune system issues play a toll in it but all will come well again in time hopefully.
Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out now :ok_hand:t3:


You have great healing fields. :wink::heart:

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Hmm, Do you use Kinetic Quasi Crystal?

You must have leaks. The vessel is what needs to be strenghtened otherwise it keeps being like a colander.

KQC would keep pushing more of the energies you play for longer time for instance i believe (take this with a grain of salt) that since tags work slower but more consistency because we wear them 24/7 and audios dont stay working 24 hours after we play them, you could use something that would always be pushing the healing energies around, deeper, in etc and that is exactly what KQC does, but remember thats why it can get overwhelming but you eventually integrate it, KQC would crystallize your body inside so the fields would keep working and stronger.

Brother… what?

Thats the best part of having Servitors!!

Not only to power boost things but to enhance the connection and integration, specially on specific areas and to help you not overwhelming yourself.


Thanks Mao I’ll check them out :pray:t3:
Mushrooms are part of my many many food intolerances, but I feel my food issues are also due to my energetic issues In some capacity. When my energy levels are good my digestion works much better and I don’t get as much awful symptoms from foods then. I’ll try them out and see how things go. Thanks man :pray:t3:


Ya I use it at the start of my stacks.
My old pre stack would usually be
Quasi Kinetic Aura
Kinetic Quasi Crystal
Aura Energy Body Repair
Point of no Return

I’ve Recently changed it to
Malleable Ego
SLR 3.0
Quasi Kinetic Aura
Kinetic Quasi Crystal
Your Energetic Being

I know :pensive: my servitor knowledge is not too good to be honest. I’ve a great connection with my Caladrius but for some reason I never thought of him as a “servitor servitor” so I never delved more into that side of things.
I got some crystals as gifts over Christmas and I was going to place Fae, ESS, Dragon, Dark and Light servitors on them. Maybe I should focus more on what else Caladrius can do now instead.


My mom has a host of gut issues. Interestingly, Gullet was not doing it for her and then came Gastrointestinal Specialist. This really helped her.

  • Detox field X 2 (from the Politics of the Body series)
  • Gastro Specialist X 5
  • IBS/Ulcer v2.0 X 3 (she does not have ulcers but this field is very rejuvenating)
  • Stomach Regeneration x 3
  • Intestinal Regen X 3
  • Lymphatic Effusion X 3

She stuck to this was 4 months and around the 3 month mark, there was a breakthrough. She is now off most of her medication for various gut issues. She also loops Devic Intercession an hour every day (the beings that respond here seem to be earth-based healers and very responsive).

Wishing you a very speedy recovery :heart:

Edit: Personally for me, Gullet + Specialist along with Eternal and Plasma Flaunt takes care of a ton of gut issues. I use Smart Slayer twice a week (and I also take probiotics and a fiber supplement). Restricting Diary and Gluten to just weekends has also helped big time, notably less inflammation everywhere.


I think we totally need a Luna stack thread for prep, boost, and integrate!! :heart:


This field is the one I feel most benefits from for my digestive issues.
Gastrointestinal Specialist makes me feel worse while using it but I’m sure it’s the healing that is causing this so I stick with it. Thanks for the stack suggestion Mao, I’ll give it a try :ok_hand:t3:

I’ve been told by two different healers in the past that I am one with the fairies.
I didn’t understand what it meant at the time (I still dont) but maybe I should start using the Devic Intercession more. Angelic Intercession is my go to usually.

I’ve been looking to find a new Probiotic, its hard to find a good quality one. I’ll check out the one you recommended, thanks Mao :pray:t3:



Like the one i did 2 years ago?

How to Create Great Stacks

I actually told Rosechalice the other day id be updating the old threads ive made with the new fields, and then ill send her the whole post with the new things so she can edit it :open_hands:

Excited about this one and the Spa one! It’ll come in a few days


How long you been working with this for?
Have you noticed any change?

I think this is great because you do have strong blockages re healing. Which is normal in your case, you have tried so much for so long!

And bug Caladrius for anything and everything! For all the process!

You know he came to visit me the other day (i dont have it) I was just about to fall asleep, and i was like uh hi? Lol so i asked him things to help me like small or cronic pains ive had here and there? And IT fixed them!! One by one as i was asking i was blown away. So i dont know if it was because one time a dear member sent him to me for a session and he came to check on Me again on his own terms and decision or it was the actual Caladrius not the NFT since they work only for the owners but Dieties and Entities decide for themselves what to do too anyway. that was a great beautiful experience.

So i can imagine having the actual NFT, take advantage of it as much as possible, mention to him the fact that fields seems to come in and right out so you find yourself in the same spot or feeling great then back down again.

I cannot express myself enough as how much i want you healed! Your resilience is admirable.


Me too! :heart:


I also use Torsion in my primer stack…


Me too! I love that field!


Thank you both @Lunamoon22 and @Maoshan_Wanderer so much :pray:t3: I’ll keep fighting, I need to for myself and my little girls.
I would love to pick yer brains some more but I dont want to be clogging up this thread with all my issues (sorry @mods)
Thanks for all the advice guys :heart:

I think I’m going to start from scratch with my stacks again and shorten them to be more focused on what I need right now, and hopefully find a bit more time to work actively to remove all of my blockages and get my energy back :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Can I use it for acute diarrhoea? Or will it make it worse ?

Has it helped you permanently?:pray:t3:

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Yes @Rayofpeace , funny just yesterday I realized two things ; people around me are dealing with sinuses and allergies problems and I’m actually now for whole month totally ok .

One more thing I have one wound in my mouth what didn’t heal for long time and also yesterday I realized that this wound it’s now almost healed .

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I’m so happy for you!

Was it this field alone?

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No is not i listen Max healing and others .
Like plasma flaunt, divine immunity etc
But if I have bad sinus problems I just loop a lot …

Thank you @Rayofpeace :bouquet::balloon:

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