Smart Slayer

I have looped it for many hours without any issues, but it’s always wise to go slower and monitor one’s own state.

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Has anyone the original image of the mandala?


Can this be shared with immediate family?


Okay, so to be clear, I can transfer it to anyone and that makes them the owner and then they’ll give it back to me and then I can listen to it?

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That’s right.

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I should Google the instructions on how to transfer it right? It’s a bit hard to understand just from a first try

Got it last night fewer , cold and played on the loop for couple hours , later started to throw up .

Need to say aldo im still sick in bed playing on loop last night help so much as my body started to eliminate what needs to go out faster .
Even my sinuses slowly unblock more and night was bearable to sleep .

This is amazing field.
I was in very bad condition last night compared to this morning !


Keep us posted, Andromeda. Sending healing. :slight_smile:


Up date - 3 day later -

Smart slayer clear up my sinuses and chest mucus very good , yesterday was still little bit left but this morning I can breath and chest don’t feel so heavy to breath.

I did listen for couple hours first two days and than a hour as body started to recover.

My mother comment yesterday ; wow you look much better today compared to last two days .

Yes truly I’m very happy with Smart slayer it’s working. I’m having sinusitis where it’s never ending circles of inflammation + sometimes Covid or flu :sneezing_face: it kick me in the bed with pain and inflammation.

Smart slayer kick that very fast 🥷🥷🥷


Can this help with candida infections? I’ve been taking a bunch of meds for it but its so resistant

Hey @Violet I think the Fungus Destroyer field would be your best bet.
Just be wary of the die off symptoms, they can be rough with Candida :disappointed:


Oh my god I know right?! I’ve been such a b***

I’ve had this infection for like over a year
and I didnt know until like now lol

Hope you are doing good my dude @TimeForChange


It can be hard to get rid of and not very enjoyable when it comes to what you can eat and drink while trying to do it.
Just be sure to stay away from everything that feeds the Candida. Sugars, Refined Carbs, Booze, Gluten, processed foods and some dairy products also.

You’ll feel great after it though :ok_hand:t3:

Doing ok thank you. Been better, but been worse also so ill take this as a win for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“vaccines” are straight poison.

Do not take.

Do not like them on Facebook!

That is your personal opinion.
When one decide that he or she needs vaccines or medication for medical reasons, it’s their personal choice and necessity, and I believe nothing wrong with it

Has anyone updated from Knight Errant Virus Slayer to Smart Slayer and noticed bigger and faster results?

Knight has been great for me up until now but unfortunately I need more help with this covid strain, I can’t seem to rid any of the virus even with all the fields I have at our disposal.

Knight has been effective against covid for me. I don’t know if smart slayer does better than it because I haven’t got any viral infection since then.