Subconscious Limit Dissolver

Anyone know if the Subconscious Limit Dissolver audio on Gumroad is the one without music or not ??

Thank You…

It’s with classical music Beethoven and I love it


It is pretty good, but its hard to leave it on loop while sleeping …


Yes indeed you should be use to it which is not easy

I like the older one that’s on Patreon. It’s not as strong as the newer one, but it has a constant tone which is much easier to sleep to. Also when I’m out in public or with family, I keep the volume loud enough that I can hear it, and the tone blend into the environment so no one really notices. Whereas having the song playing gets me some annoyed looks lol


How so?


Which version you spoke about

I am a member on patreon and the .mp3 file is no more there for download … just on patreon …

Oh my bad. I need to start reading the comments before posting false info lol sorry!

You mean just on Gumroad?

Yes sir … the one on gumroad … is it the one without music ??

Well mine isn’t, like I already said, I recently bought it and it’s classical music one

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Simply fantastic , the other version hurt my ears.

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@anon44251429 Music is by Gioachino Rossini :wink:

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@Vandark I was wondering why the frequency is different though :thinking:

Anyone tried looping this one?

at the workplace, this audio plays constantly (version without music). in the night playlist I have it 4 times. Believe me, listening 1-2 times a day, 1 time will be ineffective. this audio makes it possible to understand how much a person has accumulated load in consciousness, and how difficult the process of getting rid of trash is.


Yeah I was thinking exactly this. Or at least I guess it would take a very long time.

Also I don’t see any limits in the description

You want to say listening only twice daily for year won’t do anything?