Testimonials thread for trading/selling NFTs?

Would love to see a testimonials thread for those who are selling/trading their NFTs.

The thread would be a simple thread in the classified section. If a user has a positive interaction with another user doing a trade, they can simply post something like “traded X with Y on 2/10/22. Trade went smooth!”

This way, if someone has to trade an NFT or tag, they will be able to discern a quality user more easily.

Not sure what is the best way to deal with any potential lying or anything, but its definitely a step in the right direction.


Would you explain how and why? thanks! :slight_smile:

I explained it above a bit. The how is just making a thread stating “I traded with X and the process was easy!”

The why is so that I know before going into a trade with any user if they have a prior trading history. Most on this forum are trustworthy, but it would provide another layer of protection.

I actually just traded with @Vesparda (great trade btw :smiley:) and may make more trades in the future. It would help me in knowing quickly who I’m dealing with. It would also help others to see that I’m consistently making good trades.


Thanks, that helps. I had a bogus trade situation once, but I think the person just changed their user name and I wouldn’t have a clue.


Yeah hopefully we can prevent stuff like that from ever happening.

It would never replace fully vetting someone, but it is a better layer of protection than nothing.


I have wondered about the ppl selling NFTs on venly and crypto. Sometimes in crypto they use names other than the ones they use on the forum, so you don’t really know who you are dealing with.


let sammy know
he might set it up


Oh @SammyG:smiley:


But not so much of a problem because if you are just gonna trade an nft on crypto with someone, it has to get an offer of at least 1usd, so the person you talked to about trading will the person making the offer to you, and they can tell u their crypto name, you get the email confirming the offer and thats it.

The only thing id be really careful with is “trading” only with people you trust well and have done other trades.

Im talking about like just lending for a few days one of the makers and then people saying they got locked out and cat get in their account again.


I can create that badge.

How do we determine someone is a trusted trader. Perhaps if they have done a number of trades in this forum already and are a trusted member?


Most important would be how to filter out the ones that are dodgy, or they will just vouch for each other. Has to be a specific way to determine trustworthiness as a back up, when a case comes up that needs proof to verify.

Forum members we already trust and have done trades with will be the easy part. :) Thanks for doing this, Sammy! :sparkling_heart:


An official trade inspector ?
To confirm the counts ?


Definitely need to be wary of this.


What if a person is trustworthy but hasn’t done any trades? This will limit them from trading with someone


I never envisioned it as “only the verified can trade,” more so that at a quick glance I can determine the level of trust the user has had in the past.

It still falls to myself and every other member to keep themselves safe at all time. It would be too much work and liability otherwise.


Yes, if they don’t have the badge, then you make your own call on whether to trade with them or not. It’s not a stigma to not have one, only a way to make trading with trusted forum members easier.

That makes the whole “I vouch for this person” unnecessary.


And the converse is true, as well. As Amazon has shown us, dodgy operators have very real incentives to eliminate as much competition as possible through inaccurate reports of bad performance.


Yes, I loved the trade opportunity I had where somebody said they hoped my deal fell through so they could get it. At least they were honest, lol.

But the way this would work, the people vouching for a forum member would also have to be a trusted forum member. There are definitely nuances here, so big brains step forward.


I think the easiest way or at lest how ive done it with new people i dont know

Is that i ask them first to send me theirs and only until i receive it i send mine

And i take ss of each step of the transaction just in case they say it didnt arrive so i contact costumer service but luckily all has gone well for me so far


perhaps it shouldn’t be based only on the amount of trades done as some just straight up put it on venly.

maybe how long and active the person has been in the forum and has contributed?