The Blueprint of Psychic Mastery NFT

As children, we notice more, see more, hear more, and feel more–these are the basic survival instincts that allow us to move safely through the world. But as we grow up, we are told to stop being so sensitive, that ghosts do not exist and that pain is always physical. As a result of this upbringing, we begin to believe that emotions and intuition are at odds with science and reason. We suppress our gifts, scoff at “clairvoyants,” and accept the physical realm as complete reality. We become accustomed to the fact that much of the modern technogenic world interprets “unusual abilities” as quackery, or the belief that only a select few possess such properties dominates. The specific structures of our brains atrophy or stiffen due to lack of use. This happens with any ability that we do not use properly. For example, additional languages learned in school are forgotten if there is no practice. The good news is that psychic abilities will never completely disappear. Although it may take some work to reawaken those dormant powers.

Every talent involves a certain amount of work. Increased activity and stimulation of the appropriate parts of the brain leads to their development, and ultimately to the development of specific skills. At present, individuals are using ancient and creating new techniques and technologies to expand the capabilities of the person himself, his consciousness. It is important that any activity be self-directed. People possessing or developing psychic abilities can predict the future, tell about the past, heal, warn, investigate, control the weather, read minds, and so on. Unfortunately, most people get their ideas about gifted people from various articles on the Internet and not the best mainstream television shows. The existence of some “average” model of psychic prowess that fits everyone is a big misconception. Each person is individual, and the main advice to those who want to develop abilities in themselves is to choose a desirable, priority direction, and constant practice. Muscle growth is only possible with a certain amount of exercise :)


Fundamentally, psychic skills are defined by an innate ability to process sensory data — both tangible and intangible stimuli — on an extremely deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. Of course, this is a rather broad definition. Because extrasensory gifts vary greatly in intensity and application, it’s best to imagine psychic skills on a spectrum.

To visualize this range, imagine four friends meeting for dinner. The first individual to arrive approaches the host stand, speaks with the maître d’, and is led to the table. After sitting, she notices that she’s missing a fork and that her water glass has already been filled. She’s quite thirsty, so she takes a sip.

Shortly after, the second friend enters the restaurant. He approaches the host stand and notices that maître d’ is scrolling through Instagram on her phone. Unsure of whether the maître d’ is bored or indignant, the second individual delicately gets the hosts attention through a gentle greeting. The host is gracious and welcoming, and the second individual is immediately relieved. The host leads the second individual to the table, where he sits down, greets his friend, and proceeds to review the menu.

The third friend enters the restaurant. As she approaches the host stand, she is overwhelmed with stimuli: She notes the restaurant’s garish decor, the servers’ swift movements, and a particularly loud gentleman in the back of the room who seems to be dominating the conversation. His energy is arrogant and abrasive, and his young children appear both embarrassed and afraid. Will they grow to adopt his behavior, or will they reject it and become soft and docile? Suddenly, the third friend snaps back in reality as maître d’ asks how she can help. Once she arrives at the table, she immediately shares her observations with her dinner mates.

Finally, the fourth friend walks into the restaurant. Upon entering, he’s completely overwhelmed by the movement, sounds, lights, and smells. Within an instant, he’s aware of interpersonal dynamics at each table, the complex relationships between the servers, the pungent odor of a particular dish that reminds him of childhood, and a few charred rafters on the ceiling. Had there been a fire? Suddenly, he senses an extreme heaviness (something bad happened here) and — avoiding the maître d’ — hurries towards the table of friends. He tries to shake off these experiences, but they continue to linger throughout dinner.

From the above example, friend one and two demonstrate a relatively standard range of sensitivity, while friend three and four exhibit more extreme extrasensory abilities. Consider your own experiences: How much stimuli do you absorb on a daily basis? Which types of stimuli resonate most deeply? How does it impact you emotionally? Physically? Spirituality? By understanding your own unique gifts, you can begin to learn how to tap into your psychic strengths.

At the heart of the project are the classic captain’s fields, which are freely available. We have suggested some modifications, to extend the capabilities of the NFT itself. The product is designed to affect all mental and physical factors of psychic functioning and to cause a permanent expansion of the user’s abilities and capabilities when used, creating powerful new neural connections in the right areas of the brain, increase in neuroplasticity. Also, NFT will improve the ability to use parapsychic abilities on a conscious level by building a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Added a boost in the creation of neural pathways, using increased levels of BDNF, NGF, CNTF, and GDNF to create the best and the most adequate psychic neural network. Also: physical restructuring (rehabilitative training for the brain), constant growth of neurons in the right areas of the brain (as psychic abilities develop); psychological factor - clear recognition of psychic (subtle) information. Adaptation of consciousness to new perceptions, ect. Of course, the smart system of this product optimizes and adapts the energy and nervous system to the new psi-powers. Soft electrical stimulation of neurons is also present.



This field will help powerfully dissolve a large number of subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. By releasing all subconscious limiting beliefs, blocks and negativity, we open up other possibilities and resources. This point will also help stop the internal dialogue, help dissolve the ego and increase confidence in one’s own abilities.


… for the conscious mind to learn to think in concepts, and for different concepts to be understood by our conscious mind. By consciously holding any concept in the mind, we send it directly to the subconscious mind, which will easily and clearly recognize what we are trying to tell it (the subconscious mind will be able to act on this information in a powerful mental way), ect.


From description:
  • The corpus callosum, contains a bundle of neuronal fibers found in humans and other higher-order mammals that allow the two hemispheres to talk to one another, this passively works to help increase and reinforce the neuron connections there;

  • Memory potential is also increased;

  • Damaged areas should also regenerate over time, BNDF and NGF is also produced actively in the areas you are using, for task completion or studying to increase and create new connections there. For example, using this while practicing visualizing will actively generate and increase connections, making it a lot easier to develop the skill, that same can be applied to any other task;

  • Amblox and induced stem cells are used for regeneration and repair, scar tissue is also removed;

  • The hippocampus, areas for reasoning/abstract thinking and also the Broca area and Wernicke’s area, are also stimulated;

Subconscious Repetition: When you encounter new information, your subconscious mind will prompt you to refresh your working memory several times, helping to drive the new data deep into your long term memory. *Yes, you can do this yourself, using conscious effort, and you should! The specific pattern that helps most is to refresh the memory at these intervals: Three seconds after first exposure, one minute, two minutes, twenty minutes, 24 hours and 72 hours. If you hit a repetition at all those points you will retain that information for roughly 20 years. This field just makes doing so a bit easier.

Enhancement of the Hippocampus: This field simply aids your body in increasing the activity level and sensitivity in this specific area of the brain. This will tend to aid in memory functions, both in retrieval and formation of long term memories.

Pre-Frontal Lobe Enhancement: This is the area of the brain that holds your specific attention in the given moment and memories lasting less than three seconds. By increasing the blood flow and activity of this area, your attention span increases and your ability to focus will more than double instantly, even without trying. If you make an effort, this set of abilities will increase far more dramatically. It still takes effort, but your return for that effort will increase exponentially!

Myelin Sheath Production: By increasing the production, along the normalized, pre-established patterns of the brain, of this compound, the insulation value of each nerve strand goes up, preventing signal lose! It has recently been determined that one of the major factors in human intelligence is this insulation. The more you have of it (In general, there is most likely a highest effective level as there is in most things, though this has not been determined at this time) the more intelligent you are. It’s that simple and this field will cause your brain to develop thicker and healthier myelin sheaths over time.

Global Integration in Processing: Having good recall is not the whole of intelligence, obviously! The ability to put information together does require you to have access to that information, but Global Processing, or Whole Brain Thinking allows you to use more of your potential processing power, put things together in unique ways that may have been otherwise missed and allows you to bend your personal rules of intelligence enough that you can entertain things in new dimensions.

Being intelligent and remembering new information still takes an act of will. You have to choose to use these things. This item will just give you a chance to use what you already have at a much higher level.



Active decalcification of the pineal gland, with divine physical restructuring of the gland itself so that it can work at the Divine level. The use of the divine here means that it will conform to what the Source defines as the most optimal and purest pineal gland for the psychic master. As well as the optimal combination of Mstate elements in the pineal gland; to further build upon this, removal of all limiting beliefs revolving psychic mastery and a development of the users energy system, releasing any mental and energetic blockages hindering the perception of energy, resulting in a holistic, physical, mental and energetic approach, ect.


Similar to the wisdom of the dying, except psychic abilities apply to all psychic beings in the universe, let alone this planet. The knowledge, skills and wisdom of all psychics in the universe apply to our conscious subconscious and unconscious. We can also learn from higher beings and the like, as our third eye will be restructured to a divine ability that allows us to do much more than what humans are capable of, ect.


An intellectual field (intellectual guidance) that will continually work on our brain to accustom it to all brainwave states (eventually this will become a natural switch to mastering the various states of consciousness that are also the key to any psychic practice).


The ancient sign was associated with secret knowledge, higher wisdom, spiritual insight and the ability to discern the invisible to the common man. Each part of the symbol has its own specific meaning; details and precise proportions are important, which recreates the power of a god and helps the user to develop supernatural abilities, ect.


… and amplification of all basic senses, adjustment and adaptation. Stimulation and enhancement of the brain areas responsible for processing sensory information. Development of synaesthesia - a mechanism allowing to perceive the world holistically, to distinguish what is common in heterogeneous objects, which unites them, and to carry out transformation of the content of one modality into the form of any other modality, ect.


… which affects specific brain activity in several ways, but the most significant is an increase in receptivity and synaptic exchange between the hippocampus, amygdala and striatum. In controlled doses taken over a relatively short period of time, NZT significantly improves short- and long-term memory, memory capacity, and analytical thinking. Because it also affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, NZT can improve higher brain function, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and even the body’s immune system. NZT works by maintaining higher levels of 5-HT at the synapse and increasing noradrenaline and serotonin neurotransmission by blocking presynaptic alpha-2 adrenergic receptors and simultaneously blocking certain serotonin receptors.


To avoid getting into various unpleasant situations, suffering from exhaustion and making dangerous mistakes in life, it is important to control your emotions. Emotional control is the ability to manage one’s emotional outbursts, to restrain them when necessary, and to master oneself in all situations of life. Controlling does not mean “forbidding” rigidly. In this project, the term “convert” into a useful activity aimed at developing and improving one’s unfolding talents is more appropriate, ect.


Synchronization of hemispheres and parts of the brain to increase speed, accuracy, flexibility and productivity of thinking, improving all cognitive functions, ect.

Imagine an orchestra. In order to make beautiful music, each performer should produce sounds of a certain pitch, duration, volume, and most importantly, in a strictly defined time. That is, in sync! Without this, instead of a harmonic melody will be a terrible cacophony. The brain is very similar to an orchestra in this respect. Except for the fact that overwhelming majority of people have this orchestra not playing in full force because there is no “conductor” who should maintain synchronous work of all systems.



incredible, inspirational, mesmerizing, extravagant


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This project is also one of the “old” projects, whose idea was formed a long time ago. There were many pitfalls and discussions. In the process of forming the project, we were hinted several times that it was a very strong thing, since no one doubted that the Captain would add additional bonuses

Until the last moment there was a lot of doubt about the number of copies, and the feasibility of making it a general project.

There was even the idea of grading it in Minor (for the forum) and Major (for the private group). But it was finally decided to make it a public project, but with a small number of copies. We hope that those who receive this NFT will be able to cope with this power and develop/discover abilities that will serve the common good, for self-development and knowledge of this world

the project also used articles from the Enlightened States

some info

[…] Actually, it’s all energy, and being psychic means being able to access energy, interpret it accurately and communicate with it. Perhaps the most important step on the road to acquiring psychic abilities is the ability to silence your mind. If you can’t detach yourself from your ego enough to observe thoughts other than your own, you won’t be able to grasp the psychic information you receive.

Over time, practice also creates new neural pathways for psychic perception. Work on developing your “third eye.”

Most people believe that opening a third eye is enough to become psychic. In fact, the third eye is a nerve cluster (group of nerves) in the forehead (where people point to the third eye) that is responsible for psychic abilities. The forebrain is also heavily involved in psychic activity. The third eye chakra provides/absorbs the energy necessary for the functioning of this cluster of nerves and the rest of the brain.

The advantage of people who are born psychic (the neuro-psychic cluster is very sensitive from birth) is that they have had a lifetime to develop the neural pathways necessary for their brain to interpret psychic information in a way that makes sense to their conscious mind.

Each person develops differently, so all psychics receive information in a completely unique way. Most are also capable of interpreting only certain things, such as smells of entities, emotions (empaths are also psychics), past visions from certain places, or interpreting most things as a type of energy.

[…] To become psychic, you have to develop the connections between the neurons needed in the psychic’s nerve node (behind the forehead). In addition, what makes you psychic is the connection between these psychic areas and all the other senses, which makes the manifestation of psychic abilities possible.


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