The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach

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Why don’t you take some time to read the threads and not demand answers? Calm down


Am I sensing some aspect of alpha bones? Awesome! :blush:


Will this heal overbite?



Welcome to the forum!

This field is for general healing rather than specifically targeted to an outcome like yours. If you have a specific desired outcome (like healing an overbite), you’re best off creating a “stack” (AKA playlist) of fields (including this one) which will move you towards your goal. You can find those fields by using the forum search tool (that little magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of every page of this form), as well as reading these threads:

Keep in mind that Sapien Med is currently undergoing some strategic changes right now, specifically that many (all?) of the “medical” fields are being removed from the market and will no longer be offered for sale. So, you’ll want to do your research sooner, rather than later. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps try Auto-Mewing on the Sapien Med channel and/or Patreon.


Pehaps the answer to my question has already been given, I’m sorry but there are way to many replies, I’ll try to read them all, anyway; Here’s the question: can we listen to this one and the super human mutant in the same day or even one after another?
Can we also listen to DNA Repair and Vitamin C (in) the same day or after these 2 fields (plasma light and super human mutant)?

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To all: yes.

Although super human mutant already has you creating your own vitamin c which is what vitamin c does, so you can probably drop vitamin c if you’re doing superhuman mutant


Thank you so much!

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Can this field cure Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

A poem:

I personally enjoy

Slowing my brainwaves down

It helps me, so I can

Have the space to insert positive thought

So I play the deep sleeper 2.0

Before I go to sleep

And the next day

I have that ability


Probably lol, I know damn well the plasma flaunt will because it did for me


Wow this field helps in manifestation as well ? Just started hearing few hours back , and automatically the things that I have been wishing , desires for many weeks are kickstarting and doors are opening for them to manifest… Just so smoothly. Like Automatically kick started the engine to manifest our thoughts/desires (?) … Also people are more welcoming and giving attention ! Thanks to Plasma light energy


this gave me baby soft feet.very unexpected :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My favourite creation won’t stop surprising.
This time it balanced my stool
I usually have chronic diarrhoea due to poor diet
But now it’s perfect
Love you @Captain_Nemo @SammyG


Amazing field. Had a swollen gum it completely subsided it. I play 11th power before hand and then listen to this. A powerful balanced healing effect. Feels relaxing yet energising at once. A free alternative to The Plasma Flaunt.


Hi guys, what’s the main difference between plasma light and cosmo volt in terms of healing effects? Which one should one choose? Should you use both?

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This works AMAZING for physical energy and gym recovery… after hard boxing training 3x a week, I listen to 11th power booster then this once, it’s more powerful than 3 rounds of muscle repair 2.0, plasmafied mitochondria, and the other plasma muscle repair field all together.