The Requests and Fields

Would be nice I’m boiling in almost 40 degree Celsius lol


And my air conditioner is refusing to work.
And it can only be fixed during workdays when I have to be in the office :rofl:


In the mean time, have you tried KQC, which has been reported to be like an energetic air conditioner?


Yes, I have the field and have been using it.
Also Raindrops from Energetic Alchemy, my favorite :grin:


What is KQC?

Also field for making warm room would be great as opposite

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kinetic quasi crystal


Poltergeist in a Bottle Personal Air Conditioner

Something for the grey beard and body hair please similar to the grey hair restoration v2.0.

Smart and Negentropic Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn Dissolver NFT Tag, that would help one to get out of those states completely and become more neutral and relaxed.

The field could be super smart and powerful and constantly learn more and grow and become better and more effective at dissolving and balancing the Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn states and reactions, and at the same time teaching you how to do this on your own so you don’t get stuck in these states in the future again. Helping you to become negentropically super resilient. :slight_smile:

Perhaps also adding something for CPTSD, PTSD and Traumas in general.
Maybe also an intercession part for help and guidance, both from the divine and from the real world.


Subconscious limits dissolver 3.0 NFT/tag on Soundweave. :pray:

  • “Unexpected Foods” -

A NFT tag on Soundweave.

The WellBeing Heart

A combinaison of the following field:

-Pure Magnetic heart coherence
-Soul Restoration(Heart Storage Center)
-Heart Restoration ver2.0
-Heart Chakra

The goal is to have a coherence in the heart, the dantien is ‘seal’(no leakage), the cords are cut around the heart. From the heart restoration maybe not the entire field but the following sentence are interesting :
“Also the general energy around the heart is cleaned an refreshed.”
“The cholesterol removed and the plaque broken up into tiny bits and removed from your system.”
And an expansion,cleaning and growing of the heart chakra and higher heart chakras.


Some extra suggestions, perhaps also adding New Release: Radical Emotional Change by DESNA and Gratitude for blessings and maybe a Crucible of the Heart field, maybe an Energetic Heart Walls Dissolver field and making the NFT tag smart, so it can both grow in effectiveness and also focus on different things within the field depending on what is most needed in the moment for that person, and also negentropic :slight_smile:
Perhaps also an intercession part for helping, teaching and guiding you, both from the divine (god, deity, angels etc) and from the physical world.


@anon25711007 :point_up:t4::point_up:t4::point_up:t4::rofl:

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gallbladder stones field - would highly appreciate this!


Something like “Dream Portal.” It would work on such a principle that before going to sleep we would choose a place where we would like to go: Ancient Persia or Byzantium / Paris, and the field or mandala would focus on depicting, and illustrating what we want in our dream, and after our trip, we could remember these experiences.
Such a semi-conscious/lucid dream. It would be important to focus on one particular place well from map or images to clearly visualize what we want to visit. Perhaps this would require combining several fields for example something from astral/lucid dream fields, and connecting to deep subconcious mind/collective concioussness.
Everyone would be able to visit a piece of the world, they would like to visit in their dream when we are usually asleep.
It is obvious that not everyone will visit the whole world during their lifetime, but something like this would be really nice.
I don’t want create from this another NFT, but rather something public so that everyone can try to visit a faraway place, and maybe even partially fulfill their dreams.


Sapien Medicine
*Gallbladder Help

In vertebrates, the gallbladder, also known as the cholecyst, is a small hollow organ where bile is stored and concentrated before it is released into the small intestine. In humans, the pear-shaped gallbladder lies beneath the liver, although the structure and position of the gallbladder can vary significantly among animal species. It receives and stores bile. This isn’t for stones, but a general detox, using the base of this field coupled with Scar tissue removal via apoptosis Natural Antioxidants Induced Glutathione and AMPK production and a collection of excess hydrogen through your normal respiration to accumulate it around your gallbladder cells, each of these provide a host of benefits that will work in a very synergetic manner to provide the proper environmental conditions for a gentle healing and reduction in inflammation. and a general directed repair and regeneration. 2 - 3 times


Yeah it’s helped alot tbh. Thank you so much, bless you


Clavicle lengthening/widening

Working in the same way the Height Booster works (chondrocytes), also applying some sorta stress to trigger bone remodeling (wolff’s law) and hgh to support the whole thing.

Perhaps also some concepts of the symmetrical body could be applied in the way the bone grows/moves.