The Requests and Fields

Sound can literally destroy tumors, yet they ask: “how can fields work?”

A smart ultrasound anti-tumor field.

Smart in the sense that it finds cancerous tissue in the body and applies ultrasound, as in the article below, to that tissue.


A quercetin field- it would be so amazing to have a quercetin source that bypasses the kidneys


@Captain_Nemo sapien man
a teeth realignment field that does something like braces would be awesome man, it would benefit a lot of people and have them save money also because braces and Invisalign are extremely expensive,
this would be a good audio for your Gumroad or YouTube


Yes! And not just straight but also even in terms of length. Like sometimes teeth can be longer than other teeth


size overall truly, some people have smaller (or bigger) teeth than ‘average’ and in my opinion is a huge hit on self-image.


Ba Duan Jin


A hering restoration field using These genes:

“But Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered a single master gene that programs ear hair cells into either outer or inner ones, overcoming a major hurdle that had prevented the development of these cells to restore hering”

“The ability to produce one of these cells will require a gene cocktail, Garcia-Anoveros said. The ATOH1 and GF1 genes are needed to make a cochlear hair cell from a non-hair cell. Then the TBX2 would be turned on or off to produce the needed inner or outer cell.”


I would be happy with a powerful teeth alignment field. My front tooth has moved outwards after a parodontosis. That’s been fixed but my tooth has remained outward crooked and gap between the other front tooth. Dentist says I need invasilign which is very expensive. It bothers me so much that I don’t want to smile or laugh because I feel embarrassed. I work with customers daily and I think about my ugly front teeth all the time.
I’d be so happy if you could make teeth alignment one. I’m already grateful for many of your fields which I listen to every morning, on my way to work, going home from work and bedtime stack.

I’ve been in hermit mode the last 2yrs because of unfortunate circumstances and then I discovered you. I believe it was fated as I had to do some changes and release myself from mental and emotional blockages.
Initially I discovered subliminal and bineurals and rife in YouTube hoping to find some healing which didn’t do me much. But somehow through all this searching I discovered you and I feel your work is the best for me. I’ve shared your fields to family who I wanted to help and are open to this kind of energy . Sometimes some friends tell me about some physical or life troubles and I often think if only they were the type who believe in this I would have shared this treasure of your work.
Anyway this was just a side comment.
I’m hoping for teeth alignment field one day from you. I know there are others in YouTube but I want to stick to your work only.

Love and light and thanks for helping so many people physically mentally emotionally and spiritually with your gift of work and for free :pray:


I came across this video on my YT feed on resilience - actually they’re calling it “antifragility: resilience 2.0” and I thought it was really
Interesting the research they’re doing and how they broke down into 5 categories what they believe makes up resilience. I know a number of fields work on an aspect of this but i just thought I would throw this one out there in case there was some interest in the research


The fatigue eraser

A smart field that works getting to the root issue of fatigue. There are many reasons why someone can get fatigue what if their was a complex field or NFT that works towards all the root issues of fatigue.

Maybe it like sees what the Users needs then gets the fields they need and works on them.


Oh yes please


My toddler frequently refuses fluids and is constipated most of the time, possibly because he doesn’t consistently get hydration, and he also may have sensitivity to dairy. It may be more related to his diet since he likes to eat processed grains (but he does get veggies and fruit). I’m really not sure why he has chronic constipation.

A field for auto-hydrating the entire body or gastric system would be great. I was searching to see if there already was one but I don’t think there is.

Alternatively, something to perfect Agni, or the body’s digestive fire.

Thank you!


That would be fantastic. There can be psychosomatic (which are real) causes mixed together with physical causes all at the same time. A field like this is called for for many.


Grand Mage

In the vein of The Warrior Monk. A servitor with the mission of protecting you who has all the skills of both the Dark and Light Servitors. And who has the personality, skill set and knowledge base of one who has studied and practiced magic for a lifetime or lifetimes even.

Give him plate armor and you can call him Battle Mage as a throwback to the times of the Ultima RPGs if you want.


Hello. Like many others I suffer from post Covid symptoms and the worst one is the loss of smell and taste. I have this thing called Parosmia, where I smell strong odors (spicy food,parfumes etc) like rotten. Could sound a small thing, but this is horrible to live with. I had Covid over six months ago and physically Im ok but my senses are gone. Doctors cannot do anything because this is new to them. Apparently the receptors behind the nose are damaged and the smell “info” doesn’t reach the brain. I have used the brain fields and the long haul but nothing seems to help


@Captain_Nemo can you make replication of field like “everything will be fine, everything is fine” and that this energy transmute and take over all our worries and directly proportional to affect them with, making all these challenges into this “fine” energy in our reality and later in manifestations types of like

Is this possible to You?

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We need a Vampire Servitor. Request made.


Negentropic Life/ Reality

A field that balances all aspect of your life with the concept of negentropy. Every action, decision, thought, behavior, desire, mind, body,relationship, golas and whatever that is related to day to day life. To being order in times of disorder or enhence harmony even further. Blended and entwined with woven worlds aspects and smart field with unrestricted potential. Also deeply tied to conscious, unconscious and subconscious. To work on a much grander scale of things…or perhaps can also be used to focus on a specific direction.

Just an idea
The concept is to bring negentropy in every aspect of life

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More tree field such as tree of negentropic three treasures (Jing shen chi) or maybe prana or tree of eternal alchemy

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Human skull symmetry field

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