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Poltergeist in a Bottle Personal Air Conditioner

Something for the grey beard and body hair please similar to the grey hair restoration v2.0.

Smart and Negentropic Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn Dissolver NFT Tag, that would help one to get out of those states completely and become more neutral and relaxed.

The field could be super smart and powerful and constantly learn more and grow and become better and more effective at dissolving and balancing the Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn states and reactions, and at the same time teaching you how to do this on your own so you don’t get stuck in these states in the future again. Helping you to become negentropically super resilient. :slight_smile:

Perhaps also adding something for CPTSD, PTSD and Traumas in general.
Maybe also an intercession part for help and guidance, both from the divine and from the real world.


Subconscious limits dissolver 3.0 NFT/tag on Soundweave. :pray:

  • “Unexpected Foods” -

A NFT tag on Soundweave.

The WellBeing Heart

A combinaison of the following field:

-Pure Magnetic heart coherence
-Soul Restoration(Heart Storage Center)
-Heart Restoration ver2.0
-Heart Chakra

The goal is to have a coherence in the heart, the dantien is ‘seal’(no leakage), the cords are cut around the heart. From the heart restoration maybe not the entire field but the following sentence are interesting :
“Also the general energy around the heart is cleaned an refreshed.”
“The cholesterol removed and the plaque broken up into tiny bits and removed from your system.”
And an expansion,cleaning and growing of the heart chakra and higher heart chakras.


Some extra suggestions, perhaps also adding New Release: Radical Emotional Change by DESNA and Gratitude for blessings and maybe a Crucible of the Heart field, maybe an Energetic Heart Walls Dissolver field and making the NFT tag smart, so it can both grow in effectiveness and also focus on different things within the field depending on what is most needed in the moment for that person, and also negentropic :slight_smile:
Perhaps also an intercession part for helping, teaching and guiding you, both from the divine (god, deity, angels etc) and from the physical world.


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gallbladder stones field - would highly appreciate this!


Something like “Dream Portal.” It would work on such a principle that before going to sleep we would choose a place where we would like to go: Ancient Persia or Byzantium / Paris, and the field or mandala would focus on depicting, and illustrating what we want in our dream, and after our trip, we could remember these experiences.
Such a semi-conscious/lucid dream. It would be important to focus on one particular place well from map or images to clearly visualize what we want to visit. Perhaps this would require combining several fields for example something from astral/lucid dream fields, and connecting to deep subconcious mind/collective concioussness.
Everyone would be able to visit a piece of the world, they would like to visit in their dream when we are usually asleep.
It is obvious that not everyone will visit the whole world during their lifetime, but something like this would be really nice.
I don’t want create from this another NFT, but rather something public so that everyone can try to visit a faraway place, and maybe even partially fulfill their dreams.


Sapien Medicine
*Gallbladder Help

In vertebrates, the gallbladder, also known as the cholecyst, is a small hollow organ where bile is stored and concentrated before it is released into the small intestine. In humans, the pear-shaped gallbladder lies beneath the liver, although the structure and position of the gallbladder can vary significantly among animal species. It receives and stores bile. This isn’t for stones, but a general detox, using the base of this field coupled with Scar tissue removal via apoptosis Natural Antioxidants Induced Glutathione and AMPK production and a collection of excess hydrogen through your normal respiration to accumulate it around your gallbladder cells, each of these provide a host of benefits that will work in a very synergetic manner to provide the proper environmental conditions for a gentle healing and reduction in inflammation. and a general directed repair and regeneration. 2 - 3 times


Yeah it’s helped alot tbh. Thank you so much, bless you


Clavicle lengthening/widening

Working in the same way the Height Booster works (chondrocytes), also applying some sorta stress to trigger bone remodeling (wolff’s law) and hgh to support the whole thing.

Perhaps also some concepts of the symmetrical body could be applied in the way the bone grows/moves.


:orange_heart:Paid or Free

a measure of natural antioxidants (catalase targeted to mitochondria and induced ALA), Induced Glutathione (to help with reducing over pigmentation)
and AMPK production and a collection of excess hydrogen through the normal respiration to accumulate it around the whole FACE and NECK
also induced production of vitamin C to all related areas.

Extras :

:white_check_mark:For the surface damage, elements of skin regeneration are added to promote a faster healthy healing.

:white_check_mark:natural production of hydrogen peroxide (off course smart field)

:white_check_mark:Antibacterial Field Targeted To Face And Neck

:white_check_mark:lymphatic drainage and toxin removal, but just for the FACE and NECK, to work on blockages that are specific there.

:white_check_mark: The Essence of Holy Basil and Honey Targeted To FACE and NECK

:white_check_mark: All in negentropic manner




Are there such a field, because if there are, I would like to purchase it.

Automated Maxalding System

Maxalding is an exercise system of muscle control using a form of isometrics. Books and pamphlets teaching the system were first published in 1909 and continued until Maxalding ceased to trade in the late 1970s.

Maxalding is based mainly in two physical principles:

  1. Conservation of energy.
  2. Distribution of energy.

Maxick explains his point of view about the energy conservation in the body in the following terms:

[…] I discovered that by using the Will to control the muscles, not only did I gain development and strength, but that I was storing energy. By giving nothing out, I was slowly conserving energy, […] so the more energy conserved, the more strength is proportionately attained, and with interest, because it reacts upon itself.

[…] The reasons for storing energy are manifold, but indicate first and foremost, the possibility of future action. Energy would be quite unnecessary were it not for the idea of action and its subsequent use.

In the Maxalding brochures we can read this.

Such a method of exercise (Maxalding) builds up tissue, revitalizes the whole body and creates reserve energy; the abstract commodity which establishes endurance and resistance to disease.

This is the reverse of the old fashioned method which often defeated their objects by exhausting the user. Staleness and boredom invariably follow mechanical and repetition work. The endless repetitions and the counting prevent intelligent concentration, and monotony is the deadly enemy of all living creatures.

One of the Maxalding claims is the possibility of building healthy muscular tissue without the need of large damage and reconstruction of muscle fibres, a very different approach than the pursued one by the present bodybuilding methods. The muscular growth processes are not well understood yet, but it is evident that a method which does not implies such muscle breakdowns would consume less energy. We shall detail this point in following sections.

What form does the exercising take? It is a combination of all the natural movements that the healthy human body is capable of performing, so analyzed as to prevent unnecessary repetition of movement. In organized sequence, every muscle or muscle group is contracted, relaxed, stretched and controlled. The important exercises aim -…at the attainment of a purely correct position, the eventual mastery of which enables the performer to retain that perfection of pose and position with one repetition or performance every twenty-four hours.

To explain briefly, the muscle or muscle group has been fully contracted, relaxed, stretched and controlled, and the position held long enough to ensure perfect blood irrigation and consequent nourishment, but without any appreciable output of energy. […] a method based upon such sane and scientific principles must produce quicker and better results than the common method based of frequent repetition of mechanical exercise which always fatigues the muscle, breaks down tissue, depletes the energies, toughens the muscles - causing muscle binding - and often strains or overworks the heart.

Energy and Vitality are conserved to such an extent that the overplus not required is immediately shown in the development of healthy, pure muscular tissue.

This conservation of energy also very speedily creates an exceptional condition of will-power, resistance to cold catching and fatigue. One does not find oneself used up after the ten to fourteen minutes of Maxalding, but extraordinarily refreshed and buoyant.

This paragraph contains the answer to the “key question” of MC, what should the optimum duration of contractions be? First of all, MC exercises involve a sequence of actions in this order:

  1. Contraction.
  2. Relaxation.
  3. Stretching.
  4. Control.

The performance of MC in this order is of greatest importance for an adequate muscular development. The complete control of a muscle implies these four steps.

  • Contraction of a muscle or muscle group in order to direct blood flow to it, this contraction must be held “several seconds” to assure a good effect.
  • Relaxation of the other muscles during the contraction and subsequent relaxation of the desired muscles. This permits to increase the circulation into the exercised muscles. A very prolonged contraction generates so much pressure that it prevents correct blood flow.
  • Stretching of the contracted muscles. By means of stretching the blood flows all over the muscle, the fibres adapt to real movement and remain supple.
  • Control. The real control is achieved only when a muscle can be contracted and relaxed in both stretched and flexed positions. Finally these actions could be done without any mechanical action or assistance.

Is there any field for removing pride in negative terms?
Sometimes I think I have much pride then anything else and it makes me to do foolish things too (for example ghosting dear people and not to admit them my feelings)?
You know, that kind of pride that makes you lose everything valuable in your life just to save that pride and “honor”
You can imagine me as Simon from Bridgerton who in spite to his father would rather to end blood line than to be happy with woman of his life
I know, it’s sick

Listening Imaginarium divine field and watching this serie S1 ((I now realized the urge to watch it so many times, it was message for me from my HS)) made me realize of this my error


Way to integrity and ego dissolution. Use light of savitur also if you have it

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