The Tower of Power NFT

The evolution of the ring of the magi, into a smart nodded on demand, and how ever long needed energetic source. Flavour it as you wish. Limited Edition Energetic Artwork NFT ‘The Tower of Power’

114 copies.

Original image:




Full official description of the PREVIOUS version of “The Ring of the Magi” / “The Pendant of the Magi”:

"This is designed to store massive amounts of energy from the ambience and excessive junk energy build up around you.
All this energy will be purified and stored in an ever expanding storage pocket.
You can also direct from where you want energy gathered to be stored, perhaps you are walking around in nature and encounter some wonderful high level energies. You can direct the ring to store this energy for later use.
While wearing it, it will continuously provide this storage service.
It will also automatically use that energy to augment and psychic work/ magical work / energy involved work that you are doing.
it does this on a mild automatic basis but you can increased the output to suit.
The versatileness of this if left to your own imagination, perhaps you simply need to energize your legs for to aid in increasing your running speed or muscle recovery.
Maybe you are wounded and need that extra push to boost your healing and recovery speed.
It may be that you are a healer and need a boost to your energy transfer for a more effective working.
It is up to your imagination.
I suggest working a bit with it to figure it out and gauge your own levels."


Love the artwork… what does smart nodded mean?


Noded I think. Working in tandem with the others. A network of power.


It says on demand but I assume u can use it passively? Just add to your NFT stack that You carry and it will help your body integrate them?

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@Dreamweaver I assume it also has elements of tower of power audio?

yeh auto correct


The Mass Meditation field + this field = Infinite Rince & Repeat.

I tried to go back and forth this morning, and every time I’m drained, the Tower of Power recharges me in seconds.

Amazing :mechanical_arm:


It can source any type of energy you wish,
and provide without limits.

But it gathers the information of this energy type or the specifics
from the direction you give.
when you ‘think’ about what you want it to provide.

the cleaner the idea and concept the cleaner the energy



Same as the Sword of Destiny, the high price is way justified.

Thanks for this :pray:


Does this have an audio segment to it ?

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It does not


Thanks Capt. :blush:


Gets me all the time. Auto-incorrect as a friend likes to put it.


Does this increase our physical energy on demand as well?

if you so wish


Does that mean if we think of ambrosia or some sort of legendary elixir this will be able to provide us with that as well?

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image sure, why not ?

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Can I ask to increase my sexual power as well with this tower?