Tulpa experience

I was thinking of making a tulpa …havent done this type of work for a while now…Is there anyone who has one already? Also can someone explain about their abilities, power and overall aspect based on their experiences? Also which would be better overall? I already have two servitors and will make a third one also thinking of making tupla at same time. So anyone here who has tulpa experience?


Tulpas are very similar to Servitors, the main distinction is that Tulpas are viewed as being a more independent entity that is separate from you. i.e. it usually has a higher level of sentience than a servitor and it’s purpose is not necessarily to “serve” you.

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My humble thoughts and not necessarily law, just my observations.

Tulpas tend to manifest the darker parts of your subconsciousness and ego over time.

All parts of your being seek to have expression and experience.
We are programmed to seek out experiences in order to grow.
Our minds are used to create a balance between what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ according to the moral framework we grow up in.
A tulpa, being an expression of yourself and connected to you, whatever impulses you deny will travel along the part of least resistance (Your tulpa connected to you and being an extension of your energy) in order to also experience and express itself.

So it can become the worse parts of you or the unfettered, unrestricted.


These posts by @Maoshan_Wanderer may be of value to this thread as well.


Dreamy being diplomatic again.

See “Stranger Things” (Season 1) as an account of the real life experiments done by the Montauk project while “testing” alien technology and “conjuring up” Tulpas.

Yeah… the “Upside Down” (aka unconscious) came to life from the people being tested and manifested in the real world as very, very Nasty things…


Interesting. I could see this as being possible, but I also have read many accounts have people who have fostered healthy relationships with Tulpas over long periods of time.

I think if you have some dark stuff going on in your aura it will find a way to manifest no matter what, it’s not really the Tulpas fault. Intention has a huge impact on result, if you have bad intentions you will get bad results.


I have been trying to flesh out schematics for the chair actually.


Have you talked to anyone involved in the project?
Believe “daniel” left some rather big notes on how the aliens connected consciousness with technology thru the chair…but of course, the “pilot” has to have firm control of their mind


Link me up the notes.

I think we can bypass some of control problems by focusing within specific bandwidth amplification.
Or having a set of designed fields that ‘parse’ the data, before amplification.

Oh btw did you see “the invisibles” references in season two?
I really liked that.

I have slipped in a few ‘king mob was here’ in one or two of the youtube static images.
but they ended up being far too unnoticeable.


:unamused: …trying to avoid that timeline… :wink:
“daniel” just passed…i’ll have to look to see if they’re still online

I’ll pm you.


I wish if there was a field to create them safely tho :joy:

Also if someone manages to build good relationship with them it’s like a friend always with you as some people claimed… I was just thinking how that will be

But I will respect your thoughts in this regard and avoid it for now unless I can ensure safety for myself


It’s a guy who shared his experience creating tulpa…As far as I know you can program your tulpa and their overall personality…If possible let me know your thoughts on this

Not sure how to be more clear…
Have you seen the show Stranger Things?
It’s based on the story of the Montauk Project…this part is easily “findable” on the internet now
I “studied” with “daniel”…one of the lead scientist who worked on the alien “chair” aka orion cube that those stories are based on.

I strongly suggest you read and research all these things first before listening to some “guy” on the web with a youtube video talking about Tulpas.

This was a top secret government program with basically unlimited “black ops” funding…
They were using a technology that is quite “common” for aliens supposedly (these chairs) and brought in their “strongest” and “most psychic” black ops students to test the chair and it’s capabilties.

And it STILL all went horribly wrong… they were manifesting LITERAL demons from their unresolved unconscious material…

Many ancient enlightenment texts describe a “Dweller on the Threshold” aka the “Angel that Guards the Doors of Eden” as the final “test” before Enlightenment
It’s the worst demon you will ever encounter…aka… the EGO in all it’s vainglory.

This is what they were manifesting into OUR reality …

In other words, unless YOU are enlightened… or using whatever technology the chair uses to suppress your unresolved and unconscious material…

you are literally messing around with creating your own demon to haunt you

It’s not a good idea… it’s not something to “experiment” with…
It’s like thinking you are the ONE person who is able to “handle” Heroin without getting addicted…

So… you wanna mess around with that…then that’s on you…but don’t say you weren’t warned. in the strongest way I can, without violating your free will.


I get your point I mean there are some other people I heard had good experience with them…So what I was asking that is it possible to program them positively in your favour like you train your servitor? Or is it completely random?

And basically you need to be flawless to make them? Or any free from any mental issue or ego?

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Seriously? why though?
Servitors not enough?

Fucking around with creating stuff just to say you can isn’t a good enough reason…


I wonder if dream ever did experiment with anything like this…I bet anyone can do it better than he will tho…

Well makes sense. I guess I will skip for now…And wait until I manage to go that far as you mentioned…But the concept is interesting to me tbh…Sad there isn’t anything to do the process safely like sigil or items like we have for servitors.