What field(s) can bring my sense of smell back?

So I believe I lost it gradually and I have no idea how, over the course of 3 years(?) or so, maybe 8 years ago. Doctors have looked at everything, even did a brain scan - nothing.

I can’t smell anything. I could put my nose in a pile of poo and not smell a single thing. This obviously affects my tastebuds too, so I can only taste sour,sweet,salt,spicy.

For some reason however, I can smell my pheromones. Very clear. It’s as if that is being used by another organ/nerve? I’ve tried a lot of several pheromone fields and I can smell them extremely well.

I have plasma flaunt I use daily. Same with youthful brain.


I suppose that in all those years you have consumed the necessary supplements and medicine (like zinc) and even then you have not had a solution.

I can only think in more general approaches such as the DNA repair field and the microcosmic orbit, but you must use it consistently, do not expect anything until at least 1 month using it daily. That should fix a lot of unknown problems in your body.

also listen ms gold and silver should help, not daily.


Yes, the only thing I can think of that caused this was trauma, (death of two immediate family members and fiance of 8 years, within two years) and after that huge depression kicked in but I never dealt with it, I held it all in, a lot of trauma within. My theory is that grief can be so intense that it can physically kill you or harm your organs in various ways unless dealt with.

But of course, there can be other reasons though, it’s just so strange. Doctors and scans and nothing could find anything.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to try.


Sorry to hear that, brother…
Idk, besides DNA Repair, brain fields (like brain regen, hemispheres one, plus many others) and Restoration from the Long Haul and Sinus field?

Edit: Also, there is a field to make your Nose Straight and perhaps Face Symmetry and Body Symmetry?


Yeah, i don’t think it’s sinus related, it has to be something much deeper, some nerve, something, most likely brain related.

Still its so strange i can smell my pheromones with ease. Yet scientists says that the vomeronasal organ is not active/present in humans. I’m literal proof that they are wrong.


Body healing, it is a 40+ minutes field from Patreon, perhaps? It is for nerves, despite the name.


I should definitely try that yes. I wish I didn’t miss the train for advanced healing. I had high hopes for that.

Plasma flaunt is repairing too much other shit that’s wrong with me, my sense of smell is probably seen as a luxury I can easily manage without until 200 other things are fixed, lol


Hmm… I see, maybe it’s not an organic problem. I have read about cases of people losing some sense due to psycological traumas, until now I knew that psychosomatic blindness and losing their voice were possible but I had not seen someone lose their sense of smell due to trauma. If that’s your case Sapien Medicine has several fields to help with trauma.

-Trauma release and healing
-The alchemical revisión of trauma
-Release and forgiveness
-Emotional Release (dream seeds)


Aye, i use some of those, even crucible of trauma paid one. I’ll just keep on trying. It’s probably not gonna be on top of my list, maybe one day it will just click


All these you suggested are good;

Zanderos, if you got any time for more fields, perhaps start your day with Point of no return (free stack or paid field), if you haven’t tried it yet?


This may be a long shot but since your lack of smell may potentially be brain related, you could also give Deep Magnetic Brain Stimulation a try. It has the capacity to promote neurogenesis. Be careful though, it can be intense for someone who doesn’t regularly do brain stacks.


I would like to add this to the brain stack as well, I think it is a hidden gem that is rarely talked about but has a lot of potential to help the brain and nerves


Other things to potentially try:

Depression BeGone has a targeted Direct Brain Stimulation

Hopefully something here will help with your issue. Wishing you the best in recovering your sense of smell!


Just adding a suggestion for a field to consider:

From Microkinesiotherapie - Physiopedia

“All bodies´ tissues carry memories of physical, psychological and toxicological traumas that may occur in any phase of life.[1]