What TV shows are youwatching?

What’s up everybody! What shows have you all been watching as of late? I’ve been watching avatar the last airbender when I get free time. I saw it as a kid but the episodes were all scrambled so I liked the fighting but had little idea as to what was going on lol. Seeing it as an adult now though… I’m halfway through the second season and I’m in awe of how amazing it is. So damn well written! I know it’s a kids show but it’s equally as awesome for an adult once you get past the first couple of episodes. The spiritual aspects of the show are also pretty on point!

I’ve also been rewatching season 2 of ‘Dark’ in anticipation of season 3. Arguably the best show on Netflix and certainly the biggest mind bender I’ve ever seen.


I started Avatar, the last airbender a few years ago and couldn’t’ get past the first 2 episode. I’ll have to try it again.

I just finished some good shows listed below and am looking for new series. These were really good.
The Expanse
Good Omen
Man in the HIgh Castle

I’ll have to check out Dark as I haven’t heard of it. :)


I finished all three seasons of Avatar, the Last Airbender. I was initially hesitant to watch it, thanks to the horrible movie, but glad I did not let that deter me. Superb show, the Daoist in me loves it!

I loved the first season of ‘Dark’ more than the second…

Horror is my favorite genre, so I liked Requiem, Haunting of Hill House on Netflix!

Currently watching Space Force, so far its been meh… lol


I’ve been watching Ancient Aliens on History Channel and I found some of their episodes interesting and informative, like those involving Genrikh Ludvig, the Russian scientist who translated, photocopied secret ancient texts from the Vatican Library. Another good one for me is about the origin of the powerful Druids. What I don’t want is this show is promoting transhumanism, microchipping people. Cinemax series Twilight Zone was recently shown and I watch one episode each week.


Avatar:The last airbender is the best show in the world.

I started watching “Legion” (2017-2019)
I recommend all of you to watch it.
I saw similarities on that show and this forum.


I watched The witcher, Money Heist, The Magicians - 1st season was good, Shooter all seasons in Netflix - this one is nice ,
Few movies that are not famous but interesting to watch, scientific Nd thought provoking
Einstein’s God Model
Trailer - https://youtu.be/SXTbBq_A28g
The man from the earth is also one unorthodox movie interesting to watch.


I also recommend sequel to the “Avatar: The last airbender, 'The Legend of Korra.
It is not as good as the Avatar, but it is still good to get the vibe what you got from the Last Airbender.
There is also upcoming community sequel, The Legend of GENJI.



I’m rewatching the prison break series when i have time. Really like it.


That’s one interesting movie. I loved it


yes dark is SOO good.
Breaking bad finished season 2 yesterday
Thinking of reading the “Kingdom” manga :PP


Yeah first few eps of avatar are pretty meh @Starlight . And aaang just wants to keep doing kid stuff like ride monsters but that stops happening frequently as the show progresses.

@skyhigh Keep forgetting to watch that. Dream loves that show and always recommends it but its not on the big streaming platforms hehe. If it’s not there, I don’t make much of an effort to watch.

@Lucky I really enjoyed Witcher season 1. Witcher 3 is my favorite game of all time and it was great to see Cavill’s interpretation of Geralt. Writing could use some work but all in all, it was charming and fun.

Man from Earth definitely left a lot of food for thought. So damned thought provoking, I started to wonder what if something like that was true lol.


Haunting of Hill House is so well done… the story, the acting everything.
a legend really. if you have not watched this, I think you should.
I highly recommend it.
without a doubt top in my list.


I recommended this the Sammy a few times.
for movie that is mostly just a person’s living room.
Its amazing.


Ancient aliens.
that’s my Friday and Saturday break guys.
the best bday gift I ever got was an ancient aliens tshirt


Ghilbi is amazing.
Naussica is my fav.
Literally, I have the manga even.
I made Sammy watch Grave of the fireflies and he had the grand idea to watch it with his family…
well… I was hated for while I am sure………. (why bro………… why man? )
sorry man… it is amazing… if you can make it through it.
and you will never in your life think war is ever an option for anything.


I am trying to get a comic/manga done actually. its a short story.
but cyberpunk.

RE:Zero is amazing as well.
…… Grave of the Fireflies is a hard movie to watch bro. but without a doubt you are going to grow from it spiritually even.
I watch a lot of French movies as well.
Brotherhood of the wolf was decent. (I guess cause its not in English?)
I am surprised its not more popular,
I think Vincent Cassel is a very good but under appreciated actor.
Irreversible is horrific but I do think the method of story telling was well executed.
I have not seen anyone else be able to tell a story backwards like that.


Jean Dujardin?
who is this gardener fellow lol.
at least Jean Reno :stuck_out_tongue:

Grave of the fireflies is without a doubt a traumatic experience.
But an important one…


We have lived and breathed the Witcher 3.
Deeper probably than anyone has…
Life has never been the same after… I am honored to live in world where this experience happened.


I am literally watching it right now :joy: They need to do a Mt Shasta episode…

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I cannot wait for season 3 of Dark @SammyG
It’s not for everyone though
Mind bending very, mine housemates gonne crazy because of it lol
Adam, Noah, biblical names, number 33 (number of Jesus) etc so many biblical references there with content of time traveling and changing timelines