Your favorite subliminal of all time

Have you ever broken any subliminal of Indigo Labs?

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No i don’t think so.

Can you think it can be broken ?

I don’t see why not. I’ll look into it one day.

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Try this link:

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Did you also find out their “proprietary” affirmations? I think it’s just afformations or askirmations

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Thank you, this is great

Man, I need to PM you about something I wanted to ask you involving this thread.
Waiting for your confirmation.

Sure :slight_smile:

Did you get results with him?

Yes, he’s one of the best. Ik how he scripts them too. Very knowledgeable guy

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Ah OK, I am thinking of trying his stuff but it’s been a struggle with subliminals in the past. Are you allowed to share his scripting methods?

My favorite subliminal is:
Divine Subconscious Mind

Before I found this, I remember being excited yet scared to play it. I felt as though I needed to properly prepare myself before playing it.

Check it:

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Just wanted to say… i don’t use this any more and haven’t for months…

You don’t need subs when you got Sapien baby!!!




Have you used any of the other paid products from Indigo MindLabs for yourself besides the Anxiety removal program (because that’s a simple task that even free YouTube subliminals can achieve) and can share your experience?
The reason I am asking is because their website and promises look very scamy with a ton of unscientific statements that are simply not true. E.g. they claim you need to listen to their subliminals for 8-16 hours per day for months to start to see any results. Also their stuff costs sometimes many hundred dollars and the internet is full of scam testimonials about this manufacturer.

These are all massive red flags for me because I know from my own experience at least two companies who create subliminals that really work within 2 weeks just by listening to them for 1 hour per day and they only charge 30-50 $.

Hence, if there are subliminals on the market that really work after a very short time, all those claims and instructions from Indigo MindLabs sound very unprofessional for me.


I’ve used Indigo Mind Labs ‘Ultimate Monetary Success’, and honestly I think it was fairly effective for the time I used it but WAY too much time commitment for me at the time and caused headaches/lack of sleep. Other subliminals that require a lot of listening time (mindprolabs) are also effective, but I think much of that is due to how often you have to listen. There are much better ways to use your time for subconscious change.

Not to mention, I find subliminals that ask you to only use one for an extend period of time to be restrictive. However, consistency is key so it really boils down to what results you want and how willing you are to get them.

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No, MindProLabs subliminals (Fabio) don’t work just because you listen to them or should be listened to for many hours, they also work for the kind of claims and the technology behind them. Some changes take time in terms of months, especially if there are many emotional wounds and traumas, but considering the technology adopted and the time in which they should be listened to, important changes can be noticed in reasonable times such as a couple of months. There are some of his subliminals that are so strong and effective that in the first two weeks you feel like a knockout boxer, because they clean up all the sh * t, in practice at the end of the course it is like a product just out of the factory.
Of course, currently with evolved fields and more, they appear less desirable, especially now that in spite of the greater time to devote, such as lockdowns, they are less attractive due to sudden changes in situations, so there is a need to change goals even in times. short. As for the daily listening limit of a subliminal or two, it can be detrimental, but some subliminals are so full of varied characteristics that they fill the needs. So basically, maybe they won’t be current in these times anymore, but above all mindset changes remain highly valid, and can be the basis for higher changes, in my opinion.

They are so so. It depends. There is a lot of hype. But they are better than others at least. But i believe you should be able to get results in the same day you listen. That’s my belief on it. That’s how i create mine to work by taking things to the maximum threshold possible before you stop getting results cause it’s just too much data. they don’t work as well as my free ones floating around here.