Antisocial help

After being locked up for so long due to the pandemic, now I have to serve a lot of people and work with many clients in a crowded place. I became antisocial and I want to know what audio would help me to be comfortable and enjoy being with many people, to be able to interact with everyone in a pleasant way and be sociable? thank you. I love people but the pandemic distanced me from them.

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The social mastery tag on the enlightened states shop

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“Antisocial” is a really broad and vague term. You would be able to find your field when you examine what you are meaning when you say “antisocial” and what’s driving that. Is it your being out-of-practice with the rhythm and pace of your workplace and your demand that you function at the same level as you did when you were at the height of your practice? Is it dissatisfaction with your workplace or having to go back to work? Is it physical fatigue? These are only a few of many possible reasons behind “antisocial” and would prompt different solutions.

Without knowing more, I suggest you research the following:
The Welcomed: New Release

Torus Weaved Respect: New Release

Positive Power Waves from the Lesser Diamonds album

Ego dissolution + subconscious limits removal audio discussion (because you have probably practiced yourself into some habits of thought about work or your workplace)


You know one more thing, you will have to figure out your own thoughts, the new ones that have built up in the times of the absence of interaction with people.

Just a day or two earlier I was observing myself going from a mood where I prefer to talk to people less vs reaching out to people and wanting to have a chat or two with them. And possibly more

I was thinking that the straight out social fields always have a varying effect on me, while fields like Abundance mindset, Knight Mindset, and Capital Governance never fail to let me get out of my shell :slight_smile:

Some self observation can help you, in this case

And wellbeing has given you excellent recommendations that can help take you far when you consider them, also on the use of terms lol


Just use the Blarney Stone. The words coming out of your mouth would be like poetry.


This tbh, This audio is the best for communication skills with anyone. Better than charisma and glamour in my opinion. Just use this if you don’t have social mastery tag.


Charisma and glamour
Extreme confidence boost
Stress removal field
Become whole
Throat chakra
blarney stone
Amygdala healing


I just want to say that I need to be comfortable in the crowd.


You see how that’s more informative? Good for you!

Now you’ll want to examine (for yourself, you don’t have to do it here) what’s going on that causes you to be uncomfortable in the crowd.

As I mentioned in my original reply to you, if you’re feeling uncomfortable in the crowd because you fear for your physical safety that’s going to draw from us different solutions for you than if you were feeling uncomfortable because you were being hard on yourself or because you were picking up vibrations or energy from the crowd, you see?


I feel uncomfortable in the crowd because I got used to being alone during the pandemic

And what’s so bad for you about being in a crowd?

I feel uncomfortable, I don’t like it, I feel invaded. but I would like to be able to feel like a fish in the water.

I hear that and understand that. The thing is you’re not examining what’s producing that discomfort and we need to know what’s producing that discomfort to effectively answer your question.

Sapien doesn’t have a “feel better in a crowd” field, so when we know what’s causing you to feel bad in a crowd so we can address that.


Let me share my experience, after isolation, not from Pandemia but a type of isolation nevertheless.

I used to be very social and extroverted, the life of the party, the events organizer, the leader. then when my Dad passed away, finally got my divorce through and moved to Mexico, to start a whole new life from zero, I felt like i didnt want to interact with anyone at all. I just wanted to grief in private, heal alone, and rebuild alone, then I isolated myself from the world, and was just about home-work-home. Even at work the interaction was minimum, only about work and bye.

It felt good, it felt freeing, it felt nice. So i extended the isolation some more and then i found myself not replying private messages, chats, text messages.
Man… what a freedom, it was heaven, so i extended it even more and then i was only answering work calls, decided to buy stuff to work out from home so i didnt have to go the the gym. Of course friends eventually got tired of reaching out to zero answers, even relatives were a bit judgmental and pointing out my behavior.

I - didnt - care.

I felt a freedom i had never felt.

At times i wondered if i was doing the right thing, if i was really happy, or if i was falling into a depression i wasnt rcognizing. No. I was enjoying that solitude.
At least i kept repeating that to myself.

Eventually I did understand that i had gone to an unhealthy extreme and that i needed to face the real fear of perhaps having to interact with people again, realizing it was more about embracing and accepting that, when we care and love people, we will always be vulnerable to lose again and feel hurt again, but also that life is more beautiful when we share it with others.

My case is different in the sense that the Isolation was due to pain and heartbreak. But this is why i am sharing this to you, so perhaps you can look at your situation from a different angle:

In the middle of that “weird” very criticized (by family and friends) new life or behavior, I DISCOVERED WHO I REALLY WAS BEFORE THAT ISOLATION.

It was shocking at times but beautiful nevertheless. Really understanding who you are, what you like and dislike is a real gift.

I realized/discovered that i wasnt that extroverted social outgoing person i believe my whole life I was :woman_shrugging:

I started to recall and then recognize the many many times where after so much “people-ing” i was left so drained, mentally exhausted, full of foreigner feelings i had absorbed, i remembered so many moments where i ended up going to places i didnt really want to go, socializing with people i didnt like, didnt resonate with Me, etc

I learned that i was in fact way more introverted than extroverted :open_mouth: say what? Me? I was the clown and the entertainer and the “psychologist” to everyone around that needed to be heard, helped etc. All my life… Noooo I cant believe I am an introvert…Yessssssss :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: lol :relieved: and then is when everything started turning around great. No more feeling guilty because friends left me, people judged me, family backed off etc.

“You werent like that”
“Why are you not… so and so”

I took back my power. The power i never realized i kept giving away, and then i started focusing on healing all that the assumption of being someone i wasnt, damaged within me. I started getting to know myself, falling in love with the person that was hidden, because WE MUST BE OR DO THIS OR THAT

building the life I WANT
Building the friendships I WANT
Recognizing the type of love I WANT
Finding my tribe, my hidden dreams etc.

So my friend… its not about how to get back to how life was before Pandemia, so you can quickly fit back and continue with the parade society imposes on us.

I encourage you to understand who you really are. Its not that Pandemia TURNED you into a Hermit, believe when i said that if you love solitude now and dislike interacting with people is not because of Pandemia, Pandemia simply gsve you what you couldnt have before: FREEDOM, to be you, to manage your time, to protect your energy, to only accept what you like.

Embrace that.
Get to know you.

Turn the focus inward not outwards first so you see the big picture you want in front of you.
Accept that you want a smaller circle in your life, accept that if you dont want to talk or hang with this or that person is because you GREW AND EVOLVED during Pandemia and the people you know does not fit in your idea tribe anymore.

Exercise accepting what you want, and dont push yourself to be someone you dont want, arent, or do things you dont want. Rebuild on your own pace the life that you want.

Doesnt hurt tho, checking if fears are building walls, and if its not then, you are just not what you were before and that is OK.

Simply take one day at a time.


Reading your words makes me so clear. In reality, I recognize that I love my loneliness and that I need and give myself my moments alone every day and they are precious and longed for. The crowd now no longer overwhelms me because I see it far away and I am able to enter it and also interact from my power. Your gaze is very similar to the one I was building. During the pandemic I managed to get to know myself better, fight with myself and love myself again. thanks for reminding me how important… you are a great contribution to this forum, thank you very much.


:slight_smile: :handshake:


Seems like everyone got closure :slight_smile:

Still, I recommend the kind and patient field.

I’ve been more social during the pandemic than ever before (albeit the bar was really low).