Arcturian Energy Infusion Meditation

Arcturus is a giant orange star, approximately 26 times of earth’s sun and 36.66 light years away from earth.

Its always interesting to see the mass of information and ego driven rhetoric people have when trying to describe their exalted connections to beings.

I often wonder what drives it, is it the need to belong or for others to accept their strange special-ness.

Edgar Cayce described the Arcturians as the most developed in this this galaxy.

That being said, I had to remake this a few times as they seemed quite specific on how this should be made.

Again and more so than the others in the series. Get this if you feel aligned with it.

Not because you want to be Master Kastebrah from the land of living pies and he directs your holy healing.

(I will probably change this description in time)

This infuses you with some of their energies and creates a connection to them.

I believe there’s no topic for this one. Ah,

Allow me to sound like a nutjob and post my experience real quick:

So, I decided it would be nice to sleep with it. As a matter in fact I’ve fell asleep quite rapidly.

After what seemed hours, “I Woke up” and looked at the time on my phone.
Weirdly enough only a few minutes had passed. I “woke up” again and nearly an hour has passed.
Then, I “woke up again” and it was 04 AM.
Then I moved my position and “woke up again” and it was 6 AM".

Then I was starting to become confused because I remembered having awoken up, without having gone to sleep lol. Even though each time was the first time waking up. Even worse, the audio lasts for something like an hour or so, and I had woken up at different times already without being repeating the audio (like 00AM - 1 AM - 4AM - 6 AM)…

Turns out I had been waking up at different hours, in different “places” ( but it was always my room) until I actually awakened.

It sounds a mental story :man_shrugging:
I can’t explain it any better, but I’ve had “dreams” inside dreams and inside dreams. 3 layers and lucid dreaming. Led me to a mental breakdown when I was younger lol

If these were 4+ layers of dreaming, I’m baffled. I’m still confused and excited.

I’m definitely going to try exploring it more tonight.


thank you for sharing and that sounds like quite an interesting experience to be the consciousness that is appearing to connect and maybe even ‘link’ or ‘consolidate’ other versions of you!

for me it also looks like your learning more about your experiences with ‘time’ and how ‘time feels’.

i also like that concept ‘a dream within a dream’. very fitting as some people see our universe as fractals.



I’m not worshipping them but their subtle ways are just… :100:


my masterpiece art in explaining things, it happened yesterday again tho


Very well explained imo :))

Ah it happened again? Some other galactic pals can be more “brutal” but these are more like: “You don’t believe in us? (compassionate smile). Well, here you go… Think about it” lol


I saw something but it was really hard to understand, like the picture wasnt even 100%, arcturians are strange people


Ah, thanks @Bronyraur :smile:

@anon48416969, how many times did you “wake up”?

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve felt one timeline, really. it was weird,
Will try it again today


That timeline art lmfao!



Greetings Mr Samurai,
Have you tried this particular audio?

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I think I listened to it 2 times, so I woke up 2 times, but not like you, mine was just waking up in reality but to be honest idfk, I felt surreal afterwards lol

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This is minimalist art, isn’t it? No useless ornaments ;)

Greetings miLord.

I did a few times, every single time I heard “use Orion instead”.

Maybe ego, maybe higher self, maybe arcturians re-directing me.


So did I, as you already know ;) Thanks for backing me brethren…


I tried the Sirian one the other day.

Heard “hello Enoch, long time no see”

Instantly shut it off lol.



man you could really be enoch, nah im joking but truth bombs, do sirian again :D

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They had this trickster energy to them.

Knowledgable for sure, but felt like they were more the hardcore bookworm type rather than the more heart/soul-based ones like Orion and Pleiadians.


Didnt even saw shit with Sirians, cant really remember anything, might try it again today

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Neither did I.

I have to get into a deep theta to see shit, IPF makes you kinda “know/sense”.


ohhh, yeah well theta sure helps with that, but for me its hard right now to really distinguish brainstates or even go deep into them thats why I only see images mostly i think

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I dont even meditate to it anymore.

I look up to the sky, smoke a cig with some coffee/tea, and if I hear a voice I tell it to backup that its a real being.

Alot of times I usually get

“Im not there, we communicate telepathically”

I tell it to fk off in such cases

Sometimes theres some signs/ufos in the sky as confirmation but they dont do it often because some idiot might see it and get paranoid lol.