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Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask, made an account just to ask about the course actually.

I’m wondering if this course will allow us to make our own morphic fields? I’m seeing a lot of morphic field/energy programmed channels starting to arise but the only 2 sources I’d trust are sapien, and one’s I could make myself.

So just wondering if this course would allow me to do so?


Will set that up soon


HI Runic, nice to meet you. I’ve noticed some of these channels and I’m not going to point any of em out, but that’s subtle energy programming. Subtle energy programming is more of energy programmed in telling the subconscious mind what to do. That’s much easier to do and is something I can personally do as well. But morphic fields aren’t something I can even personally make. Morphic fields are subtle energies as well but programmed at a much more complex level and have a level of self sustainability that make the energies organic in a sense. Living intelligence.

They are rather complicated to make. When dale used to make them, he’d grow them over 18 hours of focus at a time (often more). It takes a high level of focus and skill to hold several conceptual thoughts at the same time (it’s not only what you want the field to be, but also other layers to programming like self sustainability, how to influence your aura or perhaps its your cells) for long periods of time. It’s also not simple subconscious programming like ‘I am now 2 inches taller,’ but instead is much more specific programming that would work on the dna, direct the cells to perform certain tasks, certain hormones to produce and a variety of biological things that all work hand in hand to create the desired effects.

It genuinely boggles my mind how Dream is able to do this stuff. But he has been doing it for a very long time so has achieved a level of mastery with it that you can only get from a decade plus of practicing this stuff. Before even practicing it, he was also already very developed psychically for a number of years.

I know it sounds like I’m kissing his butt or maybe I’m gatekeeping the creation of morphic fields. But I wish they were simple to create as well. I gave up on that aspect as its not important to me and I can program myself and have a pretty good level of control over my being otherwise. You can develop that to have that level of control with what we have in the course.

Anyways, as for creation of fields, I posted how they are made in this thread The technology behind this . I planned on writing an article on how to create fields and adding it to the course… probably will still do it eventually. The course can be used for years and perhaps as people develop more and more over the years, they’ll be able to create morphic fields as well. The course is meant to be the stepping stone for psychic development and well, can consistently be used to propel your development.

So to answer your question… no, the course isn’t for making fields. But it has the tools and knowledge available for you to develop your mind/energy body to the level that you can create morphic fields.


The part I quoted sold me ahaha. Self mastery is really important to me, and I’d like to overcome my negative programming and replace it with positive programming.

Sounds like it’ll be a fun journey with this course.

Thanks for the detailed explanation Sammy, much appreciated :ok_hand:


Just my (uninformed) opinion. Long ago, Dale and then Dream gave me pointers on how to create fields. I did try and create some after putting in 2 years of work, but they were weak, inelegant - I was spoiled by then by the amazing fields created by the duo and found no need to pursue creation myself. Not to forget the decade of practice that Dream has put in, he is also naturally gifted (obviously Dale did not pick him out from a huge crowd without seeing outstanding talent lol), I quite realized it was not in my capacity to get to even a percentage of his ability to create fields. But the pointers are useful in improving one’s energetic life nevertheless, as Sam pointed out. :smiley:


Would there be a possibility of you sharing said pointers :eyes:

Yeah, honestly gotta respect the dedication. Takes a lot to dedicate so much to mastering something. Gonna binge the thread sammy provided, seams like it’s full of gold.


The key would be “conceptual thinking” …

The core principles are all there on the website…


Will look into :ok_hand:



What error are you getting? Did you try to make an account and got sent an email? If so, you have to verify it.


Level of awareness has already changed a bit. :+1:


YES! It’s finally here!


Can we listen to Body Primer straight after listening to other audios?
Or do we need to wait at least a few hours, like with Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning?


Do it right before bed. Last night I did that and dude, the experience I had after about 10 minutes was cool, for me. Memories of my life was popping into my thoughts and I started seeing flashes of different colours. Having aphantasia, actually physically seeing colours was a huge accomplishment!


It’s interesting you mention that, I listened to the audio a few hours before bed, but when I lay down to sleep it felt like the energy in my body was flowing much more freely. Like the energy pathways had been cleaned slightly. I have not noticed such improvements in energy flow after listening to any other audios.


This is a good question. I had been wondering the same thing so I listened to Body Primer first thing in the morning today.

@SammyG should we be listening to Body Primer and all other course audios first thing in the morning before listening to other audios?


Although listening after wouldn’t make too much of a difference, listening beforehand would probably be better.


I will transcribe all the videos into text soon as well.


@SammyG When you say once a day I am assuming that would mean once in the next 24hrs? I have just finished downloading the Body Primer audio and was wondering if I listen to it now just before my bed time then I can’t change my mind and decide to listen to it tomorrow morning. That would be too close to the last listen right? Whatever time we choose we have to listen at the same time for the next 3 days?