Crystallization Attunement

This thread is dedicated to the Crystallization Attunement section of the course. We can discuss the contents here, ask questions and elaborate things further.


Hi @SammyG

I’d like to understand the differences between the Be the Healer attunement vs. crystallization attunement a little more. I’m a little confused. I’ve watched those sections in the course multiple times. Don’t both of these do the same?

Be the Healer:

  • Is this for physical healing only? shoulder pain, body pains, diseases etc.
  • Or does this include emotional healing as well? i.e trauma, depression, etc .
  • Can you also charge food, items?

Crystallization attunement: -

  • Is this for just for clearing energy etc? From the course, it says we can charge/clear our chakras, clear negative energy, charge our food.
  • Can you charge another crystal? i.e If I charge a citrine crystal, does it amplify the properties of that crystal for me?

I’d like to get clarity on when to use which energy for healing. Thanks for helping a newbie out. :slight_smile:

Many thanks! :pray:


Be the Healer: Physical healing mostly. The field works on directing the cells of the body by charging their mitochondria and creating stem cells. So it’s working mostly on a physical level. It can do some emotional healing with the unconditional love aspect but not so much.

Crystallization Attunement: No, you can do other things too. Crystal energy is extra subtle energy. It can amplify your energy system, your intentions and just energy work in general. It clears and purifies as well. So this can work better for your emotions since it works more on a metaphysical level. And this should certainly work. To be quite honest, I haven’t tried it but logically it should work. Try it and let us know.


Hi @SammyG, can both these be used as direct healing audios - as in not as just attunements - but say like the Advanced Healing audio - you listen and it does its thing (vs you listen, get attuned and apply healing)…

I guess what I am getting at is - can these audios, esp the two listed here - be used regularly and not as a one time attunement audios - for purposes of healing? Thanks


[quote=“Maoshan_Wanderer, post:4, topic:3850”]
can both these be used as direct healing audios - as in not as just attunements - but say like the Advanced Healing audio - you listen and it does its thing (vs you listen, get attuned and apply healing)
[/quote]Not really. The audio attunes you to the energy but doesn’t work on healing you with it. It’s possible on a subconscious level, by attuning to the energy , the energy works on healing you anyways.


@SammyG Thanks so much for explaining this! I completely understand that Be the Healer energy is for physical healing mostly.

I’m interested to see what happens with the crystal energy attunement. I don’t fully understand it but am curious to play with it and explore more. I understand what you are saying about clearing and purifying emotional energies with it.

I’m still curious about if we can use other crystals in conjunction. Does this crystal attunement magnify the other crystals’ properties?
i.e If I hold a Rose quartz and clear it, then I charge it with the crystal energy, does this overlay on top of the rose quartz properties and attract love…? would something like that work?

I hope that made sense on what I’m asking.


The quartz energy is an amplifier of subtle energy so it should do that. So in theory, it’d amplify the crystal’s properties while also adding its own.

But like I said, I haven’t tried that yet and you can experiment on it.


Oh wow… that’s amazing. Thanks for confirming. I can’t wait to experiment with that. I’ll update here. :smile:


Super Exciting stuff. I have a Moldavite and a Metauralite that are waiting for this experiment :smiley:


Is it possible to use this for healing others from distance?
Is this done like for the healing energy one (imagining the person, activating the energy a seeing it go out from palms and to the person) ?




Just finished my first day listen to the Crystallization attunement audio. This was pretty powerful for me. I didn’t get this reaction while listening to the healing audios.

First I felt a rush of heat towards my head, face and chest. I felt a throbbing of sorts. Then lots of yawning and tears flowing throughout the audio. I guess there was still lots to release. This was just day 1 so curious to see what happens the next 2 days. :crystal_ball:

I was reading about Moldavite crystal which I recently purchased. Here is what the article says :
In some cases the heart chakra is activated, experienced as a pounding pulse, followed by sweating or flushing of the face, and an emotional release that may range from laughter to tears.

I was wearing the moldavite stone at the time. These are the experiences I was having when listening to the audio. This audio enhanced the properties of the stone it looks like.


Same here, a wonderful meditation for me.
A lot of energy as you say (my eyelids and head vibrating like crazy) with surges of current from sacral chakra to head.

At the same time my mind was very very calm, I started with a round of meditation audio while paying attention to the origin of the various experiences emerging (feelings, sensations, thoughts) mainting complete acceptance.

But then when the crystilze audio started my mind went MUCH more deep into stillness… so peaceful, it felt like being at home again


@SammyG Hey I have a question. The crystal energy is good for clearing the subtle body of detrimental energies so should one be mindfull of using it too much because of the morphic fields? I mean they are not detrimental energies lol but since it has such cleaning properties is it possible to interfere with the fields?

Other than that the energie is really awesome just like the healing energy both are really strong and the applications especially for the crystal energy are huge. It’s also really funny how one just has to activate it and go around doing normal things and the things you use get charged by the energy. Just by activating it you feel better and make your surroundings more beatiful


Would it be safe to use the Crystallization Attunement on fields we bought?

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How long does the attunement works after activating it? I ask because what would happen if one forgets to stop, will it stop on its own? or will it draw energy from the dimension dream created forever or till it’s turned off?


Just use it on yourself to power up the fields you are wearing at the time.
Everyone forgets, YOU are the ultimate field.


:sneezing_face: :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you for that choice of word.


I just imbued my water jug with crystallization energy and now I drink quartz and unconditional love energy all day long. Very revitalizing :grin::+1:


From my understanding, the attunement is for life. If you are asking about how long does the energy flow once you state ‘Start Healing’, Sammy answered that in this thread:

Basically it will flow while you are focused on it. When you stop focusing on it, it will stop. Yes, the energy is drawn from an energy realm Dream created.