Dreams. Share your dreams (from sleeping) here

I don’t believe we have a thread for this yet. If you would like to share a dream you had please do. It may have a message in it that you think others could relate to and appreciate. Or it may simply stir up your curiosity and you’d like to share it.


@anon71772328 You inspired me to do this with your post about your Seth dream. I was thinking about doing this a few hours ago. So Thank You, now I’m doing it.

This is a dream I’d like to share that I had a year or so ago. It was on my mind today for some reason. I think many of you could relate to this one.

In the dream:
I was digging for gems and crystals in a war torn country where I and a few others lived in community. I dug up a very large piece of citrine. I brought it to show to the others and their reaction was to volunteer me for an important military mission. They had a portal into another world where our enemies came from. They explained to me that no one who enters the portal comes back. Then they pushed me through the portal.

The meaning is kind of obvious isn’t it? You might have to think about the metaphor of it for a second. And think about what citrine represents, mainly the solar plexus. I bet many of you can relate. How many here were “volunteered” to cross that portal and never return? It’s a bit shamanistic even.

“We need you to help us. You can do something we can’t or won’t. All you have to do to help us is never be a part of us again. All you have to do is face something on the other side.”


Thank you @anon71772328.

I don’t know anything about Seth or his teachings. I wonder if you will discover in time that your daughter in law is living in a way that represents some of those teachings. Or if she needs to. I’ll be curious to hear what you find in time.


Magnificent thread. I’m out of words today. So @Atreides I’ll just try to put my first processing (of this thread and of a few other things that you know) into a song for now.

Not the best to illustrate… but still :)



I had a weird dream last week where I saw all of dreams tags and mandalas at walgreens


! That’s so funny. That really could be a premonition though. Someday… a world where magic is normal. And belongs with the other “medicines”. Very cool.


yeah lol the whole store had spiritual stuff in it



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You didn’t ask for an interpretation but if you will permit it:

Nothing dogmatic here, just going on intuition plus a bit more:

You felt you lost your reputation or honor or respect in the eyes of people. And then you found a way to get it back but the way you found brought it back in a way that you did not expect. It gave you reputation and respect and honor for anything but being who you actually are.

Then the real you was out of touch with everyone. Connections with people became a thing that you could see but only as a faded version of what you knew it should be. You could reach no one because no one could see you.


Don’t worry, that wasn’t easy for me : )

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Ah I missed your response. I’ll heart it anyways.


Amazing dream - I wish I had evocative, memorable dreams like this one more regularly. I wonder if the portal represents the path of enlightenment. As once we gain insight, there’s no going back to a lower level of consciousness. It sounds like your in a good place at the moment and that’s good to read. Thanks for sharing


I always have a some wierd same dreams, it’s always about my studies and my college… like I have there some unfinished business, like I still study and have exams on this collage although I have finished it before 4 years or so… always preparing for exams, always having stress would I this time make it, some feeling of temptation would I get pass this time, really wierd, and when I wake up I have this feeling like I need more to study cause everything is still uncertain, sometimes I don’t believe myself if I really finished that or not because of my repeated dreams :confused: :roll_eyes:
It’s really annoying


We already have fantastic dream interpreters in this forum + our own selves.

Just an additional suggestion from a “retard therapist”, as Samurai says :D (and I agree… we are most of the time with our glass of cognac in our hand, with a pathetic “I’m the one who has created the world” attitude lol).

We had a discussion with @anon71772328 once, about psychodrama which is also a very efficient tool to grasp the meaning of dreams.

You guys don’t need to go to a psychodramatist. You can just try to write a “sequel” to your dream and then, act it. As if you were the actor/actress of the sequel but by trying to play the different roles which are present in your dream.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, a table or an earthquake. Just BE it, make role reversals. By your own or with some trusted friends, it’s up to you.

You may feel stupid at the beginning. But most of the time, the result worths the pain.

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Been having experiences conscious in a dark matter realm (I thought?) was djinn related but they have fang looking teeth and similar looking technology as here but their keyboards have symbols that aren’t quite recognized; one key looked like a cresent moon “kinda”. They move extremely fast humanoid looking overall. Both times going there, I wasn’t conscious I was dreaming until I arrived and then each time coming back I always end up double waking up in my bed once in the dream realm then back in body. (recent this week) Trying to understand the place and the Beings there but have limited previous encounters in my conscious. Also noticed same thing on one of their key registers for “purchasing items” similar keyboard.


Thank you for sharing @Philip_Weiss.

Have you done any research on your dreams? Have you looked back in your dream journal to the previous time you had the same dream and then done comparisons to your daily diary to see if there may be an event that triggers that particular dream?


Wow that is so cool that you are finally understanding why you are having those dreams. Now I also understand why @Samurai is so jealous of your ability to lucid dream. It’s like your Higher Self sends you clear signals of when you need to change either your behaviour or adjust your stress levels.


Wow!! I had an inkling what lucid dreaming was all about but after reading what you have just written I now think I want to learn how to lucid dream! I had no idea it was so impactful, wow!!!

Tell me more about your dream journal. I am assuming you write it all down in the morning. Do you do this while still in bed? Do you voice record it and then write it up later? Only asking because I think my mind would be going a million miles a minute and I will have forgotten some of my dream while writing it out.


I get the first two sentences they are to do with recording your dream. Then I loose you after that, like I feel that I’m missing something before this part?