Field for self esteem, self confidence, self respect, self love etc

i was wondering if there is a all in one field that works on improving self esteem, self confidence, self love, self respect, self image and all things related to self improvement,

i know there are individual fields that do that, but i could not find any field that has all of this in one field, if some one does know of a field like that then please let me know.

they are all inherently intertwined.

If you have one the others would follow

Whichever you choose from the seemingly single ones would build the other things you want over time (not even too long) and with consistency.

It all start with self love.

If you have self love, you have self steem, if you have self love and self steem you have self respect, if you have those 3 you are def confident.


Self Respect

And whichever you choose you can add this one and the results would be even faster :point_down:

Detachment for Spiritual Growth

So you dont allow anything or anybody to bother you while you are in the process of falling in love with yourself.

No attachements build a solid core of self values, patience and trust in the pace of how and when things would fall in place.


i used this. combined with other audio it will be powerful i’m sure .


Aside of the youtube fields individually, which u most probably know by now, there are some on gumroad some that are often combined from youtube fields to make something more complex, intelligent and in a way surgical., while also touching the original targets as well. But this time, they are not free.

I think, these indirectly contribute to most things u mentioned, so may be worth checking out.

Also, there is a released private NFT project for those goals, but may not be as easily available as gumroad fields. (Private NFT fields might not be rly recommended for newcomers or those who entered this world not long ago)

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how can i get this private NFT for absolute confidence?

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U search here or write “Seeking [NFT]”,

but these may be harder to get as there are only limited no. of copies (for this particularly 18), as someone rather newer to fields, have u firstly considered gumroad fields and tried all free fields for some time?

im not new to fields, been using them for the past 5 years, how has your experience been using the absolute confidence field, ( i assume you are or have used it), can you share some results

First off, check this thread:

Secondly, write me a PM, it’s not the right place to talk NFT’s testomonials here.

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