Field helping with being manipulated

I don’t seem to get ahead of it and i was wondering if there is any field which could help.

Shielding 3.0?
Infinity armour?

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Self Respect

Torus Weaved Respect

Detachment for Spiritual Growth (because when we are being manipulated it means we Unconsciously allow them to do so, unless we are chained and kidnapped, if we stay, something in us a deep wound that has robbed us of our self love is being fed with the seemingly attachment this person has for us, but we have the attachment as well)

The Black Mirrored Stone Shield

All those work helping you find your center and regain your power, so you kick them out of your life or move away. For good.

Good luck and i hope you are safe


Project Mental Health NFT


Hey I am mentionning this here on this thread because it might interest some of you:

Freed from desire: A Manipulation Immunity Project 's application as been delayed.

Anyone interested can DM me before friday november 24th. :muscle:🪽 :sparkles: peace :shield::seedling::two_hearts: (CLOSED :dove:🪖🪖 :dove:)

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@Seraph @ZeroAlchemist I’ve just been reading Mental Health Project’s description. It is such an interesting field. :milky_way::crescent_moon: have you tried it for that purpose?


I did.

OK so… right after listening to that field for the first time… like an hour later… some synchronicities led me to a concept which when mastered can provide me the ultimate mental health… at least for my case.

I don’t know how if that field did this… and so fast.
Either way I am now seeing things way differently. Not 100% bulletproof but its been just two weeks working with this new concept.


Amazing! Thanks for your answer. :two_hearts::sunny:🪽🪬


tried ? nah I listen to it every day it’s in my daily stack
about the result,i noticed many negative thoughts can’t form anymore, I was a guy who was always anxious and always worried about the future but not anymore after using this field

sometimes some bad people will try to make you feel guilt for not accept their unfair request they want you to sacrifice yourself for their own purpose and manipulate you into accepting it

i still remember a time I was playing an online game and people in the server tell me to kill myself in-game just bc they wanted to get the reward that’s very unfair to me and of course, i didn’t accept it, they called me selfish when they were the one who actually selfish and tried to make me feel guilt for not accept their request and try to manipulate me forcing me to do something unfair to me but my mind is very clear thx to this field

i also recommend use it with Alchemical Revision of Guilt and self love ,trauma heal fields


Thanks for your answer! :shield::sweat_smile::heartpulse::shield:

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Hey ! how are you ?
I just saw this thread i wonder if it have been released maybe with an other name ?
I’m really interested

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Thank you

Hi! I am good thank you, hope you are doing well too.
Thanks for your interest in the project.
It has not been released yet, we are waiting.
When released, being a private project, you’ll have to try your luck in the Official nft buying/selling thread, if anyone from the group is selling it.
But it should be release with the same name.
I’ll make a post in the NFT category if, or when, it is released. :sunny::pray::dove::shield:🪽 :herb:

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Thank you for the update i will have a look on it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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