Forum Ideas/Feedback/Suggestions

Hi everyone!

I thought I would create a topic specifically for forum ideas/feedback/suggestions.

What would you like to see on the forum?


I’d like there to be a forum topic that only Dreamweaver can post to. Where he says something, whatever is on his mind, about once a week. Like a little bit of a journal from our leader we can check out just to know what’s on his mind.

It could be really short, like even a sentence or two, and even cryptic if he wanted, and it would still be cool.

Here’s some examples of what I mean. These are a little based on reality and largely just fiction from my own mind, but so you’ll know what I mean. It could look like this:

“I’m in Tibet this week. The mountains are incredible.”

“Right now I’m working on a dog tag that will add power to your speech”

“Let’s meditate for the human rights of the Uighurs in China”

It would give us a small window into what’s going on. Sometimes to get us excited about what may be coming out next. Or sometimes just give us something to think about.


1.- That there are NO people who use the forum for YOUR BENEFIT and generate ADVERTISING for their products.

2.- A suggestion: That the shipments of the items and “dogtags” be done with a MORE RELIABLE company like AMAZON and not with TEESPRING. Please.

Thank you

We are very fortunate to have some very wise and wonderful souls on this Forum who I feel sometimes need to be awarded for the great knowledge they have shared or the excellent advice they have given. I love coming across posts that make me pause and think “wow that is deep” “that is so spot on”. On those occasions I would love to give those posts a double heart or a golden star or something special just to let that person know that I thought their post was brilliant.

Just like we are limited to giving out 50 likes a day maybe we could be limited to say 5 or 10 gold stars a month it would make us more selective who we award them to.

Another alternative could be that if a post receives a certain number of likes the :heart: icon would then perhaps change colour or maybe pulsate? I am just thinking of a way for us to let a fellow member know that we totally resonated with what they had just written. A way to say “hey guys read this post twice and take it all in, this is excellent advice!”


Thanks for this thread, good one. I’ve learnt a lot from this forum ( btw this is my active first forum :slight_smile: ) also came to know how members fight with words in 21st century if not with swords like back then…:rofl:

Few ideas are

  1. If possible we need to plan for a simple IT application (excel or any search feature web application) accessible to everyone to know for which medical condition which audios are helpful (gathered from YT comments/forum members and experiences etc. we already have enough testimonials ) It should self-serve as a single source for any newbie to just try out audios based on their medical condition. I am aware this is being done now with the help of dedicated forum members, but I feel this is a good option for long term purpose and saves lot of time for the Sapien team.

2 . It would be good If we clear out all the junk threads from forum and should moderate the creation of new threads from new users as we already covered most of the topics in old threads.


It was just an example. I would like to hear a little of whatever is on Dreamweaver’s mind. He already speaks up on here regularly and I always value seeing into his opinions.

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Wow so I just downloaded the sapien app, mainly cause of the new YouTube layout and not being able to see the uploads right away. Come to find out they had a pranayama helper (I’ve never done it) and this was so simple to set up makes me want to get a couple of minutes a day paired with the audio. Only concern is the app doesn’t force my phone to stay on while the the timer is running, I know I can just go into my settings and increase my screen off time. But just wanted to give some feedback on the app.


Hey man idk if you’re still using the app but you can go into your phone settings to change how long your screen stays on, perhaps for your phone you would have to go to “display” and select “always stay on” of something in the same ball park as that

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Yeap, I did that! Thanks!

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I keep changing fields as I discover what works for me, and I’ve been getting inspiration from how others structure their stacks too. Most of it come randomly. I was wondering if there would be value in making a personal thread category, and posting a personal journal thread to show how we are approaching our stacks + our personal journey, and also be able to get feedback from people reading them. Just an idea :slight_smile:


Can we use custom backgrounds or is it not possible to add ?

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Can you add Gumroad and Teespring icons to the Home page?

I mean here:

I think it is convenient to have it there rather to type Sapien Medicine Gumroad or Teespring every time! :grinning:

Thanks! :pray:


Suggestion to have an FAQ section, with set topics that can be a catchall for the usual questions that pop up all over the place. Then it will be easy for any member to flag, and have the mods sweep it into the appropriate pile.

“Greatest Hits” include:

  • Listening With One Earphone
  • Speakers vs Earphones
  • Listening Volume
  • Does the quality of speakers matter
  • Sharing Fields with Others
  • Paypal / Checkout / Payment Issues
  • I Can’t Find the Email from Teespring
  • Is The Shop Open Now / When Will the Shop Open
  • Will you bring back ____ field/tag?
  • How Many Mandalas Can I Use
  • Can I Loop This

and much more!:grinning:


to have a react button to certain comments like if we hover over the like button we can react with emojis like :thinking: :man_shrugging: :heart_eyes: :joy:

a bit like what MF does and another cool feature they have is the owner of the thread can give one of the comments a tick to tell everyone that it was the Fix or solution

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I’d like to suggest that we create a Technical Support category, where we can include threads on how to work with the features of this forum as well as discussions about ordering issues.

That way we (and, by “we,” I’m meaning the hard-working @AkiraTheWild and the other moderators :laughing: ) can move the side conversations about ordering and payment issues from the field discussion threads. Not only will this help keep those discussion threads “cleaner” but will provide a one-stop repository of ideas that our Forum firends can use to troubleshoot their own issues as they’re waiting for their replies. (Because don’t we all want our new fields “Right Now!!!”? :rofl: )

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Forum guidelines for beginners

Exactly! I was thinking of your excellent thread as well as others that have yet to be written (by others).

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Straight hair field :eyes: anyone

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Did you mean to post that in the other thread, The Requests and Fields?


An AMA (ask me anything) like people do on Reddit I’ve seen perhaps? Or even do one on Reddit? I don’t know if there are any subreddits on fields though