Freed from desire: A Manipulation Immunity Project (CLOSED)

[EDIT: Applications now closed]


The application as been delayed,
Anybody interested in the project can DM me before friday november 24th.

Freed from desire: A Manipulation Immunity Project
Mandala/Servitor + Audio

Remove the user from abusive/toxic dynamics and relationships, heal and gain emotional/mental/mind/energetic autonomy, protect from abuse and promote a fulfilling life returning to one’s essence. The user know who they are, where they’re from and where they’re going. The NFT works for direct family. Audio: Area of Effect (AOE).

I. Healing, Clarity and Acceptance. «A sane inner world»

A. Healing Love. Healing soul/existencial wounds, energy leaks, heart, intimacy, shutting any siffoning mechanism, healing self-esteem and empathy’s biological factors, restoring mental integrity.

B. Alchemical Revision of Relationships.

C. Integration and support of adapted planetary and crystals energies.

II. Protection, Defense and Exists. «Be gone»

A. Tool of Luck. A well-made Swiss-Knife - To counter and/or escape real-time situations of abuse of all kinds, remove negative seals, repel evil-eye and nerf any agressors weapon.

B. An Athena’s Armor of power and insight to protect from Cords, Attachments, Appropriation, Abuse and Triggers, to be Brave, Guided and Respected.

C. Integration and support of adapted planetary and crystals energies.

III. A Way to Live, Perspective and Interests. «Full restoration of integrity»

A. Purpose with Joy. Finding life’s passions, life purpose and Detachment - The spark of life and the four Toltec Agreements.

B. A shapeshifting smart servitor, protecting and balancing the user’s energetic, mental and emotional state.

C. Integration and support from planetary and crystal energies.


Love :heartpulse:🪽

Original post:
October 19th 2023,

Hi Everyone!

This project would be a 360° approach of removing yourself from abusive dynamics and relationships, and will lead to respect, knowing and completude of one’s essence.

It’s energetic, it’s mighty, it’s opening paths for a brighter and pleasant future.

With takes from my sharings in the BodyGuard of Success thread.

The Bodyguard of Success NFT ⚔️ - Ultimate Protections Project - PUBLIC - #38 by Abcd
The Bodyguard of Success NFT ⚔️ - Ultimate Protections Project - PUBLIC - #40 by Abcd
The Bodyguard of Success NFT ⚔️ - Ultimate Protections Project - PUBLIC - #51 by Abcd
The Bodyguard of Success NFT ⚔️ - Ultimate Protections Project - PUBLIC - #57 by Abcd


clinical psychology therapy
brain rewiring
care for soul, energetic and existencial wounds
and Quantum Love.

an all compassing tool to cut and clear out of any abusive situtation
(including succubus and incubus, witches, karmic relationships, jealous people, manipulators ect.)
an armor from cords with Athena’s power and attributes.

finding your life purpose and passions
a life companion servitor
and returning to your essence.

With an extra push from planetary and stones energies, and a protective signature maker :writing_hand::crossed_swords::shield::herb:🧚‍♂ :milky_way::crescent_moon:

Mandala + Audio.


[Edit on October 31st 2023,

The Plan

:sparkles: Here is the complete plan :sparkles:

«Free from desire, my essence is purified»

I. Healing, Clarity and Acceptance. «A sane inner world»

360° approach to heal all aspects involved in abusive dynamics (psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic).

1. Wounds healing and healing Love.
  • healing of narcissistic flaw and all soul/existential wounds as defined by John Pierrakos (who also developed the idea of « grounding ») :
    abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, injustice, intrusion, helplessness and insecurity.
  • fill the user with energies of quantum love, self-love, acceptation of one’s self. Deep love and respect for the user’s own self, soul, will, mind, body, family, friends, goals, essence, environment, upbringings and outcomes.
  • automated EMDR therapy (Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy) sessions to heal PTSD and to dissolve fear and become confident. (see links in “Studies”)
  • healing and restructuring of the brain in order to rebalance it. It has been shown through a couple studies that narcissists and psychopaths have a deficit in the structure of both the gray and white matter (in certain nervous fibers), leading into a lack of empathy. (see links in “Studies”). Well we’re not mirroring that for sure.
  • also healing of the brain to have good self-esteem, not mirroring narcissists that lack it and healing people who simply lacks it, with increasing of gray matter and gray matter of the hippocampus. (see links in “Studies”)
  • modification of the genes to gain self-esteem. (see links in “Studies”)
  • heal all dad issues.
  • heal all mum issues.
  • ego-dissolution.
  • reflexology sessions.
  • rodhiola Rosea intakes (if possible) for stress reduction. (see links in “Studies”)
  • heal shame and guilt.
  • healing of the aura from cords and wounds.
  • repair energetics leaks of all kinds.
  • energy, soul and spirit retieval.
  • fix energy leaks of all kinds.
  • integrate and digest fear of death.
  • heal toxic attachment styles (Anxious/Preoccupied, Avoidant/Dismissive, Disorganized/Fearful-avoidant) and develop Secure Attachment.
  • integrate and digest fear of suffering, loss of any kind.
  • rebalancing in the user any tendancy to be drawned to any and all of the 7 deadly sins (pride, greed, wrath, gluttony, envy, lust and sloth) with the 7 capital virtues (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility).
  • purification of the heart.
  • break and heal hexes and curses related to relationships (could be monetary, sentimental…) - like Max Heal Potion but for Venusian/Pluto Health, or any type of health. 🪬
  • soothing and heal fear.
  • see through the illusion of the ego with the help of adequat energies and deities.
  • anti-loneliness.
  • gain courage and confidence.

“I am satisfied with myself”.


All making the user being able to:

  • be comfortable with any states of lack he or she is currently in. Embracing solitude, isolation, lack of money or else.
  • see the truth of the relationships’s dynamics, recognize and accept the lies from people and also the user’s lies to one’s self.
  • move on from any complexes that are a burden to one’s life (physical, intellectual, economic, social and so on).
  • break free from the distortions and illusions regarding one’s self, perspective about the world, life and others.
  • if the user is a woman, be comfortable in her feminity.
  • if the user is a man, be comfortable in his masculinity.
  • have a clear appreciation of who people are and what type of situation you are into.
  • recognize patterns of hypnosis and influence in any type of situation.
  • recognize flattery and not fall for it.
  • recognition of the user’s own triggers and have an automated distance with proposals of abusive dynamics.
  • be incorruptible.
  • feel worthy of love, hapiness, protection, health, friendship, wonders, life, your dream job, a family, freedom, joy, fun, success, and wealth.
  • gain clarity on any and all situations and people.
  • fall for no guru, salesman, softboi or bot.
  • have deep trust that there is no «One size fits all» and find the shoe that fits.
  • be sovereign always and ownership of one’s self and power.
  • recover one’s integrity.
  • not romanticize people and situations.
  • see through «charismatic» people real intents.
  • recognize gaslighting as such and be unshakable by it.
  • stay in your space, feeling good.
  • break free from unhealthy comparison.
  • be immune to belittling, mockery and mean type of people, words and behaviors.
  • see through people feeding and draining from attention.
  • have nothing to prove.
  • have full restoration and protection of the user’s intimacy, privacy and personal space.
  • have full restoration and protection of the user’s mental capacities.
  • «not believe the hype».
  • not have unreasonable fear of missing out.
  • dissolve self-doubt and have a good evaluation and appreciation of one’s self and capacities.
  • be happy and self-content.
  • stand for one’s self and have that spark of rebellion allowing to act out of those dynamics.
  • be fascination-proof.
  • not need to be liked.
  • grow into a healthy adult.
  • be immune to unhealthy competition.
  • gain confidence.
  • break free from abusive patriarchy.
  • break free from abusive matriarchy.
  • immunity to abusive pity (and fake baby-cries).
  • immunity to abusive nostalgy.
  • immunity to abusive begging.
  • immunity to abusive mermaids.
  • immunity to abusive stereotypes.
  • immunity to insults.
  • immunity against gang stalking.
  • immunity against stockholm syndrome.
  • immunity to psychic harassment.
  • immunity to intimidation.
  • have courage to live their life coming from the inside out and affirm themselves.
  • know who they are or not have any confusion about their identity and ways.
  • be unnatracted to the unknown for the sake of it.
  • know who to trust.
  • break negative habits leading to stagnation.
  • not nourish false hope, but let go.
  • ignore and overlook (faire abstraction) of narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths without looking contemptuous.
  • own your mental space.
  • be emancipated.
  • have self-respect.
  • not permit doubt on who you are.
  • be free.
  • thrive.


2. Alchemical Revision of Relationships.

Alchemical revision of all types of relationships, family (parents, siblings, cousins, kids, extended family etc.), friends, profesionnal, daily, romantic, community, mundane, social, acquaintances, sexual, digital, virtual, commercial, seductive.
Alchemical revision of manipulation, power dynamics. Erasing habits of dom/sub, predator/prey, aggressor/victim, savior complex, victim mentality, or sacrificial behaviors, co-dependency, trusting public image, persuasion, and so on.

  1. With the support, and well integrated energies of:
    The Moon, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, tapping in the most accurate planetary energies in the galaxy and out to fix those issues,
    and stones Manganocalcite, Thulite, Lagardette Crystals, Moon Stone, Bull’s eye Stone, Smoked Crystal, Silver, Aqua Marine, Emerald, Cornaline, Black Obsidian, Gold, and Covelline.

II. Protection, Defense and Exists. «Be gone»

1. A well-made Swiss-Knife

A set of tools and automated mechanisms that will:

  • automatically turn the user’s empathy off in presence of manipulation.
  • break energy transfers from anyone who is mimicking the user or being a copy-cat.
  • break energy transfer from people trying to connect to the user through shared objects/experiences/people and draining them by doing so.
  • dissolve and break the vampires ways.
  • break energy transfer from people trying to connect to the user through appropriation.
  • boost the user’s self-confidence, dissolving fear and encouraging them to take the actions necessary to end the abusive dynamic.
  • be immune to pollution.
  • banish negative entities, demonic, bad and evil spirits.
  • fill the energy spots where voyeurs tend to look.
  • clap back at intruders and protect to user for good from any kind of invasion, intrusion.
  • block and repel energy and soul transfers.
  • harden the user’s will and sharp their mind.
  • show them the presence of jelly monsters.
  • infuse the user inside and out with luck (from the Luck Sigil and, if needed, from The Unexpected NFT).
  • break all intents of magical domination.
  • break all intents of domination when abusive and detrimental.
  • bring a sense of disgut, to both parties, about objectification, making it impossible to happen.
  • step out of abusive-cuteness
  • break curses and spells.
  • break witches and warlocks intents.
  • get succubs and incubs to shake and vanish leaving all behind immediatly.
  • signal and alarm the user in presence of cults, sects and any forms of hold on.
  • ridiculized agressitivity when performed to scare the user.
  • dry and bring reason to any excessive compassion.
  • protect privacy.
  • protect the user’s finances.
  • protect from voyeurism.
  • stand strong in front of brutality.
  • make the user agressivity-proof.
  • remove negative emotionnal markers, from inner and outer sources.
  • neutralized and anihilate any soulless creature.
  • alcohol and drug immunity, no states of confusion and abuse possible under the influence of any substances. :crossed_swords::nazar_amulet::alembic::shield::hammer_and_wrench:
  • automatically de-activate consent when the situation is unclear.
  • dry up when sadness-abused.
  • dismantle psychic bulliying and bullying in general, built immunity to it.
  • defeating piratery for good with the best tools according to any situation.
  • counter any hacking intemps with a good dissuasive machette.
  • dissimulate and cloak war techniques.
  • immediatly counter-attack when people try to create identity confusion between the user and them, draining people and inverting realities by doing so, in all the ways the agressor is trying to do it (examples: by imitation, playing the victim, mimickery, appropriation of work and identity)
  • break the patterns of imitation, mimickery and twining.
  • deactivate cannibalism in all forms.
  • interupt conversationnal drains.
  • protect against diffamation, rumors and abusive talking.
  • magnetize all that belong to the user and repel what does not.
  • dismantle projections.
  • break any and all abusive patterns.
  • place the invader(s) on the user’s radar immediately.
  • highlight solutions and ideas in the user’s mind and intuition to find an exit to any potentially harmful dynamics (could be leaving the room or verbally clap back).
  • open perspectives using luck to exit those situations: the user effortlessly finds a way to leave, neutralize or repel the intruder, politely, hardly, or invisibly according to the situation.
  • mirror back tyranny, oppression and dictatorship.
  • break free from dictatorship in all ways and forms.
  • shield against jealousy.
  • evil-eye repellent (like the Hamsa NFT).
  • dissolve seals and energetic imprints of past abuse of « victim and prey » and any triggering aspects that could make one appear as a target of choice.
  • do what is best to not be bothered by gakis (ガキ/餓鬼), outgrow them, be protected from them, immune to them, push them away always, never be victim of them using any means necessary, let them know where they have to go.
  • nerf your agressor’s weapons.
  • dissolve media manipulation (TV, ads, social media, books, radio, internet, music, film, news and so on).
  • neutralize any and all «triggering signals» (physically and energetically) sent by the user (could be voice, looks, attitude, ethnicity, status, laugh, job, assets, wealth, beauty, health, job, friends, family or lack of all of those, anything really that can be triggering to an aggressor). Anything that the user is, say, has and do is free from being triggering to other people, energies and entities at any and all planes, levels and bodies.
  • turn off any negative, or abusive, or copping, or PTSDesk, or negative kinks, or negative fetishes, or negative fantasies, fear-survival, turn on.
  • eliminate any possibilities of acting or being treated like a doll / puppet.
  • block any appropriation of identity, ideas, work, story, dreams.
  • blur the image of the user in the aggressor’s mind to make impossible any mind fixation, creation of magical item, egregores, though forms, vampiric mind fixation and jealousy based obsession.
  • burn the karma related to the people and entities involved in abusive relationships.
  • burn bridges.
  • comfort sorrow.
  • electrocute anyone trying to feed from emotions of all sorts and kinds.
  • cut through « suggestions » and keep your mental clarity and critical thinking at all time.
  • cut through glamour and have it fall into pieces.
  • cut through luxury baits.
  • burn doomed mummies (don’t ask me why because I don’t know, might be usefull some day).
  • breaking of all fish hooks placed upon and in front of the user.
  • cut through sexual triggers.
  • repel attention seekers.
  • find any hate energy and break it into small little pieces that would alchemize in a stronger mind and armor for the user. (see II. 2.)
  • transmute jealousy into strengh or more venom/poison to the suit. (see II. 2.)
  • repel fans.
  • repel minions.
  • sunbath trolls.
  • cut through harrasment in all forms.
  • strenghten the user’s will to not bend to threat.
  • have a reflecting gear that says and does “anything you want to do to me, is happening to you”.
  • has a tool that is a protected signature maker, protecting what you sign with “An imprint of mine”: the user can create physical and/or digital signatures that will connect him/her and what he/she is signing to the protection aspects of the field and will say : «Put some respect on my name.» It will protect the user’s creations, posts, art, letters, contracts, mails, work shifts, objects, any and all things connected to them and what they do.
    To create it in physical format, one has to place both hands on it and say « Create Free From Desire Signature » hold for a few seconds.
    To create in digital format, one has to simply look at it and say « Create Free From Desire Digital Signature » keep looking for few seconds.
2. An Armor from Cords of Attachments.

Armor, with a good helmet, that protects the user’s aura, self, mind, body and soul against any and all form of parasitic, manipulative, through kids, abusive, flattering, nostalgic, regal and royal, seductive, luring, illusionary, glamour, sexual, sexy, reassuring, fearful, brutal, aggressive, work, professionel, scholar, educationnal, social, mundane, hierarchic, institutional, sentimental, punk, shitty, material, genetic, ideologists, religious, desire, fake-love, spiritual, musical, cultural, cinematographic, artistic, fake-friendly, political, diminishing, draining, intrusive, pretenting to save one from sollitude, power, disrespectful cords of attachments. The Armor from Cords of Attachment armors and shields from negative cords in all planes and scales, at all levels of all bodies with any and all types of cording attempts. The cording is just not happening, it just doesn’t work. And soul grafting? Does not work. :woman_shrugging: And soul transfer? Does not work. Image, persona, identity, core transfer? No, does not work.

The armor is covered by a harmful venom/poison that makes the wannabe intruders lose all interest in trying to feed from and drain the user, the people close to them and their loved ones.
The Armor is made as an Athena armor with her attributs and regenerative snake skin.
Athena attributes’s are the aegis (shield), spear, helmet, branch (olive branch or vine branch), serpent, winged victory and Gorgoneion, “present on the shield of Athena, goddess of war and wisdom, which it adorns with a double value, both image of victory over the monster, but also attributes to the warrior an identity and a strength capable of frightening the enemy” Wikipedia. Her symbol is the Owl.

The Armor from Cords and Attachments makes all narcissistic relationships being impossible to happen, like, « Narcissist Be Gone ! ». Same for psychopaths and sociopaths, using the same energy and patterns, the user is protected from all the ways they can mess with someone’s life. It provides protection and racketeering, spiritually and IRL since there is no trigger to activate from the user and no access to drain energy from. It also protects from impostors. It works in all areas, protecting intimacy and private space as much as the work place, public areas, spiritually, mentally and so on.

(Exiting :sparkles:)

“You can’t get a dollar out of me.”

  1. With the support, and well integrated energies of :
    Uranus, Vesta, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Eris (just a pinch of salt, or the whole thing if needed),
    and stones, Gold, Silver, Stibine, Black Kyanite, Auralite-23, Cavansite, Blue Hemimorphite, Onyx, Hematite and, of course, Black Tourmaline.

III. A way to live, Perspective and Interests. «Full restoration of integrity»

1. A zest for life
  • Using the energies of joy, completude, wonder, self-confidence, passion, healthy challenge, deep knowing of one’s self and the spark of life, the user will step into a life where they’ll know what is good for their soul, their path, evolution, life, well-being and satisfaction. Following the inner guidance of life itself, they will step into their true interests, know how to take care of themselves, know who to approach and befriend, where to work, what kind of work to do, how to cook fulfilling meals, where to go, where to stay. No flashing lights, no lures, no darkness nor light should look appealing when it’s not fitting to fulfill one’s life.
    In the beat of life, self-doubt get dissolved, to make place to evolution and self-appreciation.
    Points of interests are automatically highlighted and interests in short term, long term or daily, activities and goals are reinforced. The user is automatically drowned to fulfilling activities people, places, goals that will enrich their life experience. Without cords, narcissits and draining a*sholes, the user will able to live a fulfulling life, and finally shine their light for the world to see, appreciate, evolve and benefit.
    The user will simply know who they are and how to build and have a fulfilling life of their own and feel safe under the roof of a good reputation and a sense of belonging.
  • have a healthy relation to boredom, find healthy activities when bored.
  • enthousiasm about present and future.
  • have pleasure.
  • have good days and sleep well at night.
  • valuying life as a compass.
  • being content and have a healthy brain (see links in “Studies and Links”).
  • rewire the brain for positive self-talk.
  • return to their essence.
  • spend time for care.
  • spend time for self-care.
  • gain emotionnal autonomy.
  • draw like-minded friends.
  • the field influences and guides the user’s mind and reactions to situations with the four Toltec agreements:
    -Be impeccable with your word.
    -Don’t take anything personally.
    -Don’t make assumptions.
    -Always do your best. (see links in “Studies and Links”)
  • something like path in life for the user the become their best self and enjoy it.
  • balance all biological and health factors (genetic, brain and neurotransmitters, endocrinology and hormones, physical health, morphology and physical attractiveness) that are involved in being happy. (see links in “Studies and Links”)
  • the user is finding their passion(s) in life.
  • the user is finding their life’s purpose(s).
  • have all the effect of a healthy heart diet. (see links in “Studies and Links”)
  • feeling good.
Studies and Links
  • The four agreements:

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom is a self-help book by the author Don Miguel Ruiz. The book outlines a code of conduct based on ancient Toltec wisdom – advocating freedom from self-limiting beliefs which bring suffering and limitation to one’s life. The book was originally published in 1997 by Amber-Allen publishing in San Rafael, California. An illustrated edition was later published by the same company in 2010 to celebrate the book’s 15th anniversary. First publishe…


The Toltec culture (/ˈtɒltɛk/) was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican culture that ruled a state centered in Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico, during the Epiclassic and the early Post-Classic period of Mesoamerican chronology, reaching prominence from 950 to 1150 CE. The later Aztec culture considered the Toltec to be their intellectual and cultural predecessors and described Toltec culture emanating from Tōllān [ˈtoːlːãːn̥] (Nahuatl for Tula) as the epitome of civilization. In the Nahuatl language the word Mod…

2. A servitor of balance

A servitor of advice, guidance and friendship.

Shapeshifting presence that will walk through life with the user, reinforcing all aspects of the field before full integration and provide the right type of energy at the right moment to assist and bring balance to the user’s life (examples: comfort when sad, serenity when having a hard time, calmness when wanting to sleep, a blanket when cold, a boost when needing to catch the bus, a leap of faith when positive new opportunities show up, affirmations when the user needs it). Hi friend! :sparkles:

  1. With the support, and well integrated energies of:
    The Sun, Earth, Saturn, Mars, Venus, the North and South nodes and planetary energies out of our reach,
    and stones Yellow Opale, Pyrite, Flower Jasper, Onyx, Sun Stone, Honey Calcite, CItrine, Fluorine, Blue Calcite, Damburite, Hematite, Jade, Silver and Gold.

I will also ask if Dream is willing to make adjusments, complements and cuts according to his appreciation to make it really work for all cases. :pray:🪬 :fist::dolphin::sparkles::heart:

General Notes :
The NFT works for direct family (spouse, kids).
Audio: Area of Effect (AOE) works for all that the music can reach (Same as Max Heal Potion).

Based on experience, science and serious case studies. :fist:


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So thankful for that. I hope it gets delivered i really need it. Nice synchronicity!


You might go for the numbers to see if it can be a public project. 50+ is good, if people are committed to it. Seems like if done right it would be of benefit to many.


Remember in this vein that these dynamics can be mirror-related. Empaths without sufficient protection or training tend to attract narcissists, etc. Therefore the psychology aspect should be addressed.


Yes would like to add something about co-dependency :gem::dragon:
And also healing of the 8 existencial wounds. (Edited) :ocean:

Your post sparked my will to try to design something about it.
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I’ve never designed any project, so I don’t know if it will be suited for a public release. I’ll share the draft in a few days so that people know what the project is about in the construction. Thanks for your interest tho :love_you_gesture::sparkles::surfing_woman::gem::mountain_snow::crescent_moon::nazar_amulet::call_me_hand:🪬

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Thank you!

@Desiree and @Freedom as well, in advance sorry I hadn’t you guys in mind when writing it.

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It is from Lise Bourbeau’s book “Heal your wounds and find your true self.”
EDIT : It would work with John Pierrakos’s 8 existencial wound instead.

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Oh I thought it’d be cool if you were to display what they are!! I signed up interested in all ways :)

Feel the same way!

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The draft is coming :call_me_hand::dove::ringer_planet::love_you_gesture:
Thanks for your interest, hopefully it will be clear and detailed but suggestions are, and will be, welcomed. :heart::sparkles:

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Thanks, I just published the draft in the main post if you want to know more about the project :zap:❤‍🔥
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