Helen of Troy NFT (Private)

Helen of Troy NFT


NFT Overview

1.0 Smart “Vertical Restore” - Fascia Facial Lift, Neck Lift, Philtrum Lift, Eyelid Lift

1.1 Smart Facial Fat Transfer & Enhancement

1.2 Oxygen Infusion Treatment to reverse wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, texture and lackluster skin, with Face Yoga maintainance

1.3 PRP Treatment for Face, Neck, Décolletage, Intimate area, Hairline - to rejuvenate hair and lower hairline

2.0 Smart Alchemical Female Intimate Body Rejuvenation

2.1 Smart Female Intimate Body Hyperpigmentation Rejuvenation

2.2 Sensual Beauty - Unique Signature Pheromones

2.3 Alchemical Revision of Beauty, Face, Body Image to remove negative messages and enhance self-appreciation, value and love

3.0 Negentropic Mystical Alluring Physical Beauty and Aura - The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

3.1 Otherworldly Compelling Beauty & Beauty Consciousness - Magnetic, Alluring, Enchantment, Charming Beauty and Energy presence and Movements - includes voice, posture, home environment

3.2 Magical Slipstream Life - Abundance, Wealth, Luck and Desires Fulfilled

3.3 Beauty Health Servitor - infinite Smart repository of beauty and health knowledge to scan us with option for specific requests

Enjoy :rose:

Please feel free to share any reviews and feedback in this thread that you feel comfortable sharing.

If anyone has any questions, send me a DM or comment below.


sounds dope! congratz Ladies!


Oh la la

This sounds awesome :ok_hand: congratulations

People be fighting with your presence :wink: