How to meditate?

As the topic title states, I would like to ask you people on how you meditate? Is it really as simple as sitting in a free pose and concentrating on your breath? I tend to zone out and forget about concentrating and can’t really visualize due to aphantasia… please give me some advice on how i should improve the technique or process

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Hi jinmoriretaekwondo!

Welcome Queen of Cups

Let me look up a couple of links for you. Our Admin, SammyG has done a few guided meditations that might be helpful for you. New Release : The Journey of Forgiveness (Guided Meditation) . . . Effortless Meditation: Mindfulness Bell of Peace

Here’s an article Powerful Method To Improve Your Meditation – Enlightened States

And a good post Effortless Meditation: Mindfulness Bell of Peace - #2 by SammyG

You might find this interesting also!



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