I Probably Got Rid of My Inhaler! My story - Allergies, Asthma AND Other Issues

Hello everyone. This is my story regarding my progress, in just 2 weeks of using/listening to Sapien Medicine Audios (and bear with me, I might make mistakes in writing/expressing myself, since English is not my native/first language).
For the past 9 months I needed medication for allergies almost daily; I started years ago, taking only one pill for/every 1-2 weeks, then, as time has passed, I needed to take those pills more often, especially since/because symptomps of allergies and asthma worsened, mostly in the last 2 years.
When I have begun listening to Sapien Medicine Fields I needed to take medication for allergies daily, mostly, rarely I could skip a day, since I had this neck inflammation/constriction (usually after 24h since the last pill, sometimes the symptoms would only come after 30 hours or even more than 40 hours) and breathing was getting worse.
Now, after two weeks of listening to these amazing fields I need this medication like 2 times a week, although my inhaler is needed more often, but I can even skip a day (or even two) without it, which wasn’t the case for a long time, years to be specific.
This is a success story, as I’m not relying on medication as much as before and I feel better and better.
I tried many fields, yet there are still a lot to try/listen to, since there are so many, including for mental health, specific needs and general well-being.
I used “alternative” medicine/solutions before and the most success I had in the past was from having sessions with an energy healer, but to be honest, the effect only came with time and although it lasted, the price/cost has increased and nowadays I couldn’t afford to go to him for many/a high number of sessions. I also used autosuggestion and other methods for years and none seemed to works as fast as Sapien’s fields, nor are they that/as reliable, so I know a little bit about “alternative healing”, but none could equal what this amazing human is offering and for free as well (on youtube).
I’m also a Patron, since, I want to support Sapien with as little as I can, at least for now, since I’m sure now that my life and my finances will improve (with time, of course) and I’ll always support such a kind and awesome human being (and his associate @SammyG) and his work and this beautiful and useful forum.
Thank you @Captain_Nemo for everything you are doing for us and thank you all for being here and for your support.

Some Fields that I’ve used and which I continue to use:

Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning

Energy Blockage Removal

Induced Hepatocyte Growth Factor Production. (For Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects)

Sinus Drainage (Energetically Programmed Audio)

Lung Restoration and Strengthening Ver 2.0 (Morphic Field)

Lung Antioxidant Field (Inflammation Help)

Automated Cardio (Energetically Programmed Audio)

Nerve Growth factor (targeted to brain and entire nervous system) {the description mentions that it helps with histamine intolerance, so I guess it’s helping as well, since allergies are treated with anti-histamines)

Immune System Supercharger (Energetically Programmed Audio)

Bacteria Destroyer (Experimental) Energetic and Morphic Programmed Audio (some allergies or perhaps all of them can be caused by bacteria as well, since they can disrupt the immune system, there was a link that I read that info from, so I don’t know for sure)

Throat and Chords

Anti Aging (well, this doesn’t have anything to do with allergies, but I want my cells to be young and strong)


That’s great to hear I’m so pleased that you’re having success with the fields.
I’m on mission to eliminate asthma from my life completely, I’m so tired of expensive inhalers. I’ve also had some relief using lung antioxidant as well as auto immune reversal but there is still tightness in my chest. I haven’t noticed much difference with lung restoration though.
Have you tried the Mstate element fields? The Rhodium and copper one seemed to help me move some phlegm out.
All the best to you on your journey.


Well, here’s the thing, I even went for more than a week without taking medications for allergies (I THINK THAT THIS IS A RECORD I HAVE NOT HAD IN MORE THAN 3 YEARS!), But I’m still struggling with asthma, it’s better, but the phlegm is still a problem …
I guess I have to wait for a while to get rid of it.
No, I haven’t tried the Mstate element fields, thank you for telling me.


Lymphatic effusion/lymphatic blockage removal can help allergies too.


That one I need to try more often, perhaps daily, since I’ve only tried it a few times. Thank you for telling/reminding me.

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Induced Hepatocyte Growth Factor Production (for Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects)

This one helped me a lot! I know you’ve tried it but maybe use it regularly for a month, then few times a week and keep reducing until you feel you don’t need it


That one helps me too, alongside the lungs ones, I also try sinus and throat, and surprisingly I see quite good effects from the salt one (dreamseeds) (I say surpsingly since it didn’t mention effects on health, it’s for protection).

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Thank you so much @SammyG for your help/support (for everything you do for us/the community)!
Now I have to try these chakras fields and see the magic unfold! :smiley:

@Maoshan_Wanderer thank you for telling me about these chakras fields, I’m sure that my mother’s health will improve (faster) as well! :smiley:

Can someone tell me/confirm me, it’s ok to copy the downloaded files from one device to another, right (to have them on muiltiple devices/places for easy access anytime)?


Auto Immune Reversal field is another you should add to your stack. Even use Brain Antioxidant Complex and Nerve Inflammation Help.

Do you also listen to binaural beats on YouTube? There’s a channel on their called ‘Good Vibes’ and they have a allergy audio that’s good. It takes 30mins to receive the benefits so be patient with it and it should last you the whole day mostly. Allergies Treatment & Cure Binaural Beats Meditation | All Kinds of Allergy Relief | Good Vibes - YouTube

I haven’t had much success with Sinus Drainage myself unfortunately. It’s an old field but there hasn’t been any updated/upgraded version since. It would feel great if we could clear those nasal cavities of mucus. Honestly bro… you can’t beat a nice dry or desert/arid climate lol


Thank you so much, bro! I’ll try it (the one from that channel) today/a little later!
The sinus one works, at least for me, but I use it together with the throat one and also one of the lungs fields, so it’s a combo for me.

I’m kind of scared to listen to the auto immune one, since I don’t have auto-immune diseases, just allergies, although it might help…


I don’t have autoimmune disease either really but asthma and allergies are kind of a form of autoimmune disease.

Your immune system is overreacting/attacking itself over something that’s harmless (spores, peanut, pollen, dust or shellfish etc). This leads to the side effect of chronic inflammation (chest tightness, inflamed runny nose & eyes and in other extreme cases- hives/swelling and dangerously low blood pressure).

Just try one listen of it and see how you get on until you can manage more later on. You know it’s all about taking baby steps. I only listen to it when my allergies are really bad… not everyday because I wouldn’t advise it because it’s not necessary.
Throughout winter, spring and autumn I never use it because there’s no grass or weed pollen around those seasons. Food, chemicals and animal’s you can always avoid.

I’m allergic to horses and dogs too but I know not to stroke/touch them, just keep away from them and houses that have dog owners. It all depends on what you’re allergic to that will determine your level of control over it. You can’t help asthma much except treat it. Pollen, mould or spores etc you can’t do much either… sunglasses can help (block pollen and spores that are around).


Thank you so much for telling me about this one! :pray:
I tried the auto immune field like an hour ago and I breathe better! Wow! So, I’ll definitely add this to my stack/list! Can we use it daily?

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I wouldn’t recommend it (me personally)… just play it 2-3 times whenever you feel like your allergies are bad and you need it. I think it can lower the immune system if you use it too much because you needs some level of ketones in your body so it can fight off bacterium’s, infections and viruses etc.

Be sure to use the immune booster field every now and then (especially in winter)… not too much though because that can make your immune system overreactive if you use it a lot. Use the immune booster whenever you feel rundown, fatigued and developing no appetite because that could be signs your immune system is running quite low.

A healthy immune system is a balanced one, not too high or too low.

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This one helped me so much with my seasonal allergy,

I didn’t took the anti-histamines pills last spring for the first time since years.


I agree with what @TheAmbiguousSoldier wrote.

From description:

1 - 2 times is a good start and then use your intuition on how to proceed.
I personally think its better to use it slowly and see how your body reacts."

Full Description Here :point_left:


That’s awesome! Thank you for telling me/us about your success with this field, since this can encourage anyone who has allergies to try the field for auto immunity; I tried it yesterday, once, and it helped me breathe much better, but there were some small alergic reactions on my skin later and I still had to use the “Induce hepatocyte growth factor” field, but, as I said the field for auto immunity really helped my breathing, it helped me breathe much better through the nose, as well, so I find it very useful.

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Thanks to Dream…I am sure that this field will help you.

I know how it’s hard dealing with allergies…

Thanks to Captain, His Team and SammyG.

I shared my experience on the dedicated thread here:

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This night (currently 1:26 A.M. in Romania) I have listened to Fungus Destroyer (Experimental) Energetic and Morphic Programmed Audio - YouTube -a few times- and OMG, I have forgotten how Awesome this field can be for breathing (I had Candida - [Oropharyngeal Candidiasis I think is the term, years ago and apparently it was gone, at least I thought so), since I tried it, but only a few times in the last two months and I haven’t tried/listened to it since at least a week/last week, which was a terrible mistake apparently, since my breathing was getting worse during the last week and I barely managed to improve it; the Fungus and The Bacteria (destroyer) field are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (OR RATHER CAN BE, DEPENDING ON SOMEONE’S HEALTH ISSUES), THESE 2 COUPLED WITH THE ALLERGY FIELD (AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, 2-3 TIMES, IN A LOOP) AND HYPERBARIC OXYGEN ARE GOD-GIVEN, MY FRIENDS!

So, for anyone who suffers from allergies or who has trouble breathing, I recommend to check all these fields mentioned in this post (and in this thread), plus any other field which can heal or at least ease your allergies or breathing issues, like Autoimmune Disease.


I was kinda embarassed to talk about this, but I’ll do it… Sigh…
For the last 10 years I had hemorrhoids, sometimes when I would get to the toilet I would watch in terror how I was bleeding; it wasn’t easy, in fact it got worse with the years passing, I could not sit for hours on my a**, I could not ride a bike without pain and of course, the greatest horror was going to the toilet, as it was painful and bloody (sometimes); some treatments helped, also some products


(Presto Gel)

But I could not get rid of them, it was a pain in the a**, literally…
Squating helps, just so you know…

Anyway, after listening to the hemorrhoids field, things got better, much better; now I can sit for hours on my a** and it isn’t painful anymore, nor is going to the toilet a problem.

I didn’t do anything new, in fact I don’t even use that product anymore, it’s all thanks to the best medicine (so called “alternative” by western medicine), Thanks to Sapien Medicine.


Good for you! Glad to hear!

We really don’t know yet how lucky we are for having access to these tools. Thanks @Captain_Nemo :pray: :pray:

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