Let's compliment each other

Hey its time to spoil each other even more :wink:
Pick a first person from our forum that comes on youur mind and shower them with compliments.:blue_heart::heart::purple_heart:

I’ll strart


Inteligent. I love how your words of wisdom flow…
Funny , You made me laugh so many times :sweat_smile:
Always willing to help
Fascinating in terms of hobbies ( swimming with gentle giants) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:etc
Gentle but honest
Easy going but mysterious at the same time
Gives great advice field wise and more


Pressure and spotlight are not what I’m good at lol :laughing:
But I am deeply thankful for the positive words and thought @Allurre
:white_heart: :white_heart:

This has been done too at my work, where we go around and write first thing/memorable experience on another person’s paper. So thank you for rolling this out. We all end up having fun and full hearts, giving out compliments and receiving as well.

For you:

  • Initiates acts of camaraderie
  • Spirit of helping each other out (threads made on Cone of Power, Manifesting)
  • Funny cat momma (rules meme thread lol)
  • Silliest one (hello silly thread)
  • Straightforward
  • Cheerful
  • Vibrant, uplifting (symbol of joy and hope)
  • Nature lover
  • Best person who reminds to take a break
  • Willingness to share helpful tips and fields

I’ll choose two:

Newly made friends


  • Sharing same interest on tarot
  • Initiated an act of special glimmer/glow
  • Pureness vibe in her
  • Wise words
  • An inspiration
  • Serene and insightful


  • Grounded spirit
  • Adventurous soul found in nature
  • Deep love for food, poker #skilzz
  • Close-knit family ties (Hi Grandma Eva!)
  • Balance of logic and spirituality
  • Kind and caring

To all: Thank YOU. Know that your kindness has not gone unnoticed; it ripples out into the world, touching lives in ways you might not always see. :sparkles:


You make me cry :pleading_face: :sob:

I would tag @ecaiii @Allurre and it would be a copypaste of the delighteful qualities you exchanged each other, to which i absolutely can relate with

So I will tag @Lunamoon22.

  • Super Knowledgeable
  • Has a very developed awereness that translates in amazing testimonials, She is very in touch with the emotional reponse a field generate.
  • Has always a word of wisedom and her field reccomandations are amazing.
  • Great sense of humour.

Had a similar thread idea in the past, thanks for creating it!
(I’m feeling a bit shy cause I haven’t interacted with all of those people in the past but here goes :laughing:)

I wanna appreciate @SilverZuzu for her wisdom and kindness are always reflected in grounded advice she gives, and her words flow so beautifully her posts are among my favorites to read!

@Cathroulette @45stars @Danny_Ho @Hauru you guys’ posts always radiate such kindness, when I thought of it you came to my mind first.

@SammyG for doing a great job leading the forum and embodying what masculine leadership is all about. I always feel secure with you in charge bud :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing :partying_face:

Your tone is like a beautiful angel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @rigel


Thank you :)

I am grateful if you feel my words have painted a picture of kindness. God bless you and thank you again :smiley:


Uhhh love this thread!!!
Let‘s make this an award ceremony:

@Nice2knowU Award: „Mister Awesome“
What can I say, he‘s a nice guy. He‘s a great guy. He’s awesome. It‘s nice to know him. YOU should get to know him! hehe Makes me smile whenever he posts something.

@SoulStar33 Award: „The Star“
Because you are! You shine your bright light into this forum and illuminate us with your experience with the fields. Loved your experience with the Kinetic Quasi Crystal. Also loved how you shared the healing journey of your mum and how you helped her. I hope she is good now.

@Hauru Award: „Best Name“
You just have my favorite name here in the forum. Love reading your reviews! Love your energy. I bet you have a cute smile!

@Allurre Award: „Mother of Dragon“!
You often crack me up with your jokes, you always share valuable knowledge - even outside of fields, and I love how you strengthen our divine feminine community here in the forum. You just feel like a dear friend, and you always share amazing reviews! Thank you so much! I just feeling grateful to have met you here!

@Rosechalice Award: „The Queen of Hearts“
You just radiate pure magnetic love, warmth and you make us all feel so welcome. Thank you for your sweet and dear presence in this forum!

@ecaiii Award: “The Big Sis“
I don’t know what it is but you feel like a big sister to me. I love all the amazing reviews of your experience with fields, your sweet comments in our ladies chat, and you always give valuable input when someone has a question! Thank so much!

@Muse Award: „The Artist“
I always picture you in my mind in an atelier that‘s filled with Dream‘s music, bent over a piece of art, some loose hair strands hanging into your face… love it! I also love all your great reviews and ideas of building stacks!

@Maoshan_Wanderer Award: „The One and Only“
Mao, oh Mao, what would we do without you? There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to you. We are so glad to have you here. Love all the insights, bits and pieces of stories from your life, the amazing reviews, the support you give and the overall good vibes you spread.

@JAAJ Award: „Dr. Faust“
That’s how I call you in my thoughts. Just love how much knowledge you bring to this forum and how you share it in a way that we (the students) can learn and expand our horizon. Like Faust you strike me as someone who has read and learned about a vast amount of topics and has a very interesting view on life. A big and heartfelt thank you for your amazing stacks. Your Self-Love stack has a special place in my heart.

@Dr_Manhattan Award: „The Architect“
Roses are red, violets are blue. When I think of a brilliant mastermind, I think of you. You just know that the mind is a complex construction and you also know what it takes to help build amazing fields. Thank you for all your beautiful collaborations with Dream and the amazing products you helped to create. And thank you for the immense information and vast knowledge you share in our community!


What a marvelous thread idea @Allurre :pray::pray:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Siria is nice
And so are all of you



And because you can only mention 10 people in a post, here is part 2!

@Borisju1 Award: „The Sensei“
I learned a lot from you on this forum. And some practices I adapted from you really changed my life. One of them are using most benevolent requests. I‘m grateful for all the wisdom you bring to this community and appreciate your reviews and tips of fields. Thank you!!

@Sarumann33 Award: „The in-depth Reviewer“
You post such amazingly detailed reviews about your experience with fields. When I want to research a field I‘m interested in, I always first check if you posted a review about it. I also love how you always mention in what combinations you are listening to fields. Thanks so much for all your great input!

@onwards Award „Best Profile Pic“
I just love your profile pic hahaha Sending you much love!

@Imogen Award: „Most hilarious Profile Pic“
Hahaha all your recent profile pics cracked me up! Love your knowledge about astrology and tarot!


:sparkles:Thank you @ecaiii ! What a beautiful and unexpected honor to be held in such high esteem. And lovely to have it served to me first thing in my day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope you know that the feeling is mutual. :sparkling_heart:



Always searching for a best in people
Man with a vison :dizzy:
Ambitious always aiming high :boom:
Able to dissolve potential conflicts
Always willing to help
Loving and caring



I want to Compliment Everyone !! 🫶🩷

It’s truly an Amazing Sanctuary of support, understanding, knowledge and peace :dove::v:

Since I found Sapien forum and all of youuuuu life is better !!!

So Cheers :clinking_glasses::champagne: to Each and Every One of You :pray::two_hearts:

Special thank you to @SammyG was my first step of relief and support and of course the @Dreamweaver thank you very so much for all your work . :two_hearts:

@Maoshan_Wanderer your subtle help it’s amazing, thank you !! :dizzy:


Thank you for the “shout out” and your kind words.
Very much appreciate them.


very kind of you! thank you!



Thanks for the uplifting thread @Allurre

Blessings to everyone! All of you make it a great place to be and grow.

Shout out to Captain, Sammy and my favorite mods Dr_Manhattan and Nice2knowU. You all make this a blessing and a pleasure by being the unique beings you are. :hugs:


I want to complement @Desiree, @Lunamoon22, @ecaiii, @Rosechalice, @Nice2knowU and @Divine_Lotus for being such a positive kind energy and fresh air on this forum.

I want to complement @JAAJ for the wide spiritual knowledge he shares on the forum and provides food for thought

I want to complement @Dr_Manhattan for all the precious gems he brought to us through his index. We even have a field dedicated to his name

I want to complement @Maoshan_Wanderer for the energy screening he provides time to time on all creators.

I want to complement all the helpful and kind and creative and spiritual people on this forum who are together making this place great :innocent:

And I want to complement @SammyG for all he does for the forum while also always keeping a cool head and understanding mind.

And … well I won’t tag him but captain :woman_pilot:… don’t even have to tell why :blush:


Thank you Kuan Yin

Thank you for seeking and never giving up in finding answers for your life. It is really nice to have you here with us.


@SoulStar33 you’re kind, very enthusiastic, and read and respond to so many things that people write. Thanks for acknowledging so many different people.


This means so much to me :heart: Thank you @Rosechalice

And this forum would have be so so much less beautiful… literally… without you and your gifs


I thought about this when I saw the thread, I don’t think he should be left out out of fear of disturbing him. I know everyone thinks about writing something about him.

He has recovered and we’re no longer spamming him with comments, requests and questions 24/7.

It seems fair to be able to spam him with compliments one day, only for those who wants to. Totally optional.

Seems like an elephant in the room