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3g4g5g Protection
3rd Eye Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation with Decalcification of Pineal Gland
777 (Luck and Blessings) Lucky Study Music - Meditation Music - Motivational Music


A Belly full of laughter
A Dream of Purity
A Garden in Kyoto Japan (Portal)
A Journey to Nibiru
A Life of Magical Abundance
A Taste of Mana
A Taste of Vaikuntha Loka
A Twitch in Time
Abdominal Wall Restoration
Abundance Mindset
Acetylcholine Production
Acne Ablation
Acne Treatment
Adrenal Healing and Detoxification
Advanced Detox + Healing of Billary System (Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas)
Advanced Healing
After Workout Muscle Recovery
Agartha (Journey to the Inner earth)
Alchemical Jing Charged Blood
Alchemical Holy Light
Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend
Alcohol Addiction Help
Alien Intercession
Alpha and Beta Endorphins
Alpha Brainwave State
Ambrosia - NFT
Amethyst Clouds
AMPK: The Energy Enzyme (Activation)
Amplify Positive Planetary and Astrological Effects
Amygdala Healing (+ Fear Release)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Help (and other motor neuron conditions)
An Evening in Ireland Portal
Ancestral Knowledge
Androgenic Receptor Direct Stimulation (The blessing of Saint Biceps)
Andromeda Galaxy Energy Infusion Meditation
Androstenol for Men (Become The Alpha Male)
Angelic Vibrations
Angelic Vibrations (ver 2.0)
Angelic Intercession
Anger Management
Animal Empathy/Telepathy
Animal Regeneration
Animal Regeneration 3
Animal Regeneration Ver 2.0
Animal Trauma Release 2
Anti Aging
Anti Cancer Treatment
Anti Cancer ver 2.0
Antioxidant Formula
Appendix Problems
Arcturian Energy Infusion Meditation
Aries Energy
Arm fat Removal
Armor of Light and Glory.
Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagna
Astaxanthin Aspartic Dsup (Longevity Series)
Atmospheric Vibration Riser
Atmospheric Vibration Riser Ver2.0
Attention and Focus
Attract Love
Attract Love - Old Version
Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
Aura and Energy Body Repair
Auto - Mewing
Auto Immune Reversal
Automated Calves and Feet Muscle Workout with Joint strengthening
Automated Cardio
Automated Gluteal Workout
Automated Grounding
Automated Leg Day
Automated Micro Cosmic Orbit ver 2.0
Automated Upper Body Workout
Automated Workout System
Aventurine (feat. Eilish Hassett)


Bacteria Destroyer (Experimental)
Bali Beach Portal
BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor)
Beard Growth Enhanced and Plasmafied
Become a Kinder, more Patient person in all ways Ver2.0
Become Whole: Self Acceptance/Self Love/Dissolve Insecurities
Bell Rock Sedona Vortex Portal
Black Opal
Blessings for the Hearth and Home
Blood Brain Barrier Repair
Blood Clot Dissolver
Blood Pressure Reducer ver 2.0 (Hypertension Help)
Blood Purifier +
Blue Celestite
Body Nerve Healing
Bone and Organ Breathing
Bone Marrow Strengthening and Enhancement
Booted Bhoots
Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
Brain Growth Work
Brain Regeneration Experimental
Brain Tumor Apoptosis
Breast Enhancement Ver 2.0
Butt Enlargement


Cancer Energy
Capital Governance
CBD (Cannabidiol) Energy Frequency
Charisma and Glamour
Chi Compression in Bone Marrow
Chi Compression into lower Dan Tien
Childlike Wonder (Revamp Excitement in Life)
Cholesterol and Plaque Removal
Citrine Shine
Cloaking Field
Coincidence and Synchronicity
Collagen Booster
Collagen Booster Ver 2.0
Conceptual Realizations
Core Strengthening
Corona Virus Disruption
Corona Virus Disruption Silent Version
Creatine Synthesis
Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing with Growth and Stimulation
Crown Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Cup of Coffee (Caffeine)
Curse / Spell Removal


Dark Circles Removal
De-Inhabiter Combo
Death (from Arcana Archetypes 3 Album)
Deep Bone Massage
Deep brain magnetic stimulation
Delta Brainwave State
Depression the Relief
DEPRESSION/Stress/Anxiety Relief
Depths of your Soul
Devic Intercession
DHEA Boost
Diabetes Type I and II Treatment
Diatasis Recti Treatment
Disconnect From Negative Energy in Your Life
Divine Love
DMT (feat. Vakkuum)
Dopamine Neurotransmitter Overload
Dopamine Redux
Double Chin Removal
Down Syndrome and Cognitive Abnormalities Experimental Treatment
Dragon Experience and Intercession
Dreamseeds Exclusive Meditation Music Live Energy


Ear Wax Softener
Echoes of the Past.
Ego Dissolution
Emf Shielding
Emotional Mastering Protocol
Emotional Release
Empathic Shielding
Endocrine System Rejuvenation
Energy Awakening Course
Energy Blockage Removal
Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning
Energy Overload
Enhanced Alcohol Processor
Enhanced Blood Circulation
Enhanced Brain Hemisphere Connectivity
Enhanced Cellular Nutrient Absorption
Enhanced Cholesterol Reduction
Enhanced Fat Metabolism
Enhanced Visual Processing
Enpp6 Enzyme
Environmental Energy Accumulator
Epic Beard Growth
Epsilon Brainwave State
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Es Vedra
Essassani Energy Infusion Meditation
Essence Of Chi in Negentropy
Estrogen Boost 2.0 with Ovary Regeneration
Etheric Cord Cutter
Experimental Alzheimers Treatment
Experimental Arthritis Treatment
Experimental Autism Help
Experimental Cataract Treatment
Experimental Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Treatment
Experimental Keratosis Pilaris Treatment
Experimental Kidney Stone treatment
Experimental Parkinson’s Audio Treatment
Experimental Scoliosis Treatment
Experimental Virus Disruption/Healing ver2.0
Extreme Fat Burn: Thermogenic Weight Loss
Extreme Muscle Growth Stimulation (Inhibit Myostatin Production & Testosterone/HGH Compression)
Eye Regeneration
Eye Regeneration Ver 2.0


Fa Jin Gong Healing
Face Combination
Face Lift and Facial Toning Ver 2.0
Facelift and Facial Toning Treatment
Facial Hair Removal Frequency : Get Rid Of Face , Neck , Upper Lip Hair (Hair Removal series)
Facial Symmetry
Facial Symmetry with Muscle Toning
Far Infrared
Far Infrared light therapy
Far-UVC Bergamot and Sandalwood
FAST WORKING DEEP SLEEP MUSIC FREQUENCY: Melatonin Production - Help Insomnia
Fat Burning Genetic Advantage
Feminine Energy
Feng Shui Master of the Shire
Five Elements Balanced (Mongolian Medicine)
Flower Of Life
Food Charger and Enhancer
Forgiveness and Release Version 1
Forgiveness and Release Version 2
FULL BODY DETOX : Cleanse Liver, Lungs, Lymph and Intestines
Fungus Destroyer (Experimental)


(GABA)Gamma-Amin0butyric Acid (Extra Strength)
Gamma Brain Wave Audio
Gayatri Mantra
Gemini Energy
Generalized Adult Stem Cell
Genetic Change for Brown Skin
Genetic Change for Dark Skin
Genetic Change for White Skin
Glastonbury (St Michaels Tower)
Glutathione Super Anti-Oxidant Ver 2.0
Glycolysis with UCP gene activation (The Fat and Sugar Metabolizer)
Golden Frankincense and Myrrh
GPDL1 Booster ( Longevity Series )
Gratitude and Abundance (feat. Energetic Alchemy)
Gregorian Chants
Grey Hair Restoration
Grey Hair Restoration Ver 2.5
Grief Loss Loneliness
Gum and Lips
Gum Regeneration
Gynecomastia Treatment
Gynecomastia ver 2.0


Hair Growth and Recovery helps with Hair Loss (updated ver2.0)
Hair Growth Booster
Hair Loss Treatment Ver 3.0
Hakuin’s Healing Egg Enhanced
Haleakala Volcano (feat. Louis Legend)
Hare Krishna Mantra
Heal those around you (Be the healer) Ver 2.0
Hearing Loss Recovery
Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing with Growth and Stimulation
Heart Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Heart Inflammation Reduction and Healing
Heart of the milky way Energy Infusion Meditation
Heart Restoration ver 2.0
Heart Strengthening and Repair
Heat and Shock +Resistance (Plants)
Hemorrhoids, Fissures and other Anal Matters
Hepatitis B and C Treatment
Herkimer Diamond
HGH (feat. Vakkuum)
HGH Release version 2.0
Higher Self Connection
HIV Treatment
Hope and Happiness
Human Growth Hormone Release
Hunger Inhibitor
Hydrogen Accumulation and Fission
Hyperbaric Compressor
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Imaginarium Divine
Immune System Supercharger
Improve Eyesight- Get 20/20 Vision
Increased Psychic Functioning (Classic Version)
Induce Creativity
Induced Alpha-lipoic acid Production (With Anthocyanins)
Induced Follistatin to Muscle
Induced Hepatocyte Growth Factor Production.
Induced Mots - c Production (Longevity series)
Induced Sestrin Proteins Production (Longevity Series)
Infrared and Plasma Light Drink Charger
Inner Beauty Reflected Outward (ver2.0)
Inner Strength (1.0)
Internal Organ Massage
Intestine Healing and Regeneration
Into the Sidhe Mounds


Jade Maneki-Neko Energy
Jing Restoration
Joint Regeneration
Justice For all


Kanpu Masatsu (Automated)
KCC2 Activation
Kidney and Adrenal Healing (feat. Vakkuum)
Kidney Regeneration
Klotho Booster (Longevity Series)
Knight/Warrior Mindset
Kubera’s Blessing


Lake Titicaca (feat. Kano)
Larvikite (feat. Thelma Eldrun Raven)
Leo Energy
Leptin Resistance
Ley Line Node Point
LGD 3303
Libra Energy
Light and Vibrational Guidance
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment ver2.0
Longevity (ISIRB and RBM3)
Love Gravitation Wave
Love Graviton
Love, Gratitude and Appreciation Version 1
Love, Gratitude and Appreciation Version 2
Love Peace and Joy, 20min Meditation
Lower Belly and Lower Back Hair Removal ( laser hair removal series)
Lower Your Blood Pressure
Lucid Dreaming
Lucky Horse Shoe and Clovers
Lung Antioxidant Field
Lung Restoration and Strengthening
Lung Restoration and Strengthening Ver 2.0
Luteinizing hormone and Follicle-stimulating hormone
Lymphatic System Blockage Removal and Enhanced Drainage Ver 2.0


Machu Picchu (feat. Kano)
Maha Ganapati Yagna
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Majestic Pine Forest Portal
Male Enhancement Experimental
Masculine Energy
Million Dollar Empire Mindset
Mitochondrial-targeted catalase
Moldavite Energy
Monoatomic Iron
Mount Kailash
Mount Roraima (feat. Vakkuum)
Mount Shasta
Mstate Gold and Silver
Mstate Indium and Iridium
Mstate Platinum
Mstate Rhodium and Copper
Multiple Sclerosis Experimental Treatment
Multiple Sclerosis Help Ver 2.0
Muscle Massage
Muscle Recovery Ver 2.0
Muscles Beyond Limits
Muscles Hungry for Fat (featuring Vakkuum)
My Personal Emotional and Mental Supporter


Natural Effective Breast Enlargement
Natural Male Enhancement
Natural Testosterone Boost
Navel Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Neck Hump, Reversal and Reduction
Negative EMF protection and conversion
Negative Energy and Entity Removal
Negative Entity/Bad Spirit/Demonic Removal (Banishing Frequency)
Negative Ion Charged Plasma Blood
Negative Ion Generator
Negentropic Jing
Nerve Damage Help
Nerve Growth factor (targeted to brain and entire nervous system)
New Tooth Regeneration
Nitric Oxide Boost
Nose Straightener
Nullify Negative Planetary and Astrological Effects


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Help
Ojas Marrowed and Shaken not Stirred
Ojas Refined and Defined
Om Aim Hreem Shreem Kleem
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Namah Shivaya
Opiate and General Addiction Withdrawal Help
Orion Constellation Energy Infusion Meditation
Osteoporosis Help
Overcome Any Addiction: Dopamine Receptor Repair & Addiction Healing
Oxytocin + Neuropeptide Y
Oxytocin Diver


Pain Control (Experimental)
Pancreas Regeneration
Parasite Destroyer
Parkinson’s Disease Help
Pegasus Constellation Energy Infusion Meditation
Permanent Brain Enhancement : Become Smarter, Increase Memory, and Sharp Focus
Pietersite Energy
Plant Growth and Enhancement
Plasma Charged Mitochondria
Plasma soaked Teeth and Gums
Pleiadian Energy Infusion Meditation
Portal to a Sun kissed Beach
Portal To Mars
Positive Vibes Energy
Posture Help with Atlas Adjustment
Powerful Good Luck Energy: Attract Good Fortune and Miracles W/ Law of Attraction Vibration
Pranayama Training Version 1
Pranayama Training Version 2
Pranic Swirls
Precambrian Era Time Portal
Probability Alteration and Luck
Progesterone Boost
Progesterone ver 2.0
Project Kundalini Vibration
Prostate Health
Pure Estrogen Boost
Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence
Pure Moonlight (1.0)


Quasi Crystal From Khatyrka Meteorite
Quit Smoking Addiction


Radiate Positivity
Radiation Protection and Removal
Radiation Removal
Raise your Vibrational State
Rectovaginal fistula
Reduce Estrogen
Reduce Testosterone and DHT
Regain your innocence
Reiki Massage
Relaxing River Portal
Repel Negative Energy ver 2.0


Sacral and Base Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Sakura Blossoms (Feat. Etheric Sleep)
Sapien Medicine (Meditations): Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Study Music
Schumann Resonance
Scorpio Energy
Searching For A Lost Sister
Seasons of Green Florite (feat. Eclypsis)
Semax and Phenylpiracetam
Self Healing and Acceptance
Self Love and Acceptance
Senescent Cell Removal
Serotonin (feat. Atomic Rebel)
Shatachandi Yagna
Shen Yang
Shiny and Revitalized Hair (feat. Minda Violetly)
Sinus Drainage
Sirian Energy Infusion Meditation
Sirt 3 and 6 Activation
Skin Brightening and Glutathione Super Anti-Oxidant
Skin Regeneration (epidermal growth factor)
Slow Down the Perception of Time (Experimental)
Smart Stem Cells
Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Soul Restoration (Brow/Forehead Storage Center)
Soul Restoration (Heart storage Center)
Soul/Core Energy Restoration
Speed Up the Perception of Time (Experimental)
Spiritual Growth States of Being
Stellate Ganglion Block
Stem Cell Targeted to Heart, Liver, Lungs and Pancreas ver2.0
Stem Cell Targeted to kidneys, adrenals, bladder, urinary tract 2.0
Stem Cells and Scar Tissue Removal
Stem Cells Targeted to Face, Scalp and Neck
Stem Cells Targeted to Scalp for Hair Regeneration
Stomach and Intestinal Ulcers healing
Stomach Healing and Regeneration (feat Star)
Stomach Shrinking and Toning
Stonehenge Portal
Stop Procrastinating
Strawberries N Creme
Streaming Down Emerald Rivers
Stress Relief
Stretch Mark Removal
Stroke Prevention and Help
Subconscious Limits Dissolver
Subconscious Limits Removal Ver 2.0
Sun Free Tanning
Sun Free Tanning ver 2.0
Sun Tanner ver 2
Super Human Mutant RNA +
Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction
Superhuman Genius
Sweet Dreams 7 Hours +


Taaffeite Crystal Energy
Tap into the Collective Consciousness
Tarot Archetype of The Tower (Reversed)
Taurus Energy
Tdcs and NGF
Teeth Regeneration (for existing teeth and damage)
Teeth Regeneration Ver 2.0
Telomere Regeneration
Testosterone Boost ver 2.5
The Acu-Automaton
The Air Revitalizer
The Alien Songs of Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass
The All Purpose Anxiety Removal
The Amniotic Membrane Healing Pod
The Archetype of Parental Love
The Bacteria and Fungi Apocalypse
The Blueprint of Life
The Bone Strengthener (feat. Louis Legend)
The Brain Massage Soundscape
The Breathe of The Belly
The Bushman Medicine
The Butterfly Nest
The Carboxytherapy Field
The Cbd Delta
The Chariot
The Chi Elixir
The Comfort of Those Who have Passed
The Crystal Cave
The Deep Organ Cleanse
The Deep Sleeper (sleep inducer)
The Devil (Reversed tarot archetype)
The DHT Overwhelming Presence.
The Dreamtime
The Dutasterided Scalp
The Emperor (1.0)
The Empress
The Energetic Salt Cleanse
The Enhanced Organ Functioning
The Essence of Faith and Prayer
The Essence of Holy Basil and Honey (Scented)
The Essence of Mantras
The Essence of Negentropic Shen
The Exorcism Rite version 2.0
The Experimental Psoriasis Therapy
The Fanjingshan Temple
The Flow of Jing
The Fool
The Gentle Internal Healing
The Grace of Angels and Saints
The Grand Jealousy Reflecting Shield
The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Guided Path
The Hand Of Glory
The Hanged Man
The Height Booster (Grow Taller Version 2.0)
The Hermit
The Hierophant
The Higher Being Experience
The Honored Ancestors
The Hum Of The Universe (360 Interactive)
The Hyper State Sleep
The Interconnection Of Everything
The Internal Alchemical Crucible
The Intestinal Cleanser
The Iron Gullet (Gastrointestinal Inflammation Help)
The Journey of Forgiveness (Guided Meditation)
The K2 Stone Energy
The Legendary Hair Serum
The Light of Savitur
The Lip Plumper
The Lovers
The Lymphatic Effusion +
The Magician (1.0)
The Mana Circuits (Super Charged)
The Mandarin and Cantonese Soul (language Series)
The Melody of Malachite
The Microcurrent Facial Simulant +
The Microkinesi-Therapist
The Navagraha Homam
The Navigator of Awe
The Negative Ion Generator
The Negentropic Animal
The Nostalgia of Memories ver2.0
The Orgone Accumulator
The Otherworld
The Outlook Retrainer
The Plant Kingdom
The Plasma Brain of Youth
The Plasma Flower
The Plasma Glass Skin
The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach
The Plasma Protocol
The Plasmatron
The Platelet Rich Plasma2 Bath
The Power of The Blarney Stone (Cloch na Blarnan)
The Prostaglandin Problems
The Rune Dagaz
The Rune Jera
The Sacred Sanctuary
The Schuman Resonance
The Sedona Vortices (Feat. Etheric Sleep)
The Shamanic Medicine Blend
The Skeptic (feat. Energetic Alchemy)
The Soul Of Japan (Language Series)
The Spear of Destiny
The Spinal Tapper
The Star (1.0)
The Star Being Experience
The Sun (feat. Vakkuum)
The Sun Gazer
The Super Human Mutant
The Swords of Adipose Annihilation
The Three Ginsengs (feat. Alonte Cross)
The Torsion Field
The Tower of Power (Holy Light)
The Tree Experience
The True Self of Others
The Unbreakable
The Voice of Gamayun (Voice of Prophecy)
The Well of Creativity
The Whale Experience
The Wolf Experience
The World
There Be Bees
Theta Brainwave State
Throat Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation
Throat Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation ver 2.0
Thyroid Healing and Regeneration
Tibetan Sound Healing
Tibetan Sound Healing (Part Two)
Tonic No. 31 (Sapien Proprietary Blend)
Transform Fat to Stem Cells
Transmutation and MicroCosmic
Transmutation of Lower and Basal Energy
Transneuronal delivery of hyper-interleukin-6 targeted to spinal cords
Trauma Healing and Mental Health (For Animals)
Trauma Release and Healing Version 1
Trauma Release and Healing Version 2
Tuath de (danann)


Unconditional Androstenol
Unconditional Love
Unconditional You
Under Arm Hair Removal Frequency (Hair Removal series)
Unstoppable Willpower
Untersberg Mountains
Uplift Yourself and Those around You (Meditational)
Uplift Yourself, People you meet and the world ver2.0
Upper and Lower Leg Hair Removal ( laser hair removal series)
Upper Chest and Back Hair Laser Removal Frequency (Hair Removal series)
Uranus (feat. Vakkuum)
Urinary Incontinence
Using NMN to improve NAD+ levels along with sirt1 activation
Utter Relaxation and Muscle Massage
UV - C light as a safer germicide and virus destroyer


Vaastu Homam
Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Varicose and Spider Veins Removal Treatment
Vibration of Creation
Vibration of Divine Love
Vibration of Transcendence
Virgo Energy
Virus and Parasite Disruptor
Virus Disruption Ver 2.0
Vitamin C
Vitamin D Production
Vitiligo Experimental Treatment
Vocal Strengthening and Range Increaser


Water Charger
Water Charger (ver 2.0)
Water Oxygenator
Weight Gainer Version 1
Weight Gainer Version 2
Weight Loss Combo
Wheel of Fortune
White Light Waves


Xanthelasma Removal


Ye Old Negentropic Harmonizer
Youth Recapture ver 2.0


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Laughter, a belly full of laughter
Dream, a dream of purity
Portal, a garden in Kyoto Japan
Nibiru, a journey to Nibiru
Abundance, a life of magical abundance


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