Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

Happy you’re part of the gang though :grin:

But yeah, as said in DM, we don’t want to put pressure on people.

Take care :pray:


For this day (Valentines) placing special attention on the following

  • Self love / unconditional love
  • Our forum Sapien friends & animals
  • Our community as a whole
  • Children
  • Feminine and womb healing

Supporting :yellow_heart:

  1. Urgent healing for my cat
  2. My dog, Copper passed away tonight
  3. Success! My Mom's leg is saved! Thank You Captain and Thank You All! πŸ™
    And anyone else in need, just tune in

Thank You. :pray::heart:


Gratitude and thanks for the whole community during this difficult time. :sparkling_heart:



A reminder that those are still happening.

As well as some of us hopping in randomly during the day or week :slight_smile:

Everyone is welcome, with the intent they wish.

We keep going :mechanical_arm::earth_africa:


:thinking: I didn’t notice that there was a mandala…

I might take some time to adjust my outlook and then add it to the stack I wear


It has a different effect you’ll see.

It connects you to the field, but also brings some inner drive to be part of the change :raised_hands:


We’ll let you guys know when the stream comes back up again


I wonder, how do we join in out of sync if the video / stream only seems to work when the stream is live?

Am i messing something here?

With love



Can you add a screenshot (even if edited)?
I dont understand your question, sorry.

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The stream we normally used was YouTube which was on 24/7 (now offline)

And it’s possible to access the recorded version of the mass meditation on Vimeo here

Posts that show how Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍 - #109 by Borisju

So there’s still a way for this matter.


Yes, and when you click that link it says the recording hasnt staryed yet?

So how can we join if not on the exact time?

Seems like im missing something?

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Its because the stream is down (will need to 2x check for sure if it will be up on that time indicated). Im talking about the recorded stream via the corner drop-down box on top-left illustrated in the how-to link.

You can listen to that recording at any time. Do you see the corner box thing? If you don’t, try a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.
What device (android, PC, iphone, mac) and browser are you using so we can be on the same page? And possibly a screenshot

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You can also go for keeping the mandala with you, printed or as digital wallpaper.


Ignore β€œThe event hasn’t started yet.” you have to switch to the recorded stream

Here are the steps for the recorded Mass Meditation stream in Vimeo


On phone or tablet? Switch to desktop mode. Browser doesn’t do that? Use a different one.

Check if your device (seems to be for iOS users) has a setting for the browser that enables desktop mode.

If you dont see the box in the corner, on PC / laptop/ desktop, switch browser. Ie. Chrome, Brave, Firefox

Don’t use Safari browser


In case anyone is concerned if the mass meditation field is still active on the vimeo, it is.
Follow the steps in the previous post. The one with pictures included.


Any idea when this is going back on YouTube?

Anyone has find a solution for working vimeo mass meditation vimeo on iOS?

I tried every top browser with desktop mode and vimeo app.
Nothing has worked so far.

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We should come with an update very soon :slight_smile:

@Owl Have you clicked on the arrow on the left corner?
(it disappear from times to times on my end, but still works and I select the 2nd or 3rd stream)

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