Meditation Audio Experiences

has anyone utilized this audio to get into the theta/delta states?

what were your experiences?

in theory, it could help with sleep and dreams!


As you have asked this question, can I tag another question on this thread?

Yes? Thank you! :blush:

Can I directly meditate on epsilon brainwave avoiding the previous stages or level? I never heard of epsilon until I went to gumroad store. What can I achieve from that level?



For me work very good, better than the other braunwave audios

Yes you can, keep in mind though that epsilon its more difficult to achieve (it’s possible to get “stuck” in theta/delta) and maintain.


Ditto what @akkar said.

I also use the audio in my “sleep” stack in lieu of silence.
Makes for a peaceful rest.


since i started the course in general it helpt me with better sleep and dreams now i dream more and more that was only with energies audios bodyprimer, energy sensitivity, healer primer.

the meditation gives more some sort out of body experience when i ready to sleep like my astral body wanna detach but i stop it consciously, cause just feel my head heavy and wanna really go in deep sleep and not fooling around.


i have been looping the meditation audio along with ego dissolution on most nights and i find my sleep even more enjoyable. i enjoy when i don’t remember dreams as it means my physical body is rejuvenating. i also enjoy when i do dream as they are filled with beautiful meanings i write down to bring with me into the day ahead.

i feel like this audio is very important for those interested in lucid dreaming or astral projection because it trains your brain waves to have more delta and theta waves.

i feel more relaxed as the meditation takes me out of ‘thinking’ brainwaves like beta and quiets my mind.


I’m not sure where to put this but what is that spider web feeling you get when meditating or in a state of deep relaxation. I often get it around my nose, today I put acupuncture needles in that area and the feeling moved out to my jaw.


This audio helps me to make importnant realizations about my self.
In a sense It works even better in pausing egoic patterns than the “ego dissolution” audio for me.
Old good observer awareness, rethinking situations without bias.
Cant remember last time when I was so calm and my thoughts so clear.
No more internal pressure on myself.
No more “need” of anything at all.
This audio alone is worth more than the whole course costs.
Think Im gonna just play around with it and enjoy calmness and clarity before moving forward with other audios/exercises in course.
Truly a gem. Hats off.


Meditation Audio: Although we’ve audios in relation to meditation before, this is our most complete and refined meditation audio. This audio takes you to a state between theta and delta, focused your consciousness to the present moment and dissipates the ego.

(Was looking for this)


is it a bad idea to loop this?
For instance, after the first loop we should find ourselves in theta ideally - so if the audio starts again, does it mean we would start again at alpha? Or is this field smart in this way that it would just proceed there where we are?


This audio does have some ego dissolution, I recall reading somewhere that you shouldn’t loop ego dissolution a lot since it’s it’s changing your brain structure to create the new outlooks.

Ofc only dream can confirm.


Bro this is getting strange. Or maybe i liked one of ur old comments that brought u back to this thread.

What ever it is. I played this and also loop EGO diss and i felt a stronger connection to my NFT.

When their is no ego i think it makes it easier to connect to the fields.

Been also doing the same method, @King_A being doing to connect to his NFTs.


Should or shouldn’t?

Shouldn’t, sorry.

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Am confused beacuse i had the same idea to that i shouldnt been looping EGO dis But for the past few days i check the original thread and the audio desc on youtube.
And some people said that they looped it for hours and its also on the dream seeds channel.

I have been looping it and am noticing major changes in me.

@Dreamweaver @SammyG
am sorry for constaly tagging but i just wanted to ask is it safe to loop EGO Dissolution

Yeah It’s safe to loop. But of course. Everything in moderation. If you feel overwhelmed, take it easy


Thank you man :+1: :raised_hands:


Im beginning another attempt to finish this course and I wanted to ask: If the Meditation audio is used passively, as in played while watching tv, doing chores etc, does it still make us better at meditation and train our minds? or it is beneficial only when actually meditating?
Thank You

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Listen to it in meditative mode for best results. Now I listen to it while focussing my mind on my mandalas.

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Im aware that its always best to focus on an audio. what Im wondering about if passive listening of this particular audio is still beneficial. if it ‘‘simulates’’ meditation