Science and Technology

Any kind of developments or discoveries that you find interesting or think may be helpful in the development of fields for the channel etc.


How about a Lakhovsky multiwave oscillator field.

The short explanation is that it returns the vibrations of your cells to their most healthy state.
A longer explanation can be found in any of the 3 pdfs on this page


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I think you should look into myelin. It is a mixture of proteins forming around nerve fibers. They increase the speed at which impulses are made. This would be extremely beneficial to learning and mastering skills as it helps build much better neural circuits and increases the speed that impulses are made.

In Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code, he talks about how important Myelin is to mastering tasks. He researched many places and individuals that possessed great talent, and found out they all had put in thousands of hours to master their specific skills. By practicing for such a long time, the nerve fibers associated with their specific task had much more myelin sheath wrapped around them, making the connections and impulses much more efficient and quick. Because their nerve fibers are so myelinated, the signals travel so much quicker that they go about 50-100 times the speed if they weren’t clustered with myelin sheath. More myelin means an action can be done with much less concentration, effort and the action can be done more skillfully. This is why practice is so important. When you practice, you are forming myelin around the axons that are dedicated to that specific task, which increases the signal speed and makes the task more habitual.

To quotes Daniel Coyle, " Practice makes perfect because practice makes Myelin, and Myelin makes perfect"

An unmyelinated neuron will have a signal speed of about 2 miles per hour. The signal speed of a myelinated neuron is about 200 miles per hour. This is about a 100x difference in signal speed.

In his book, Daniel Coyle also mentions how from a brain autopsy, Albert Einstein was found to have an unusually high amount of Myelin.

If you want a more summarized and better made understanding of Myelin that what I just laid out, you can go watch this video which gives a very good explanation on Myelin.

If possible, I would like for Dream to make an audio that increases the amount of Myelin in a persons brain. That would help make us master skills in a fraction of the time and make learning much more effective and quicker. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!


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This discovery might help…


Interesting article. Perhaps Dream might look into this.


Dream, how about this:
Todd Murphy - Spirituality & The Brain

He also talked about amygdala. One side for fear and the other for happiness. You did amygdala healing + fear release. How about the happiness part? :thinking::sweat_smile:
Thanks for all your work!


I came across a book called Medical Medium by Anthony Williams.
The book mentions several diseases from ‘his’ perspectives. Many perspectives have yet been verified by science and technology. But, they are very interesting perspectives.

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