Soul Restoration III (Brow/Forehead Storage Center)

This unique creation is designed to repair and rejuvenate your brow/forehead energy storage center, removing any energetic drainage cords and links that may be sapping your mental and psychic energy or taking advantage of you.

The brow/forehead energy center, located at the midpoint of your forehead, is the seat of your mental states, stability, and psychic abilities. It is often targeted by external influences attempting to manipulate your thoughts and perceptions. Blockages, fragmentation from emotional pain, and external exploitation can hinder access to this crucial center, leading to various mental and health issues.

By using this creation, you can seal energy leakages and eliminate external attachments that drain your mental and psychic energy. This process fortifies your brow/forehead energy center, promoting mental clarity and stability. It helps you overcome mental blockages and protects you from negative influences, allowing you to project your psychic energy more effectively.

This creation enhances your connection to the original source of your energy—whether you call it God, the universe, or the source of life itself—widening and strengthening the flow of life force into your brow/forehead center. It supports your mental resilience, helping you to think clearly and maintain your mental health.

With continued use, the effects compound, providing a permanent increase in mental energy and psychic strength as your essence solidifies and your connection to the source deepens. However, the benefits can be felt from the very first session.

The benefits of this creation are manifold:

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Experience sharper focus and improved cognitive function, making it easier to process information and solve problems.
  • Emotional Stability: Achieve greater emotional balance, reducing stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Increased Psychic Abilities: Strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities, enhancing your capacity for insight, foresight, and mental projection.
  • Protection from Negative Influences: Create a robust energetic shield against mental manipulation and psychic attacks, ensuring your thoughts remain your own.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Enjoy deeper, more restful sleep as mental and psychic disturbances are minimized.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Unlock your creative potential with a clear and focused mind, allowing for greater innovation and expression.
  • Better Decision-Making: Make more informed and confident decisions with a clear and stable mental state.

Reclaim your mental and psychic energy with this powerful creation. Experience the clarity, protection, and stability that come from a balanced and fortified brow/forehead energy center. Take back your own life force and enhance your mental and psychic well-being.


@Atreides :slightly_smiling_face:


First Listen:
Entered that place of no thought that people try to get to, without trying. Then heard the words clearly come to me “I am forever my own”. A higher self thing perhaps.

After listening, I feel I am trusting myself more, trusting my perceptions even more than before.


@Atreides is definitely one of my spiritual guides in this forum, the one that I was “stalking” lolll even before registering in the forum.
I take note of this restoration series. So tempting but maybe still a little early for me. The closet takes time to clean (…)


This series is so foundational you won’t regret it when you start.


I’ll probably go for it, then :slight_smile:


Is it safe to listen to this series while taking the course? @SammyG

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It was suggested not to do use any energy related field at least for the first round through the coures’s audios


Glad the course doesn’t take 6 months to finish as is so tempting using energy audios such as vibrations and restoration series etc, miss so much my playlist :sob::sob:


25 days are not the end of the world :wink:


Time to review. It’s only been one day but I’ve had quite the experience.

Listened to this for 8 hours in a fairly toxic workplace. I looped it with different things but towards the end of the day settled in towards the idea that it’s best with Jing and Core Restoration. So I ended up looping these 3.

Core Restoration
Mind Restoration

That’s my best workplace playlist so far based on the results.

I’m not planning on using Heart Restoration in the workplace. Though I could be wrong and it turn out to be great for that. But I plan on using it at home and I expect it to be life-changing. I’ve noticed that hope leaks out of me because of past events. And I can’t get my hopes up to the level where they would be a motivating force for me. And I need them up to that level. I expect this to change that.

Please excuse me calling this “Mind Restoration”. But just for ease of access I am. It’s more like The-ability-to-hold-on-to-your-own-shen Restoration. Your Shen is a resource that people want to take. But you should be able to only give it when and to whom you wish. Same with Jing and Chi. They are all on the spectrum of your life force. They are forces to move and change self, others, and the world.

The biggest difference I noticed with Mind Restoration was that people’s opinions didn’t bother me. Their view of me, or even the view of myself that they wanted to impart to me (which in the worst cases can be dishonest and for their own advantage), did not bother me. I didn’t believe it. It had no emotional import to me. They were themselves, and I was myself. And those two things were not intermingled.

I kept more of my own mental energy. Or I kept more of the energy of my own self-perception and even self-worth. Which led people to see me as giving out less energy, which led them to misinterpret me as having some flaw or weakness or even timidity. Which was not at all the case. But people’s perceptions are their perceptions.

This was an interesting paradox, the thing that was giving me the ability to be far less bothered by the views of others also led to them falsely believing they had an excuse to view me as inferior to them. So I thought, if I’m keeping more of my own energy, and it’s helping me, but I’m getting negative feedback (from deeply flawed people), what will I do? I decided I would keep armoring my energy but also add more energy. So I brought in Chi and Jing, and eventually just stayed with Jing.

That worked. I also brought Core Restoration back into the picture. It worked. I had plenty of energy. I put out my best. I felt my best. I was the least bothered by negative people I have ever been. I still got negative feedback from negative people, but that’s like saying “birds fly”. That’s what they do. Some people seek out any excuse to look down on someone because that is their food source. That’s all they have.

But, it worked. Again, I did my best, felt my best, thought my best, and received the least amount of negative feedback possible from negative people. So I hit all my marks. I can’t have higher goals than that in a certain society. What they still gave me, did not bother me.

By the end of the night I had become a powerhouse of self-confidence, and good influence towards others, and immunity to baseless attacks. Jing is no joke. Keep your Jing up.


I came back here to delete this. But it got 9 likes. You all should know that my results don’t come from normal usage of this field. I talk about it having upsides and downsides. Or just one downside. But that’s only because I listened to it for hours and hours. I can find a “downside” to almost any field that way.

Use it once an hour to once every other hour, and I don’t believe you’ll experience any downside. But yes, you can still balance it with Core and Jing. You will not need to balance it as much if you don’t intentionally overdo it.

I fell asleep with all 3 Soul Restorations on loop for 3 hours. I woke up feeling like a different person. Not in a bad way. I might not post again for a while until I get used to myself again.


Glad you didn’t delete. I believe it’s worth following the whole evolution of an experience, instead of only the final ideal (?) result.


Thank you @Bronyraur. I do get brutally honest on here sometimes. I think it’s because of how much I value this work, it’s value to me, and to everyone here.

But then sometimes after posting, I think, “I hope that didn’t come across as something that would dissuade anyone from using this.” Because it really shouldn’t.

I’m seeing my mind and emotions change right now in ways that are so worth it.

Thinking back on yesterday, I can see that working on Core and Mind, but leaving out Heart, and boosting Jing, had the sum effect of my energy expressing itself in the form of caring about those around me. And people really do not know how to take that. They’re like “what’s he up to?” Lol.

I think Monday I’m going to use all 3, with Jing also, but spread it out so it takes 90 minutes. This should give me a more balanced experience, and a little less intense. I’m interested to see how that will play out. But now I’ve got this weekend to work with and it is good. Hard to put words to it. “Good” works.


Personally, I prefer this kind of “brutal” honesty rather than another type of brutality, which is “I can act like an a…h.le for the sake of being honest”. We have enough of the latter one (I don’t totally blame the latter one but just say that we’re not short of it).

I don’t know if I understood correctly but is it possible that you have been “caught” by the Heart one, precisely because you chose to leave it aside even temporarily? You know the song: what you try to ignore or neglect comes and finds you sooner or later blabla… So you ended up with caring about those around you, even if the experiment was initially aimed at caring about yourself? Can we say so? Because this seems to reflect also in your worry about the eventuality to dissuade other people from using the field, right? Even if you know that nobody can really dissuade other people from doing what they “gotta do” at the end.

I hope that this weekend will be refreshing for you, yes :slight_smile: I suggest to add the cherry on the top by joining the mass meditation tomorrow.


It wasn’t a bad experience. I cared about people’s well-being but not about their opinions of me. That is not a stance most people know how to relate to.

But I’m working towards this goal of being as healthy as possible and yet still giving people as little as possible to hold against me. Even when I’m talking about the kind of people who are hell-bent on doing so.

That’s my goal. It’s not a 50/50 goal for me. It’s 100% on the first, and then as high as possible on the second after that. I believe a more balanced approach in the future, using all 3 Restorations plus a little Jing, will get me even closer to that goal.

The dissuasion thing… After greatly desiring Dreamweaver to create this, and then it doing so much good for me, I hope my gratitude and value for this field comes across undiminished.


Yes, that was also what I meant by “caring”. Nothing negative, but maybe more intense than what you expected, right?

You’re on the route for that goal anyway :slight_smile:


Truly caring about people should heal them. But it antagonizes them. It’s like sunlight on vampires. Lol.


You don’t say so… Very true! Seems that many people fall in a mindset like “too much love will kill me” lol. Even if indeed this can kill sometimes :joy: but this is another story, which has nothing to do with genuine love or caring.

So at the end, the thing is always the same: “do I give that stuff to myself or got that stuff inside me, so that I can recognize it also outside and be able to accept it without feeling the need to escape”.

(Grammar: :-1:t2:)


Deep man. Very deep. I think we are on the same page.