The Great Revelation

… has been delayed. And will not be a great revelation, but a well-detailed and properly thought out post.

Unfortunately, I have come under attacks from a variety of sources (surprise, called it!) and the time and focus during working/wakeful hours required to write such a post may be notably more time coming. So I will briefly summarize, and y’all don’t need to debate the specifics here, just wait for the whole thing:

  1. The events that are occurring were scripted long ago. None of the things you see as “causes” are causes, they are simply plot mechanisms. So, stop judging each other about it. Also, stop caring. Forgive yourself. Go, and Sin no more. (Once you See, you cannot unsee.) There is a forest, and the folks who are telling me they’re seeing it are lucky to be seeing three or four trees (not picking on anyone particular you know). The forces of the forest have powers far beyond anything you could Dream of (I had to), including the ability to rewrite reality. The constant psychic turmoil many of you are experiencing is the result of a combination of intelligent egregores that feed on low vibrations and share information. That the specifics are different for you all is irrelevant, because, it is the energy of a succubus, it doesn’t have to be the same succubus, that a succubus is feeding on you is being written into your reality (for example). Each reality is individual. If you allow an entity to claim your sovereignty, it is much more difficult for you to reclaim it.

  2. I have created an extended Youtube playlist. There is a method to the madness. Much of it was used by me 2-3 years ago when I was dealing with some stuff, such as others are now. I’d leave it on 24/7 on shuffle, on another device even if you have primary fields on your primary device. But see the list first (and note some may be jarring, low audio is OK).
    Make sure you use Subconscious Limits (Removal) Ver 2.0 (Energy Programmed) as well.

Update. I wrote this as a draft days ago. Much more has happened. MUCH. The amount of resistance to my ability to make this post is like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

I should add to the playlist, the 6th Pentacle of Mars was an integral part of my breaking free. I do have a gumroad version (mandala/sigilized) and an audio version. The day I really broke free of what y’all are dealing with, I had an 8.5x11 copy I was keeping inside my t-shirt, and invoked the Pentacle. That is what allowed me to be on the vibration of the reptilian entities, which I then disconnected manually, but easily.


I think you can take easy with all of it.
You can choose not to be influenced.
And… you can be alright anytime.

I can cut cord from Archonic control if any entity disturb me. Just like cleansing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am alright. But as you will see it is not so simple.

Allow me to jump past several levels of explanation. Person is subject to various addictions. Egregore decides xyz needs to happen in my life, exchanges negative energy with addiction egregore, creates delay from addicted person. Not that this is an exact example, even.

But I am ok. In some ways I have never been better.


I take the basic thrust of your post to be that we must escape this situation and that all other considerations are secondary — not in a particular moment necessarily, as in pay attention to traffic and all that, but the categorical imperative is to break free, and the playlist is good place to start.


Yes, i agree astral things aren’t simple stuff. Maya, egregore, ethereal things can influence person.

I think if some egregores happen to you, you can treat them as interesting experience. As you’ve said before, each person’s reality sometimes is different.
If the egregores disturb you, you can use any shield or protection you have.

Something tells me to unplug from egregores or maya, you can use Void based field, like torsion or quasi one.
So you can escape from them.

I believe you can overcome them like a pro, cool Sorcerer. :blush:


Yes, that did happen. The only way to overcome that force is resonate with it to see how it operates and how it gets your soul and spirit to engage in a tug of war leading back to it, making each believe it’s meeting back with its counterpart.

It controls the field where synthetic consciousness and organic consciousness unite to form a combined conscious abomination that everyone seems to fear.


These egregores are not something you overcome … they are you … and they are harder blocks to dissolve than standard subconscious limits … that is the only reason they are allowed to operate … they are not violating your free will, because they are exercising it … what they do however, is blind you and keep you in bondage, maintaining the distance between you (in physical form) and your true self …

They basically are symbiotic astral parasites, if I was to describe them … they are necessary to keep things balanced, but balance might not always work in your favor if you want to unleash your full potential.

Edit: so in essence, this “combine” consciousness represents what the egregores are like when descending from the conceptual realm to our world. Fallen Angels is what some people would refer to them as… However! Fear is not how you want to greet them … rather … you want to show them unconditional love … that is the flood of purification.


Resistance to love is futile. I like this approach because it is within the capacity of all, whereas technique is available to only the very few.


It’s simply acceptance without judgement … sharing the consciousness space without worry or fear … it’s endless afterall, there’s plenty of room for everything and everyone.


Would you mind elaborating a bit on the above please?


If you view consciousness as a totality, and what’s animating your body as the same, then these “parasites” are thought forms leeching on the whole of “you” to create certain experiences where your physical body exists, to help you realize who you really are, and as your awareness of that grows, so does the source of power they embody and feed on. (The key here would be to detach from the experiences when the realisations are made)

Not sure, if that makes more sense.


As for the first quote, by chosing to reject aspects of who you are, or denying that some things need to exist for a reason, you create these things and give them the ability to interact with your sphere of awareness.

Not sure if you ever played the game Mother/Earthbound, but they are like Giygas … “aborted” aspects of consciousness that are still part of the same. (Because ultimately it all goes round back to where it started, the beginning and ending are the same … the distance between them is actually absolute zero)



11:43 (think of this as an exorcism of negative archonic energies that might still be floating inside of your sphere of awareness.)

Anyway. I’ll throw this back to Saucy Man :man:

I did my part in -this- “Great Revelation”. :dolls::black_joker::crystal_ball::rocket::milky_way::sparkles:

Thanks again my man, much love 🫡




Yes, it is in the process of making more sense, thank you very much!

So in order to take advantage of the situation but not be preyed upon, upon realizing, one should not get invested ‘emotionally’ or ‘take sides’, just observe? I’d have a dilemma about the heart though, if so.

Very synchronous.
One, I was just dealing with something like this again today. ‘It’s playing’. Then I watch the video. Thank you.


It would be more like: ok, I did this once and it allowed me to stumble upon something new. I should do it again and maybe more things will come.

So what happens here is that instead of understanding that the reason the person discovered something new was because they followed the path of integrity and flow, they ascribe the revelation to the experience or action, like meditation, drugs, listening to a field, or a person. And they come back time and time again to worship at that shrine instead of going back to flow … and then it’s back to circles instead of rising up, or going down in consciousness.

The difference between awareness and knowledge is that in an aware state, you realize the reason an action worked, rather than thinking the action is what’s important… the reason being, of course, intention, and unity of heart and mind (flow).

Edit: people need to understand that sometimes it’s the simple things that might be needed for the next breakthrough … the frontal cortex cannot see the whole spectrum of cause and effect … its assumptions are very rooted in the 3D … and it is subject to its laws.


I don’t fear it

Shit, I don’t have to make any more posts now.


Good news, then. :grin:


Oh but you will… because now that this burden is off your chest, you will resonate at a higher and lighter sphere where there is even more to see … and we were all dragged unto this ship together by our mutual friend :wink:


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