The Sword of the Righteous NFT (Maker Item): Testimonials

Reviews thread for the Sword of Righteous NFT (maker item)




Okayyy now I can share my short story :smiley:

This one has had an interesting effect on me,

and it just goes to show how things go both ways.

You might have bought the item to change things to your favor, flip the ball back to your court, have your efforts empowered by your potential and have this successfully go through.

But what do we contribute in the first place? Are we just to ourselves and to our surroundings before we ‘demand’ and look for this justice?

casually quoting myself in a pm.

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately since I got Wheel of Fortune, but with this, the topics of my dreams have shifted completely!

Just today I had a dream about someone whom I wasn’t on good terms with, and not by choice… In the dream, they appeared to me in their child self, in their most real self, they were very different from how they show themselves in reality. The message I got from this was how they no longer have any effect on me, BUT… and this is where it left me pretty amazed,

I have for the most part left the problem unattended, making the effort didn’t appeal to me, because it is really hard to speak about the unspoken.

In the dream, we actually lived together, and… I had been using their laptop for like a week then, very unknowingly, but also having realized like 2 days earlier before they come and ask for it, and sort of had slept on it. In my head, I had realized in the dream the amount of “harm and discomfort” they had caused me, so it was “okay” for me to “Just do it when they ask for it”

In my defense though they pretty much were identical :smiley:

Which, came with another third realization… that person… all that effort they did… was because we were actually very similar.
It was also the reason I left it unattended.
As much as it was the reason for their actions
As much as it was also the reason that built up all the energies.

BOTH ways.

It didn’t start at me, but I could have ended it faster, It didn’t start entirely at them, but it was the similarity that fired their actions… and it was like… a two way thing, with a hidden element… doesn’t end at a certain point nor starts at another… with a point of ignition that pretty much is found in both parties.

Which… is… relieving.

It’s relieving to know where one stands from the unjust actions, perceived or true. And whether it is one or the other, it remains our just actions to ourselves that resolve our internal conflicts, before the external ones.

That’s why I personally value honesty like no other trait. Honesty with yourself, with others around you, with your partners, with your families…

Honesty is also another way to know where you’re standing from the truth of yourself…

This is why in the beginning I’ve mentioned feeling righteous… I’ve been making the choices in which I design a just environment, even in the most little things.

Like, I get really relaxed when I’m at my parents house… it’s just that I’ve been living on my own for 7 or 8 years… I get tired :smiley:

Lately, I’ve been very aware of that… I don’t engage in it as much as I used it… whenever I’m starting to get lazy and comfortable with it there is just this energy that says YO GET YOUR THINGS DONE RIGHT, NOW! :triumph::triumph::triumph: and I just say Yes Michael :joy::joy::joy: ON ITT!!

And it reminds me a lot of when I used michael mandala :) but this time it also feels coming from myself… Very observant, very aware, very willing… Very action oriented !!

Oh and… I don’t have this thing anymore where I feel as though “”I must speak for the unjust!! :triumph:””

Go figure ;)

hint: no urge if you ain’t feeling it inside!! :relieved:

TL;DR: Dreams are crazy man :smiley:


I’m seeing 14 of this NFT on sale on Venly. :grimacing: Why so many?? Folks aren’t really grasping the power and impact of this field.


Maybe because the desciption of the what the field does is so vague and people don’t yet grasp its full potential?

I believe it is a very valuable field!

“…by compounding and providing a solid energetic interest on your deserving of returns for your efforts.”

Here is in simply terms how I understand the effect:

You get multiplied results (x times the output) from all of your efforts (input) – even if low-self esteem is self-sabotating you.

Or in other words:

Whatever you do good for the world, will pay-off manyfold for you – regardless of how much you currently believe you deserve based on the brainwashing from society.

Could be a similar principle to the Intercession tag, where you get help even if you don’t yet believe that you deserve it :thinking:


Because they probably bought like 4 copies. :rofl:


They probably created dozens of items and decided to sell the nft because they dont have any use for it anymore


That’s actually true! There is a huge Divine intercession element in this field! But…

There is no chance of this happening with this field! Not by the events around you or yourself thinking or feeling that.

You’re constantly seeing your ‘justice’ happening before your eyes … it doesn’t leave you room to think you wouldn’t get it.

And meanwhile, you are also constantly shifting your perspective on the things that happened to you.

It’s like New Perspectives, but one that is constant and tailored to your life events that didn’t feel right before.

I would love to expand on the active use of this one, but I’ll leave this to everyone who wants to experience this, I already have a wall of text up there :D

Talk to the item… let them know what situation you have in your mind

And just WATCH!

Watch it all unfolds just in a few days…. :wink:


It seems quite obvious to me - because people bought multiple copies wanting to make a profit and/or trade, and they’re putting the extras up for sale.
Thankfully more copies were released Vs usual, so more people could get it directly from sapien medicine.

Or they created several items and done need any more, of you want to give them the benefit of the doubt.


I’d like to share a result if I may. I created a wearable object using the maker the day I got it. Like many of y’all, I didn’t know what to expect from it. But like many of you, I have had situations throughout my life (many) where things didn’t fall my way or where I didn’t get my just rewards.

One of those situations involved a business I had outside the US. After leaving that country and closing the business down, I left money in a payment processor account. I didn’t think it would be an issue but it became one. To make a long story short, I had been trying for over two years to get my money out. I submitted document after document during that time to re-verify my account/company details so that I could withdraw the money and close it.

To be clear, I was not working on it everyday. I frequently became frustrated at the lack of problem-solving ability and customer service at this firm, not to mention the impossibility of direct communication with a human being. So, I let it go for some months at a time.

It was not a fortune by any means, but it was no small sum either, And, it was MINE! I had been setting intentions, listening to other fields, and putting my dragon to work on it for the past few months to no avail.

So I had been wearing the ring I created for about a week or so when I decided to send a message to the company inquiring about the status of my account verification since it had been almost a month since my last attempt. After two days of waiting for a reply, I found an email informing me that I had a message inside my account. I logged in and was shocked to find that my account had been verified and the restriction lifted! I immediately sent the remaining funds to my personal account! My sword did the trick!

I truly think this is an undervalued NFT. Yes there were more of them created than others, which from a collector/trader standpoint is a downer, but it works folks! This is a keeper. If you don’t have one, I recommend picking it up before people realize just how powerful it is. I’ve started to make objects for my family, an added bonus built in by the Cap’n.

I’d really like to read more testimonials about this item. I hope there are more to come. :mechanical_arm:


Thanks, @JAAJ. From my understanding, the description is the same as the audio. The NFT is supposed to be stronger, I believe.
This is a conceptual creation made impactful via this audio creation,
The sword of the righteous, a negentropic order via simple laws,
effort should equal rewards, Often times we feel the weight of massive obstacles pressing down on us.
An unjust obstacle, undeserving as we have toiled upwards through the night while our companions slept.
The sword of the righteous represents a means of breaking past your unjust obstacles via the harnessed power of your efforts.
Negentropic Magic

That is most likely the case. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good tip! Didn’t think about that.

Thanks! Yes, that could be the case also.

I believe so too.


Hi where was this said? I wanted to buy audio but will not if nft is stronger please and thank u

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Not sure where I saw this.

@SammyG Can you please clarify this question.


I could be wrong, but I have the right to speculate :)

I don’t think the NFT is stronger than the audio field.
I would remove the term “stronger” in this context.
We are interested in the result that this concept causes.
The NFT in this case is just a slightly different way of enjoying the benefits…
It’s the ability to maintain the concentration of a given field on an object at a constant level.
The object with you = the concentration and spread of the field is maintained at a stable level
The effect of an audio field (e.g. after a single listen) dissipates over time. And in order to maintain the effect, the audio field has to be listened to again after a certain period of time.
In this case, the effect will be the same (either you use the object or regularly listen to the audio field)
It’s just different ways of using it.

If I am wrong, I hope I will not be burned :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the input! This makes more sense.


is this good to attract money and wealth?


If you put in some effort that you believe should get you money, you’ll definitely receive that amount for your efforts.

Either time, money, or someone who can get you closer to that goal.


Should I get this or Kubera if my sole goal is to get money?


From my perspective.
Get Capital Governance
If you really wanna make money play
The Millionaire Mindset
Capital Governance
Those 4 alone have given me the best revenue I have had the whole year, very good.
Some luck audios/navaragha homam

I don’t use them anymore since im focused on the course but tbh those are amazing


Looks good. Its just that “unexpected wealth” part of Kubera is too tempting


Go for kubera than if your gut insticts kick in
I would do millionaire

Than sub fields if you want like the welcomed,luck,etc

As far as i know not alot of people have experimented with kubera including myself