Trust Levels for Traders

There really needs to be a badge or title to differentiate suspicious and experienced and safe traders.


Maybe like this? Do we need more than 4 different types?

  • Trusted Trader
  • Unknown Trader
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Confirmed Scammer/Thief

That sounds good. My only issue is how would we gain the title of trusted trader? Would there be a feedback thread or a rating system? I don’t know.

Like we trade behind the scenes (PM), so how would we gather data to confirm who’s good or bad unless there’s a system or thread feedback in place.

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Maybe something similar to the Buying/Selling thread, but where every user gives out how own badges:

A Trading Experience Thread

One post per user.

In this post one writes down all the other forum users with whom one has traded or had experiences and one’s rating of them.

If you are a trusted forum members then others can make up their own mind what to think of your judgement and given out badges.

This way badges given out by trusted forum members will automatically have more weight than if someone unknown or new would post their ratings.

A post in the thread could look like this:

< Post by JAAJ >

User A: Trusted Trader
User B: Trusted Trader
User C: Suspicious Behavior
User D: Trusted Trader
User E: Confirmed Scammer/Thief

And then people who want to check about whether someone is trustworthy partner for a trade, can go to this thread and use the search function to search through for “User X” and check everyone’s rating on him.

If then they see that “User X” has been given a positive rating by other trusted forum members, then most likely User X is a safe trade partner.

Which also means that new forum members will not have any psotive badges and might just be listed as “Unknown Trader”, making sure that they always have “to send first” in order to earn a positive rating from someone.


Related thread for the topic


Great idea, this would be great.

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maybe we can create a poll, or multiple polls and add each member, and whoever wants to vouch for the member, can vote

based on the votes, the trust badge can be allocated


I love that voting idea.
Makes it super easy for everyone!
Let’s do this.
A poll where others can see who voted for whom.
That way, Trusted Traders will have a lot of votes from trusted people.
Unknown Traders will not have many votes and need to “send first” to earn their votes.
Suspicious Behavior and Scammers will be exposed in the scammer thread.


In the voting thread, everyone creates one post for themselves, something that looks like this:

< JAAJ’s post >

  • In my experience, JAAJ is a Trusted Trader

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There is another way. A more open poll: submission method where people throw in usernames anonymously somehow. Trying to make it as seamless as possible

I don’t understand what you mean.

Anything “anonymous” would go against the idea of someone vouching for someone, wouldn’t it?


1 Submission form > users pitch in the username(s) they vouch for into the form > results with numbers of repeat mentions of names

Instead of everyone having to spam polls for each user, clogging up the thread.

Finding a way so it’s more optimal unless this is the only way


Okay, I think I now understand. Thank you.
Let’s do this then as soon as we can.
The earlier the better.

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Amusing how it’s an exemplary poll, yet people are still voting :grin:


Sending suggestions to staff for forum software extension in regards to trader trust / profile review


Theres the forum addon that gives user profiles ratings (max 5 stars). But idk if it can / will be implemented


i propose the following format(based on personal experience)
every member will create their own polls to get vouches and ratings

  1. i personally don’t remember everyone that i have traded with along these years, but if id see the name i probably would
  2. everyone would be more inclined to do this rather that posting every member they have traded with and having to update it on every trade
  • Confidence vote

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  • Poor trade
  • OK trade
  • Great trade

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These are valid arguments.
Let’s do it this way with the voting system.
The search function can still be used to search for specific users.

There should be only one voting check box though, that simply says “Trusted Trader”. Because otherwise, if someone gets a lot of poor trade ratings, they will simply delete their post and start anew.
Therefore, users should be motivated to create one voting post for themselves and then keep it as long as possible and collect positive ratings from trustworthy voters.


What about those who may abuse the rating system, a false rating?

Everyone sees who has voted for whom.
Unknown voters will simply barely have any trust behind them.
For example if Maoshan votes for someone then his vote as a trustworthy longterm forum member has much more subjective weight than votes from new and unknown users.

People can also click on the voter’s icon to see their profiles.

The only challenge I see is that new forum members will need to educate themselves on whose votes to trust more than the votes of others.