What's been your Intercession 2.0 dog tag experience?

Hi Everyone,

Sharing some initial results with the Intercession 2.0 dog tag.

I purchased two dog tags from Sapien over a 1 1/2 week ago. Today, I went to pick them up at my po box but instead of 2 packages, I only saw one. My post office told me the other package was held at the second location. I opened the first package and it was the Intercession 2.0 dog tag which I put on right away. I held the tag and asked for help in finding my other package quickly.

I went to the second location and they told me the package was at a third location and check there. At this point, I kept asking for help in locating and getting my package.

At the third location, the person told me that my package was delivered to the first location in the afternoon and that it was there. I told him that I came from the first place and it wasn’t there. I asked for help again holding the dog tag.

I decided to go back to the first place and gave them the tracking number and other info they needed. Lo and behold, the package was there! They were going to send it back because it didn’t have some info on there.

So, I would like to think this worked for me but will need to see more this week.

What has been other people’s experience with this tag? What type of help did you ask for and did it work? Please share


Has anyone else had any results from the Intercession 2.0 dog tag? I can’t be the only one to use this one. :slight_smile:


Hello i wear it daily. I recently upgraded as for the last six months I’ve been wearing the older version one. But I decided to upgrade.

From my experience from the intercession item is guidance. I feel like I get guided to make the right decisions.

I feel like I get messages etc also. I simply wear it daily and let the process happen as the entity’s have free leave to help in whatever way they can from the description. But I do ask for specifics at times and I seem to get insight on how to solve the problem etc

I think the longer you wear it the potential is limitless!

Good luck and I hope you get all the help you need.


Thanks Yoda for sharing your experience. This is good to hear.

Can I ask how do you ask your questions? Is there a specific way? or do you just say "I need help with x "


yes I just say what I need help for in my mind


Got it. Thanks for letting me know.


Awesome to hear thank you for sharing … I just got mine today

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To me it’s almost like having a personalized luck field that I carry 24/7. Even on days that I’ve used no audios associated with luck, I can think of a want or need and boom within hours I manifest it. This to me is the most versatile tag in the store and I’m glad it can be used both consciously and subconsciously. I also used to be a Ceremonial magician and even if I would’ve been practicing magick when I got this tag, It would’ve quickly replaced my routine.


Thanks for sharing your experiences, @DavisSapien. I’m still figuring out how to work with this tag.


This Intercession is very subtle as part of the field is “within your framework of beliefs.”

In other words, you are probably not going to realize it’s working at the time as it will just seem like you’re having a lucky day or “in the flow”.

Usually it’s only by looking back on something do you realize,
“Oh! That was most likely some outside influences helping out there”

It’s almost never going to hit you in the head with a,
“Look! All this stuff that never happens, we made that happen…” effect.

I believe it’s called “plausible deniability” :wink:


Thanks @_OM! Ah… this is important to know. I’ve been looking to see if it’s working at the time of my ask. Thank you for helping clarify this.

@_OM Is the guidance from Intercession 2.0 similar to the Higher Self Connection guidance? I’m getting that one as I’d like a field that will help me with my decision making. I’m actually getting Higher Self Connection + Collective Consciousness as my custom item.


Sure I suppose it is. But you’d be getting the guidance straight from the horse’s mouth with HS. That could be a good thing or bad thing depending. Sometimes you want a slightly different perspective on an issue ie. non-HS guidance/help.


Would you say then Intercession 2.0 works better for manifestation and Higher Self works on building your intuition?

Yes. that’s a way of looking at it. (lol with either phrasing that you edited :wink: )

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haha… thank you! I was trying to find a better way of asking the question. :smile:

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oh yeah, also remember that intercession helps with regular 'ole human beings too.
So when people are being extra helpful to you, that’s likely intercession having it’s affect on them.


Good to know. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I need to keep wearing it daily then.

@_OM Does Collective Consciousness help with guidance or intuition?

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You just know things that you wouldn’t consciously have a reason to know.


Thank you for helping me understand the differences. It gets confusing.

Then I feel that my choice of getting HS + CC is a good one. It will build my intuition and I’ll be able to trust my voice more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wouldn’t collective consciousness include a lot of misinformations?