Why is this world so evil?

Thanks, those are practical and healthy tips that help, but that is exactly what I mean.

In order to achieve health, you need to go against things that 99% consider normal. You need to fight the system.

Cant use all those fields as I use for different sutff right now, although I use some of them…

i dont have social medias.

No jazz clubs in my country, at least not that I know, and even if I know it, my friends wouldnt want to go there, not music they listen to etc

Just to clarify, i do most of the stuff to avoid these things, I dont have cable, no news, no social media, no porn, I eat as natural food as I can, fasting, listening to Sapien, I do meditation, i dont hang with energy vampires etc etc, but sometimes it just seem like to much work in order to be at default level, which was normal and natural 100 years ago.


Read the Book “Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal Holt and see her free videos on Chaneling on Youtube. I am not saying that All of Her Claims are TRUE…but what she says will definitely Give You a “PERSPECTIVE” About the REASON of Existence behind this Current SHARED WAKING DREAM that All of Us Fractals Are a Part of…And it will also help you to Understand About WHY The SUPREME SOURCE Consciousness known as “BRAHMAN” in ADVAITA VEDANTA which is the ROOT of All Existences USES Its MAAYAA to Create INFINITE WAKING DREAMS Like Ours.

Also CHECK Out the Free “WTF Experience” Workshop of AAMIR ZOGHI…It will Also HELP You to GAIN A Perspective on this.

To be really honest, I am not going to read this book, Im not even sure I can find it in my language, and I just dont read books that often, but I am planning to start.

Can you summarize their messages shortly like explain it? Sorry If I am being lazy but at least Im honest :D

Just watch the WTF Experience Workshop of Aamir Zoghi. It is available for free on his website.

Most of the human world is not evil, but DESPERATE.

Desperate because:

  • Fear
  • Lack Mindset in general
  • Victim Mindset
  • Defeatism Mindset
  • Extreme Lack of Love and Self Love
  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance

Most are just scared and blind on all possible levels.

However, if these factors can be solved and humans are no longer desperate they can also shine with their positive sides, like compassion for example.

On the other hand, someone like Gaia, with all her bacteria, viruses, insects and other monsters, hasn’t learned any compassion even after 1 Billion years, lol.

But then again, we as souls all came here to super-grow from this place of hardcore challenges.

True “evil” means consciously doing damage and hurting others.
This implies that you need awareness and consciousness to do so.
Most folks are NPCs and don’t make any conscious decisions 99% of the time.
So they are not evil, but just lost desperate children.

Btw, here is a good YouTube channel that does nothing else than analyzing evil:


There are many answers to your questions on this site. Instead of just asking everyone to answer your questions, find the answers for yourself. There is enough material on this site to keep you reading and studying for quite a long time. AFTER you have searched here for answers then come back and ask. There is a compendium of knowledge here, placed here exactly for this reason - to give assistance and answers.

One of the most beautiful things in this life is that you can choose what you want to partake of and pay attention to. You argue against what things there are, then say you do not partake in them. Until you have the discrimination to focus on the life you want instead of rail against the choices, please be here for the reasons this place was created: read the information, use the fields, read the experiences of others.

I understand that you want answers, but stop demanding that others give them to you - find them yourself. They are here. People have been extremely kind in answering your questions, but you keep aggressively demanding more. Pay attention to where you place your attention. Is it on working the path or just complaining?

We are happy to answer your questions, but please do what your fellow forum members are doing - read, study, meditate, play fields, change, grow. If you are angry about life, there are fields for that (thanks @Nice2knowU). Use this place for what it’s here for and realize that the energies that you are flailing about with are understandable, but we are here to support you, not just to receive your frustration without your finding the plentiful answers that are available to all here.

I wish you the very best in finding peace in your life. Also the mass meditation field is a beautiful way to bring more resolution for your concerns.

Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 :earth_africa: - Announcements - Sapien Medicine


I am not demanding answers, not sure where you got that idea. Isn’t asking others for their opinions part of being on forum? Or should I just read entire forum before asking anything? lol

I don’t partake in such activities, yes, but its getting harder by the year. Only “social media” site I used was youtube. Until 1 year ago, they only had long format videos. But then, they put in shorts, few seconds clip made only to hit your dopamine as much as possible. How to deal against something you can NOT ignore?

How to deal with all the pollution of water we all drink, air we all breath, people minds who we share places with? Just to ignore it all and pretend it doesn’t bother me?

Of course I am angry that few people in power made the system the way it is, I am trying my best to zoom out, but it does effect me no matter how much I tried to not participate in those things.

I do appreciate practical tips and good answers, such as Nice2knowU and JAAJ tho.


It isn’t the questions you are asking so much as how you were asking = the energy. This post is much nicer. Still asking but in a kinder way.

I have happily tried to answer your questions before but please if you are angry put your posts in the Venting Thread. That’s the place created for such a purpose.


I apologize if I am angry because system of this world sucks and I am sensitive person so it effects me no matter how I try to not indulge in such stuff.


Please don’t apologize for being angry. That is not what I am saying. Vent in the venting thread, read the forum. Continue to ask questions. There are Sapienmed fields created especially for sensitive people. Use them to create more of a filter so you can experience the world in a different way without being triggered. :slight_smile:

“Energetic Mandala Series, These are created to create an energy field around you that does what the words say, You can print and keep around you or use it as a phone wallpaper. It will work towards helping to provide you with a measure of empathic shielding in your daily life. You can keep it in your wallet or pocket, where ever you think appropriate”

I see you found the venting thread :slight_smile:


I would say money plays a major role and influences most of the things you mentioned


I can’t say for sure if the world we live in is inherently bad or evil. Corrupted would be a more appropriate word.
Mass consumerism definitely plays a major role in shaping our lives and the people around us.
They’re trying to make you become their product, to collect your informations to sell you more, to give you a false illusion of socialization by promoting social media usage, to instill fear and uncertainty and ultimately control you better trough mass medias, to fill your head with useless garbage supplied by cheap dopamine hits, to reduce your attention span and your manhood. So that you’re easier to control. You’re easier to marketize.
Ultimately, all these patterns lead to a destination: money.
Everything is made to be as addictive as possible, and fuck the consequences on the people and the planet. The only thing you can do is live your life the best way you can and want given the circumstances you find yourself into, avoiding certain things and trying to do as much good as possible. And this also means trying to make the people you love do the same.


This was amazing answer, and I agree 100%. :slight_smile:

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We all stumble in this life, and we fall, we make amazing progress only to experience setbacks. It is the circle of life. The age old, ‘why is the world evil’ question, it is something which one could spend a lifetime to answer. Perhaps the answer could be quite simple as well, depending on who responds, or rather, who wishes to engage in such a topic. Not to imply that it isn’t a topic that should be discussed; but in my humble opinion, it is not the why which needs to be answered, but the best ways to solve it. I cannot claim to have the answers to anything really, for all I know is that tomorrow is a mystery.

So many lovely folks here in the forum with well intended, beautiful advice, that wish to help on our quests for enlightenment. Sometimes we are so busy looking for a solution we miss the answers.

I once heard a quote, which I cannot claim to know its origin in the least, maybe read it on a random meme somewhere lol. But somewhere along the lines is how I generally live my life, and that is basically, ‘leave this world a better place than you found it.’

Perhaps we shouldn’t worry so much about why others do the things they do, hurtful as they may be, and focus on our journey.



lovely words Brandi :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Right back at you. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t3:

Good luck with that👍

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Instead of asking your question ‘why is the world so evil?’
Why not ask. why is the world so beautiful?
Different questions open the doors to different possibilities.

This. I swear you described Bangladesh to a T. Like straight up. Thank the universe I don’t live in that awful place. So many people are dying of cancer because there is food adulteration everywhere. Not to mention, I almost caught hepatitis from being over there for an entire month. So I understand what you mean.

You wonder will it ever change? more than likely no. But what can we do? Probably just play love gravitational wave or love graviton, spread love around the world energetically which in turn will raise your vibration. Possibly enough to where you do not have to come back to this Earth.

(I’m not a big fan of this Earth either, not trying to be negative but yeah)

Also. If you change your perception, the world won’t feel so evil. Try to fool yourself a little bit by asking “why is the world so friendly and harmonious for me?” I learned this thing called askfirmations. Try it and see what happens.

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You’re left with a tribe of 80,000,000. That enough. Plus, it’s not 99%; it’s a soft 80% at most.

My diet is low-carb/keto-ish. Even when I started, I never felt like the population was against me. I can be somewhat chatty in grocery stores. In turns out lots of people were trying to make a similar change.

It is a trick of mass media to make it seem like there’s a monoculture on every topic, but that’s not close to being true even if the first page of search results says otherwise.