Advice to overcome depression please

Hello, I am new to the forum. I discovered Sapien (and the whole concept) just over a week ago.

I’ve purchased quite a few skin / beauty audios so far, but have come to realise that my most pressing issue is my mental health.

I’ve just bought visual introspection and have read the thread about it. I was wondering if anyone could help me put together a good stack for me to start my day off with to get me in a good state of mind? My main issues are depression, stress, feeling completely overwhelmed by the smallest thing, feeling sad and hopeless, and lastly past trauma.

If you could note where each audio you recommend can be found that would be very much appreciated as my head is spinning from looking at so many.

Thank you :blush:



This is what will most likely help:

  • Point of No Return
  • New Perspectives
  • Outlook Retrainer
  • Raise your Vibrational State
  • Positive Power Waves
  • JAAJ’s Self Love Stack (and most of the fields mentioned in there, especially the trauma healing fields)

Welcome @joanne1981!

It sounds like you’re self-awareness is really quite good, which is a positive sign. More than anything else, I would strongly recommend you learn the practice of heart-brain coherence as that will be extremely effective in shifting your daily state of mind, and is simple to do! You can either learn the breathing/meditative practice for free, or you can purchase a Sapien field to assist & expand upon the basic practice.

Read this thread:

There is much more you can do after that to release emotional/mental/traumatic/etc. stuff, but there’s wisdom in starting with only one new thing so as to not overwhelm yourself. Work with it for a bit, gain some strength, then consider adding something new. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need.


According to Desiree, these are much more effective the other way around. Quoting from the New Perspectives: New Release - #186 by Desiree thread:


Point of No Return, Only Field I will recommend you to purchase for now.
Use that before your stack 2-3x a day and the mental health album.


Welcome (:

This stack is quite expensive but I can switch some audios for free ones if you would like

Mental Health [PAID]
Vibration of Transcendence 1x
Subconscious limits removal 2.0 1x
Vibration of Creation 1x
The crucible of mental space 1x
Exorcism rite version 2.0 2x
Depression the relief 2x
Inner Pillar of Power 2x
Love, Gratitude & Appreciation 1x
Etheric Cord Cutter 1x
Soul Core 2x
Soul Heart 2x
Soul Brow 2x
Forgiveness and release 2x
:x:Depending on which type of trauma you would like to work on, choose one, or both if preferable.:x::arrow_down::arrow_down:
Crucible of Stored Trauma(Physical) 2x
Crucible of The Past(Mental) 2x
The Devil (Reversed) 2x
Emotional Release 1x
Alchemical Mind Expansion 2x
All Purpose Anxiety removal 2x
Become Whole 2x
Ojas refined and defined 2x

You can also use the new audio called ‘The Point of No Return’


The above are amazing recommendations that I’m going to do and explore too.

What I’ve noticed has helped me is if I recognize a pattern that I don’t like in my thinking, I play the internal alchemical crucible and just to make it official, I’ll ask it to take that particular thing from me. It works - it at least helps to bring power and awareness to the situation if it doesn’t eliminate it completely.

In the morning lately I’ve really liked playing deep magnetic brain stimulation followed by subconscious limits dissolver followed by outlook retrainer and your self love. Then positive power waves.



Welcome to the forum!

If you’re having trouble locating your fields, not to worry! We’ve got your back.

Almost all fields have a dedicated thread and the first post of its thread usually has a link to where you can find or purchase that field. You can find a field’s dedicated thread by simply using the handy forum search engine, which can be accessed by clicking on that little magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of every page of this forum. We also have a List of All Audios which has the location of many fields in it.

Whilst you’re exploring, make sure you check out the following helpful threads:

Have fun and feel better!


Some fantastic recommendations listed already. If you are looking for a short stack:

Aura Clearing
Point of No Return - This will cut down your list significantly.
Mental Health Album


Hey, Wim Hof method, definitely including loooong cold showers

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Thank you so much for the recommendations, I’m going to spend some time this morning creating a list. I think I will buy the point of no return too, it was very tempting even before starting this thread.

I’m excited to get myself on a good path. I already know that the audios work, as I’ve seen physical results already, so now it’s time to tackle the thing that is most important. I’ve literally searched my entire life for a way out of this dark hole, and I believe with all my heart that I’ve found the answer in Sapien. Thank you and hope you all have a wonderful day.


Play it before your stacks than start mental health album for a month.
Update us on how you are feeling.
I like to keep it simple and point of no return keeps it even simpler but other suggestions can help you aswell but don’t fry yourself

Look into 5-HTP. It’s a natural supplement, not a field, but it helps to regulate your mood. Very very effective IMO.


Indeed. Especially combined with the fields listed above. Physical health seems as a very underrated part of lifting out of depression. The right supplements, diet and consistent exercise can restabilize your body and brain and even clear away blockages (physical exercise). Especially combined with the audios people listed above.

If you don’t want to exercise, yoga is enough to clear away blockages and rebalanced your state of being. Yoga and point of no return is golden. (or listening to that stack)