Anyone knows what date was sapien medicine established?

Even if there is a registered company Dream uses for his financials through the business, this is a very personal info and we aren’t entitled to know it.
If it’s really a concern for you astrologically… better to just test the waters. Try a few fields that you think can help you and see it they do work for you. If they do seem to make a positive difference in your life then you are astrologically aligned to his fields otherwise you can make your choice to continue or not.

And I have studied both sidereal and tropical astrology… and now have stopped using any of those. Astrology doesn’t work in black and white like this. Don’t read too much into it… it’s too complex anyway

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do you know the official company name? and I am just afraid it might have an opposite effect of what it is meant to do, because opposite energies

just give it a try and see for yourself, lol

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Idk man Dreamweaver has been in the game even long before sapienmed

Dont worry about it and give it a shot, the fields will not hurt you

so it all falls under dreamweaver ? and what is the official company name?

I am thinking to do the height booster, I just dont want to get shorter while listening to that, because of opposite energies, this is why I ask

It’s not even possible to get shorter unless you are old enough for degeneration

Also the first field you should listen to is anxiety removal I think … you are getting anxious … it’s just that

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Try something with more obvious instant results, like Testosterone Ver 2.5 and see for yourself if u feel Testosterone or Estrogen

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but those fields are mostly placebo, I want to see physical change one, do they have one for eye colour?

From where do u get the certainty or authority to say that these are mostly placebo?

Maybe if u make them placebo in your mind.

But perhaps ask ur friend to cover the testosterone file in something, then mark down when u feel effects and then ask the friend where did put it in the cover and see for yourself.

Permanent physical changes take time, not just a few listens.


oh so sapien medicine is not an official company? just a YouTube channel? and the morphic fields was created by the company called enlightened states?

Hi. Perhaps you might take some time to read the forum. You only joined a couple of days ago and there is a lot of information here that will answer your questions about morphic fields and Sapien Medicine.

Here is your forum welcome package. I am sure you will find some information there that will help you understand what morphic fields are and do, as well as some information on the activity as a whole.

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I might have something nice for you :


Sometimes the hero of the story has to defy the gods, the fates, and whatever else stands in the way. Quit worrying about the stars and write the story you want.


You concern is quite unfounded.

Reading only one pillar yields close to no relation to the result or else those yearly horoscope books would be accurate for a great amount of people.

You need to analyse all 4 pillars to determine the issue, and let me tell you clashes can even be good depending on the charts strength/weaknesses.

Clashes actually means changes and it is not entirely always negative as perceived by most people because when translated from the original language it almost always sounds like some ingredient of doom and gloom.

And you even gave very interesting information.
The rooster and rabbit clashes open good opportunities regarding spirtual related activities.


Lunamoon22 going above, above and beyond.

All these members giving knowledgeable, insightful, and very valid, even varied perspectives.

Whatever you believe or think about astrology, aditya1, is a fortune to come here and receive such replies & support.


Personally I can’t imagine astrology as a system to, not do things, or to have certainty in any sort of thought regarding the unknown.


I don’t think anyone here can help you, helpful people here have written a lot of useful information for you to overcome your prejudices but you have ignored them so keep holding on to your teachings which are absolute, unshakable and find a placebo method according to your system.

Most people here are those who have transcended their spiritual/subconscious and astrological limitations with morphic fields, you have to decide if you want to be one of those people.
Or find another placebo method and move on.

Be the master of your own life or accept the limits imposed on you.


Interesting thread, a bit funny. I have no intention of judging your beliefs but from my point of view your concern is irrational. First of all, let’s remember that dates, days, years, hours, everything is an invention of man to be able to measure time in an understandable way. As we say that we are in the year 2023, we could say that we are in the year 3069 if the current calendar had been implemented before, or in the year 4,500,000,235 if we count from the formation of the planet. The point is that these interpretations based on dates are just interpretations but for some they are a dogma, each person decides how to take it.

Don’t let others decide for you, do what you want to do and if your decision was not the right one, you will learn from that experience and improve.


thank you everyone for the responses