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Sure, I’ll write back when i notice something.


For me is hard to judge this field because i’m also using all his other money fields, but so far i haven’t noticed anything tangible after 5 days of use other than slightly uplifting mood after finishing the track.


From the description of A life of Magical Abundance:

Maybe this upliftment in your mood is a sign of abundance being manifested.


yeah i’m sure it is :grinning: lets see what happen after 3 weeks.


Any updates from anyone on this? still debating if I should get it


Yes, by far my favorite Abundance field out there.

Since I have started using it, things naturally unfold and an unexpected path is opening up.
A path that actually started opening up when the Mass Meditation was released, but things did not make any sense at the time.

For those that are lucky to own it, I would strongly recommend to use it with HS Financial Blockage and Overcome a Bad Financial Situation II.

And if you have the means, start with the Best Version of You and finish up with Blessings from the Solar System

Give yourself a week with that stack and see for yourself :slight_smile:


I knew you would have a great experience with it :joy:


It’s a combo of many things man :slight_smile:

Balance such fields with what we chatted about in private, and you should see beautiful results any time soon. Even PU backed this up in another post.

I highly recommend HS Financial Blockage and Overcome a Bad Financial Situation II with it.

Those three work perfectly together.



I think is the best, I even mentioned it in the PONR thread, that when i calmed my mind i think the audios started working on me instantly. Do a 5 min meditation in the morning and then go about ur day listening to fields u notice a different from the fields.

I read a comment from quadible replying to somone with the same thing, she said somtimes u need a tip breath to get rid of all the anxiety and u will see the fields start to work



One of the main reason why I get such results with fields, besides the thousands of hours I have spent with those already (including SLR), is because I meditate at least one hour a day on fields important for my evolution.

Having it on the background gives me perhaps 10-20% of the benefits of meditating on them.

Night stack barely 2-5% (and often disrupt my sleep, hence I’m only using recovery fields nowadays)


The music in this one is one of my all time favorites.

Sometimes I loop this just for the uplifting music.

:notes: :relieved: :notes:


I love the Luck Elixir one too! So not DESNA :rofl: :smiling_imp:


What type of music is this?

Music that is uplifting, high vibe, melodic and that can be looped – all at the same time. Or maybe my soul just resonates with it vibrationally…

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like I vibe with DESNA tracks

DESNA is much faster and much more techno than this.
To this I can meditate and dance at the same time.
To DESNA one can only go in a club.
With most of DESNA’s tracks, her beats are way too fast, way too intense and way too repeating for me.
I cannot play her stuff longer than a few minutes.
It is mostly beats only and almost zero melody.
Very disturbing for my natural brain wave pattern.
Therefore I am not even listening to the fields that come with DESNA music.
Of course this is all my personal taste.

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Hello friends, any updates from AAB?

Any insights so far from those who purchased? I would love to know any insights :100:

Thanks in advance :pray:


How are you doing with this? Been 90 days. :moneybag: :smiley:?

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Hello @Psychic_University . I’ve been using this field about a week (along with many others from recent sale purchases :slight_smile: ) and am feeling fantastic.

As you stated previously that focusing on a digital version of your mandala/images is just as effective as printed versions, would it be ideal if we were to keep this same image potentially visible on a device while we worked on something else (on another laptop screen) - but then the computer with the image went into “screen saver” mode, and blacked out the image, would we need to turn the screen back on to optimize the effects from the image?


I think so

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