Blood Brain Barrier Repair

Blood Brain Barrier Repair

The blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective semipermeable border of endothelial cells that prevents solutes in the circulating blood from non-selectively crossing into the extracellular fluid of the central nervous system where neurons reside.
It is theoretical that Since the BBB regulates the transport of insulin into the brain and by extension, helps to regulate CNS levels, so it may be possible that BBB response to insulin and alterations or damage in BBB function could impact CNS insulin resistance.
damage to the BBB system has been implicated in a lot of brain and body disorders including, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and epilepsy.
the field here will attempt to induce and push for the generation of specialized brain capillary endothelial cells targeted to damaged/depleted areas to help facilitate a faster repair.
2-3 times until desired results.

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Thanks so much for releasing this Dreamweaver!

I will start listening to this every day.


Really loving the buzzing energy coming out from the back of my brain, sparking up the middle part and quickly moving to my third eye… Kinda giving a shocking wake up nudge to it… I feel connected all the way up to my belly and like I have a big head I can sense better now :D

Really valuable creation, I was just saying @SilverZuzu would be jumping happily in that thread haha … Thank you Dream!! I was surprised for its release as a separate field!


Wow… This is amazing! I feel like i really needed this…

During the first listen i felt discomfort and mild pain on the right side of my brain, i also felt pressure and mild discomfort on the outline of my brain and with this, i was able to see/visualize outline of my brain which was a first for me

I mostly feel the discomfort on the under side of my brain but more so on the right side, it’s a pretty big area

The second listen the pain and discomfort lessened and now with the third i feel more soothed but i can still feel the under side sensation slightly , im definitely going to need to listen to this one daily, the first listen let me know i had some repairing to do


After lots and lots of plsssss let’s just listen :D


Haha i had to do theeengs, i was as excited as you!


I just finished my first 3 listens at 12:04 AM.
Probably best to NOT listen before bed, lol.

Anyway, I felt this the first listen (at minute 4) on both sides of my head. Location is about 1 inch above my ears and 1 inch towards the front of my head. About the size of a quarter (U.S. coin) Some pressure, non painful. I do feel more awake. Thats it for now.

Thanks again to Dreamweaver for making this. (Who else would make a field for the BBB?)


Thanks for this upload dream!

Thanks zuzu, it’s 12 am here as well lol

I’ll be back tomorrow.


I’m on my second listen. It feels like a spa day for my brain.

Thanks for making fields a lot of us didn’t even know we needed.


That little reminder at the beginning of video to use the Cerebrum album guys :grin:

Was about to comment the same thing.
Feels refreshing with all the brainwork lately.


Thanks I’m 15 and I recently got minor strokes.


First listen : lots of grumbling in the stomach/gut. Dont know why .gut and brain are connected via the vagus nerve ,.maybe that’s it.

Other than that feeling good :) less brainfog.
This should help peole with alzheimers ,dementia schizophrenia and many other BBB related problems.

Covid at it again .
The spike protein is what the mRNA vaccine permanently upregulates , so this could go to the anti -vaxx stack.


Be safe my friend.
Also you can try the stroke recovery and prevention, brain regeneration, enanced blood circulation.
If you are under stress, then also try some spa days and stress relief and all purpose anxiety removal.
You will be healed very fast.


I honestly came to check what was the price for this to buy for my Mom and :flushed: i realized its free.

BBB is sooooooo important such gift.

Ill get back to this later to tell u a lot why this is a mini legendary audio too.



I’m glad I have you guys, because honestly I’d have looked at this and said “I don’t need this” and that would have been the end of it. Looking forward to what you have to say @anon46520955 Thank
you for this @Captain_Nemo


Ohh thanks for this. A couple years ago My mom had a stroke, and well she luckily survived. This Will help her a Lot

Thanks @Captain_Nemo :heart:


Why si BBB important? No matter what age you are?

1- The blood-brain barrier (BBB) mediates the communication between the periphery and the central nervous system (CNS). Recently, CNS insulin resistance has been elucidated to play a role in neurodegenerative disease. This has stimulated a wealth of information on the molecular impact of insulin in the brain, particularly in the improvement of cognition.

2- neurons

Neurons remain close to the capillaries and connect with astrocytic endfeet in near proximity to the BBB. Neurons are rarely more than 8–20 μm from a brain capillary,The close proximity to the endothelial cells, allows neurons to respond to the ever changing local milieu, especially in regards to ion balance. Neurons play a role in regulating blood flow.the neuronal circuitry is linked to the blood vessels by water channels present in astrocytes.

3- Astrocytes

Astrocytes are the most abundant cells in the brain, providing an environment to help regulate all aspects of neuronal function (survival, development, metabolism, neurotransmission). They act as metabolic sensors in the brain responding to changes in the local environment, At the BBB, astrocytes help provide maintenance and repair support through release of several effector molecules, The astrocytic endfeet ensheath the vascular tube and help to regulate ion and water regulation.

Using this system, the brain can regulate fluid flow throughout the CNS (Central Nervous System) and aid in clearance of toxins. In addition, the connection between neurons and blood vessels allows astrocytes to relay signals regarding blood flow, Astrocytic end feet are polarized and guided to cerebral vessel walls by pericytes.

4- Pericytes

Pericytes are essential for development of tight junctions, including in the development of barrier functions in utero.
Pericytes can regulate blood flow in response to neural activity, suggesting an important role in mediating vascular tone and highlighting the neural communication necessary for this particular function.
Interruptions in signaling within one cell type could have detrimental effects in all cell types, and are one of the first cell types of the BBB to degenerate in Alzheimer’s disease, Loss of pericytes can lead to BBB breakdown, causing a dysfunction in the transport regulation of blood-to-brain and brain-to-blood factors. Pericyte loss accelerates development of Alzheimer’s disease pathology including amyloid beta (Aβ) deposition, tau pathology, and neuronal loss.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance exhibit decreased dopamine signaling and impairments in mitochondrial function,
Postnatal loss of the insulin receptor in astrocytes affects morphology, circuit connectivity, and mitochondrial function.

Insulin signaling in astrocytes also plays a role in potentiating release of dopamine.
Obesity directly link to the decrease of insulin BBB transport while at the same time Diabetes increases of insulin BBB transport leads to higher risk of being more obese.

And finally the decrease of the proper function of the BBB highly contributes to accelerating agin. (Extracted from



Thank you. I learned about the BBB in Paramedic school. Just never occurred to me to use it this early in life. I’ll give it a whirl and see the results.


years ago I had a diet with lots of sugar I would eat all sort of junk food etc. I have reduced sugar intake to the minimum the last two years ( fruits and occasional snacks. ). But just eating a bit of sugar, like, to squares of chocolate, would have me tired after with a sort of pressure grogginess etc in the brain. This morning I listened to it 3 times, afterwards ate cereals with sugar ( in moderate amount, but one that would still give me this grogginess etc ( that I detoxed with plasma brain ) ), and I barely felt a thing. It seems to repair it fast. If it wasn’t for this field probably that no matter the amount of detox etc I would have never had a consistent healthy brain. Will keep up to date. thanks for this field !


This field is really surprising in the way it seems to uplift me when I play it. It’s not the effect I was expecting based on the description. Either Captain threw in some unnamed extra goodies into the mix or my blood-brain barrier is the biological equivalent of Swiss cheese