Depression + Anxiety Stack Guidance

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing a deep dive on this forum to help build a stack for anxiety and depression. The anxiety has its roots in rumination and focusing on illnesses I don’t have. The depression is heavy, with negative self-talk, low self-esteem, low energy (hard for me to get to work—I love my job so the job is not the issue), having little desire to do activities I enjoy, being lonely (went through a breakup last year where I lost my friend group), can’t sleep without taking medication, and just all around heavy sadness and feeling close to tears.

So, I been searching for audios on the forum that touch on these issues, and I found a lot. Like, too much for one stack. So, I’m including below the paid fields I found. I’m feeling rather overwhelmed by all this content and I would love some advice/guidance on creating a stack or stacks, either using the tracks I found or others you may think are helpful. Thanks!

Grief Loss Loneliness

The Crucible of Stored Trauma

New Perspectives

The Holy Paladin

Stress and Anxiety by Manhattan

The Alchemical Blueprint of the Past

The Shamanic Medicine Blend

Soul/Core Energy Restoration

Schumann Resonance

(GABA)Gamma-Amin0butyric Acid (Extra Strength)

The Point of No Return

Vibration of Creation

Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence

Project Mental Health NFT

The Silent Mind NFT

There are too many fields my friend. At least to use them on the same day, you could use 2 or 3 a day and experiment with which one gives you the most results and which ones don’t to reduce the list and only keep the best for you.

I have also noticed that you have focused more on the mental part of depression/anxiety but you must also seek a balance of your hormones, organs and your internal alchemy.

some suggestions you might consider are:

-Environmental energy accumulator (great for your low energy but not overuse)
-Jing infusion (or negantropic jing if you want the paid field)
-Chi infusion
-Antioxidant formula (helps improve energy levels and certain antioxidants have a mood-enhancing effect)
-Kidney and adrenal healing (direct connection with depression/anxiety/low energy in case of any dysfunction in this organs)
-Torsion field æther (can boost and supports other fields and proccess)

Are you looking for paid fields only?
Because there are loads of free fields that will do the trick…

Make sure you read through each description