Experiences with the different Crystals/Stones/Quasi

I should buy MBOP. i am still in battle with a lot of hoarse negativity, my masochism and uncertainty and i try to leave free space for me to heal from all. And on the way also I serve every being arround me which accepts my advice. I have one tip perchaps mentioned before or not: Combine Vibration of Creation with 3 loops of mstae iron, Vibration of divine love with three loops of mstate copper and at end Vibration of transdescense with 3 loops of msate gold. After all of theese 3 loops of Cosmo-Volt.
I have discovered that my life until now had traumatised my left part of my body and the second of the above combos had me hmm get rid of things the first time im my life.
And thank you @anon51280824 for your tips about Crystal charger and all of your older posts! You serve very adequatly those who want to heal ! Thank you with all my heart.


This is awesome, please share it under each thread or at least in share your results thread

Share your results!

New Release: Cosmo-Volt field

New Release - Vibration of Creation

New Release - Vibration of Divine Love

Mstate Platinum, Mstate Indium & Iridium, Mstate Rhodium & Copper - Patreon

New Release: Mstate Gold and Silver

And you are welcome :heart: happy you are healing!!


Done copy/paste. How can one PM here? i dont want to intrudeā€¦just curious. All the best to you all!

We try as best as we can to interact within the posts, so others can learn or give opinions as well, in PMs it becomes like a VIP google, people come ask for one thing they can ask in the forum or actually find plenty answers if using the research bar tool here at the top.

And once we answer one question it leads to another one and another one and it never stops like a personalized service lol. We (the most active ones) get plenty messages every day and it gets old replying evry little thing that again, you can find in the hundreds of posts in the forum.

So try, using research bar, read enough posts about your need, and if you still cant find what you are looking for you are free to create a new post under ā€œask for adviceā€ so everybody can read it and help :slight_smile:

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And what you mean by copying pasting? What are you trying to cope and to where?

As said didnt mean to disturb. I have however abs. nobody to speak to about that. share what I see. I worked alone for along time. And perchaps need someone that can understand reflect and so on.
I ment that i shared the above post where you @anon51280824 said i should.

All well to answer what i have to copeā€¦ I live in the most poisoned civilised place in Central/West Europe. When i reach a result with for ex. Ye old neg. transformer. they make a fog that is as mud. reeks as old garlic. and so onā€¦I have almost all my personal issues fixed with the help of the old and new audios but my enviroment is under heavy attack.

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Dont worry, we love reading what people shares about experiences.

There are a lot of subcategories to discuss about pretty much anything.



Im sorry about that.

Check this gem:

Lightning In a Bottle

here i would like to ask how do i use it. i have it it is on in my car outside. The fog is still there.

i have on he ye env transformer at home now and lithening in a bottle in my car where i am to work. Work and home are 5 km apart.

i had one succses clearing the fog today and saw that the Ye field is doing its job high in the sky. but thenā€¦all went bad. I dont know how can i conroll it (LIB)

You just gotta keep it on loop and add other environmental ones, create Dragons or Servitors and train them to help with that and to expand the energy of the ye old all around 24/7

We are gonna have to move all this convo to one of the ask for advice posts so we dont keep derailing this post is only about crystals and stones ok?

Your rĆ­ght, I go to sleep. I ve done all of the above, the fog goes last i suppose and i ll make evr possible to end those posions until 2021 ends. Thank you again @anon51280824 until next time!!!

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I tried the crystal chargerā€¦ Got some nerve burning sensationā€¦ I even feel the space surrounding me vibrating with high vibrationā€¦
Just to be sureā€¦ I tried a couple of different timesā€¦ Same experienceā€¦ Obviously it is too much for my nervous systemā€¦

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It is strong yes!

Maybe use energy/aura body deep clearing first.

And go slow a couple minutes a day

Also use the energy expansion card on ig or the book of cards, to make your nervous system stronger to hold and sustain more energy.


tonight i tried that combo:
crystal charger before and after each of the crystals.
and i have looped only the short ones 3 times. Zircon only one time.
I dont feel overwelmed and have experienced a very stable and strong effect from each of the crystals.


ruby is very good when other have hurt your feelings. to restore from that bitter feeling of insult.


Quasi Crystal From Khatyrka Meteorite and Pietersite are my personal favorites as I used them for years and even today. I was lucky to get them on my custom items more than couple of years back + some additions to it to foritfy that I canā€™t disclose. It was a great experience in the initial months, as they were very strong, almost feel like floating above ground, heightened energy sensitivity, chakras were like swirling like a giant wheel, and impeccable psychic perceptions. When I wore them the power in the hands, and the body feel one like a racing car, awesome experiences ā€¦feeling nostalgicā€¦those energy tickles, radiant fierce stares omg :star_struck:

Moldavite is my darling joined tag club last year, a transformative experience.


Why, you dont have them anymore?