Fields for confidence, belief, marketing, selling my art/creations

I am looking for some fields to improve in my business (painting, jewellery, prints, art)

For background, I have had some comprehensive limiting beliefs around my creations never selling, not being valued, not being wanted, the craftmanship not being good enough

Beliefs Such as: nothing I make/create sells, nothing I market/offer sells, no one buys my xyz, they will get the item (eg painting, jewellery) and not like it in person/the craftsmanship won’t be good enough, beliefs around artists not making much

So yahhh limiting :woozy_face:

Interestingly, I do believe I create beautiful, inspiring, joy-bringing, enlivening, exquisite pieces. I have a Fine Art qualification, and I am making high quality pieces.

I get a tonne of positive feedback, compliments. Just not the sales :joy:

I have negative beliefs about them selling and being purchased, creating wealth as an artist

Also, I self sabotage, for example right now: my paintings are painted, photographed, wrapped up ready for shipping, the images are on the website for sale, I have created mock up interior images (eg the painting on a wall)…but I stop marketing/promoting them

But I feel embarrassed, disappointment when they haven’t sold, and feel self-conscious that they “still” haven’t sold after months/years

I also get stuck on things like logistics (int’l & domestic shipping costs), or social media (do i create a whole other Instagram page)

And then I reduce promoting them (IG, FB) and it’s a limiting, self-fulfilling cycle to match my subconscious identity :sweat_smile:

I need to create a playlist, while I work on the beliefs

Increased confidence, belief
Follow through
Sales, selling
Marketing, promoting
Brain fields
(Already working on wealth, abundance)

I am an intelligent woman and I am not expressing my potential in business. That’s the reality.

I want to use mind, brain, being in a way that truly serves and elevates my art and gifts.

Thank you :pray:t3:


Business owner here, my experience is that abundance/wealth stack doesn’t work that well until you have cleared your system to some extend, and once it start working you will feel like a wall has cracked and everything falls in place very quickly, to the point that you will need to add employees (like mine).

My suggestions (you gave a good list of description of your situation so it is easy):

New resilience audio from YT

Make sure you have at least these in your abundance/wealth

Because this one can remove negative belief regarding wealth/abundance as well as instilling positive ones, also helps business (see description)

Likewise, removes negative belief regarding luck and instill positives

Make sure you have luck fields in your abundance stack!!
Environmental Fields

This one can help attract customers/bring in people that can help you

This does so much… read the description for what it does. I use it as a free alternative to The Solidifier (best manifest tool), as well as enhances the environment you are in, as well as many other benefits.

If you have time I would suggest just run JAAJ self love stack I think you can use that, in general once you have more positive thinking everything fixes by themselves, fields or not. All my suggestions are free.


Thank you. I have invested quite a bit in energy work, coaching for money mindset for years and I did not have much shift in business.

I always do some of the Self Love stack, and all the Revision audios but I will make sure to include all of them.

I would love it to crack open and experience ease and growth in this area.

I have the Solidifier.


Hey @Muse, perhaps you’d like to move this thread to #ask-for-advice, so you get more answers.

I agree with Moonhaw regarding limiting beliefs limiting the flow of abundance, and I’d add traumas too.

What comes to mind is:

+1 for the Mass Med field, it is a very potent manifestation field.