From No Results to Great Results

If anyone is constantly feeling tired and inpatient knock down ur fields, i didnt realise how much i was overstiumlating my nervous system by putting on fields all day.

slowly reduce ur stack, and give hours in between listening,


What is KQ and QKA? :upside_down_face:

Kinetic Quasi Crystal - New Release - Sapien Medicine (

Quasi Kinetic Aura - NFTs - Sapien Medicine (


I think I have some sensitivity for the fields through my weekly yoga & meditation during the end of each yoga session and my Isha Kriya session each morning. Plus some Wim Hof breathing in the morning.

Not sure whether the cold showers have any effect all :slight_smile:


i think cold showers do, it feels so good after

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Well I can say it helps with meditation. First a cold shower in the morning and the internal chatter is less to nothing :slightly_smiling_face:


I think my body is having a que time, I been listening to like 2 fields a day for the past 4+ days, and the fields i listened to more then a week ago, are starting to appear.


Maybe try the integration tool as well


Yeah, i will start using it, I think its too much for me, because my brain always finds a reason not to play it lol


Lmao same for me actually

Like I have it and I know its good but its like I procrastinate listening to that field especially


Bro, listen to Energy Body Repair from PU and Kinetic Quasi Crystal from Captain, for better integration (anyway, this is my advice).

However, I don’t listen to as many fields as before, so I have that as a plus too.


that actually happened to me many times!
Maybe there really is a special element of “detachment”. or maybe they just take time…

Also, in that one book “Morphic Fields Made Simple”, they suggest communicating with the fields for 3 days and then taking a break for 3 days or so.

Perhaps it’s something to take seriously.


The link didn’t work,

Yeah it would need more testing, wether the que time starts processing when ur body stops receiving more

I have had fields results overnight on very rare occasions

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yeah strange it says not found now. here’s another one:
It’s called “Morphic Fields Made Simple: Find Love, Money & More” , in case that one gets nuked too… :)

same, I had pretty bizarre results at times.


This is very graphic, but one time before i when to sleep i listened to gall bladder expecting nothing, and the next day, i actually passed gall stones through my stool.

When i told a friend he was like maybe it was sweetcorn, i said i havnt eaten sweetcorn, and i go the toilet mutple times a day, so if it was food i ate, i most likely already passed it through,

It was much bigger then sweetcoin, their was no mistake it was 1000% a gall stone, i didint even notice what it was at the time, until i was looking at recent played on VLC, and noticed what i listen too before i slept


Since we’re sharing, here’s a strange story from me:

Once I made a playlist, added the pranayama field there, and then didn’t even play it… I played something else and laid down on bed to go into trance. I decided to take 3-5 breaths, but I started doing pranayama automatically… it was so weird. I wasn’t thinking I was just watching it happen (in surprise). It was so automatic and perfect. Lasted quite a while.

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When trying to feel fields, i always try to feel it like its a 3rd arm i dont have. But to feel energy from what i come up with, (i dont know if am correct) is to look inside your body, is to focus on your whole body and you might create the tingling senstions, but that tingling senstions is the energy body, so by focuing on the energy body you can get the field to work faster.

I always ask myself why is it that i always get results with fields the first time i listen, then a week later i dont notice the anything else when i listen to the field again, its because when i first buy i field i always meditate to the audio


Same for me. It sucks when you want to have a bigger playlist though, there is only so much time one has to actually actively listen and concentrate to a field.

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I was think, an NFT that brings all fields that does all the work for you, so u only have to work with the NFT


You mean this?

It’s being prepared. Maybe not in this reality yet though :grin:

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