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Where can I listen to Aural Repair/Soul Restoration Series?

I can’t find it even if I search it

It’s on gumroad

i was chatting with someone (who requested that he be unnamed here) how he developed his energy sensitivity and this is his reply:

"To answer your question, I am still improving mine. But if you were to compare my results a year ago to now I would say I have made satisfactory results where if I were to stop I would be content with where I’m at.
Now to answer with my personal journey on how I increased my energy sensitivity. To start with the basics, naturally raising your vibration to me at least, increases my sensitivity to energy.

There are days where I’m surrounded by low vibrational people or I’ve stooped down from my mindset, and it seems my sensitivity diminishes significantly. In my opinion, for this reason, it’s as easy to increase it as it is to decrease it because of the connection between the two. I’m sure you know the basics of vibration so I’ll skip over that because there are an infinite amount of tools to raise it which in turn will increase your sensitivity.

Now on to specific fields. Energy Blockage Removal, Kinetic Quasi Crystal, Ego Dissolution, Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning, PONR, almost all brain fields but specifically Manhattan Method and recently Superior Mind. Now all those fields I just mentioned increase your sensitivity but all throughout different mechanisms. For example some work through your chakras, others work through mindset and ego, others help with blockages, beliefs, and self love (very important), and others help with understanding the different intricacies and concepts within the field itself (i.e., Brain fields like Manhattan Method and Superior Mind).

Now to more helpful tools that I use everyday which I never skip no matter what, is servitors like The Healer from Equilibrium, Crystallized Guide, and the Dragon Golem. Any servitors with the specific function or with limitless potential can be used to increase sensitivity and raise vibration. Just simply have the intent and ask. It works everytime. Some other helpful tools are safe mantras. My favorite is Om Namah Shivaya.

Other things like focused affs are really good too but are quite time consuming. Ideally use malleable ego while repeating your affs and also activate the cards in Dreamweaver Psychic Card System many times throughout the day. Specially the Attunement, Aura Purification, Chakra Stimulation, Energy Expansion ( Energy expansion fields work the best, I highly highly recommend the Expanse field from PU, but card works fine.), and Dreamscape card.

Next up was a really big game changer for me, which not only increased my sensitivity and raised my vibration, but also helped with expanding my energy and strengthening my energy body. The game changer was doing daily Advanced Belly Pranayama a minimum of 15 min a day which is one full session. Listen to the pranayama training field at the same time as actually doing it to enhance your results.

To even get more out of your results I cannot recommend enough the Elemental Mastery Collection which has a pranayama field plus video that does the same thing as. However I find doing one session of Advanced Belly Pranayama plus 2 rounds of the pranayama field in the Elemental Mastery Collection ( Breath of the 4 Elements) plus the other fields in the collection to be optimal for me.

Lastly for my final tip and one that I still need to work on is full conscious, unconscious, and subconscious focus on fields. That is the greatest way to increase sensitivity because your not increasing your sensitivity per say but all your focus on the field in every aspect of it where “sensitivity” doesn’t really matter because you already “feel” everything about the field and can achieve the results nonetheless.

Hope that makes some sense because it’s hard to put it into words till you put it into practice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Now there’s different levels to it. Like I said I’m still working on it. It’s easy to do it in the comfort of your home with no one around but the real goal is to do any places of chaos. Never letting outside influence change your mindset which in turn changes your focus which decreases your “sensitivity”.

So to sum it up vibration and sensitivity go hand and hand and sensitivity is synonymous with focus. Anything that decreases your sensitivity basically decreases your focus and vice versa. Okay so sorry for the rant but I had a lot of time before I go to bed and I’m really passionate about this community so I like to share my experiences in hope it can help others.

Don’t take what I say as absolute, it’s all just what I’ve come up with in my own personal experiences as a 2 year user of morphic fields :grinning: . Hope this answers your question :pray:"

he gave his permission for me to post it here. thank u.


Thanks for sharing, and whoever wrote it initially. That’s awesome.


Internal Alchemical Crucible is a great touch to this stack…


What real changes and improvements have you made in your life? Wealth, physical health, physical, social, luck , etc. Has it developed some Spiritual ability? vibration , sensitivity , energy body… You seem to be more concerned with spiritual development.