JAAJ‘s Guide to Music Lyrics (and how they program you)

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All personal experience and point of view only, but I hope it will make sense to you.

This guide is intended to raise awareness of what your are putting inside your mind.

The topic of lyrics in music songs is more multi-faceted than most believe it is, thus I created this guide to make you aware of this stuff.

The ideas for this guide came to me as a result from an interesting discussion about music lyrics we have had here on the forum a while ago.

This guide will not take into account the music video clips themselves – these are a whole different story and of course, these video clips are full of suggestions as well. And who has the time to watch these anyways?

Now to the main topic:

Music lyrics do program you on a massive scale.

Why is this important?
Your subconscious mind creates your personal reality based on your beliefs.
The core beliefs create a Baseline Feeling that you carry with you all the time and project out into the world – and this feeling manifests your personal reality bubble.
Based on your personal reality bubble people and the world treat you accordingly and you manifest situations and experiences that do confirm these same core beliefs.
Whatever you put and have put into your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will give you more of it.
And if you don‘t have an active conscious opinion about something, then you most likely have a program around this aspect that you have absorbed from society.
Or in other words, if you are not aware what your belief is about something, it is most likely the belief of the mainstream society.
That‘s why raising your awareness about the world is important.
So that you consciously can choose what you choose to believe about the different aspects of the world – and consequently also choose to feed your subconscious mind only with input that supports your choice.

Now about music songs and their lyrics:

As impactful as watching news (don‘t watch them!), listening to music with lyrics has an even stronger impression and impact of the messages onto your subconscious mind.

Looking at music lyrics one needs to identify whether they are mostly positive or negative.

I consider a lyric positive if it consists of over 95 % positive or neutral input.

Anything less than 95 % and you are already putting too many negative suggestions into your mind.


Because as explained above, the lyrics are repeated again and again and charged up with emotional energy for further strong impact.

Therefore, every single sentence and suggestion matters!

Most songs with lyrics are unfortunately negative.

The lyrics with the most emotional parts of the melody have also the strongest effect.

Usually this is the refrain.

The fact that the refrain is also repeated several times, enhances the effect even more.

Exception: You have such a deep level skill of conceptual communication with your Subconcious Mind that you can easily tell it what to filter out and delete any beliefs that you don’t want in an instant.

Even knowing that something that you hear “is not true” is good, but with continous and repeated exposure to the “untrue” message your subconscious mind still will absorb it, just slower, at a certain point convert it into a core belief.

Or in other words, absorbing negative messages, while being aware that they are negative, will still over time have a negative impact on you.

Let’s look at different examples of types of songs people would usually listen to.

When I say “good melody” then it is of course subjective according to my own taste.

I have linked the lyrics to the songs when these are not under the YouTube video.

Songs with a Good Melody but Negative Suggestions:

These are the dangerous ones and the way your playlist can eff you up.

While the melody can feel awesome and uplifting in the SHORT-TERM, the good melody makes you to continue listening to the same song over and over again and also makes you continue singing the lyrics of the song in your head even for many days later, repeating the negative lyrics again and again, which then is definitely negative input for the subconscious mind in the LONG-TERM.

Since long-term is almost always the key to success in life, this is why these songs are the dangerous ones.

And since you like the melody, you are additionally emotionally charging up the lyrics, telling your subconscious mind that this is important.

Even worse and additionally, the subconscious mind starts to ASSOCIATE the positive feelings from the melody with the negative affirmations from the lyrics, which will then really mess one up and install unhealthy triggers and anchors.


Madonna – The Power Of Good-Bye

Ellie Goulding – Bittersweet

Dune - Who Wants to Live Forever (lyrics)

Avril Lavgine – 4 Real (lyrics)

Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel – In And Out Of Love (lyrics)

Akon – Dangerous (lyrics)

Sarah & Amelia Brightman - Moment Of Peace (lyrics)

Zendaya – Replay

Some songs have the negativity even in their title:

Brian McFadden – Demons

Personal tips:

  • It is also not difficult to let go of those songs since there is enough awesome music without any lyrics, or as some say “No one ever went broke by not entering a shity deal.”

  • Never listen to songs with any negative lyrics or implications while playing any booster fields from Sapien Medicine and other creators!

  • Unless you have super high level conceptual skills where you can install and uninstall beliefs in your subcoscious mind at will and in an instant, I recommend to stay aways from these negative suggestions as much as possible.

Songs with a Good Melody and rather Neutral Suggestions:

A difficult case as it can be understood by different subconscious minds in different ways.

Paffendorf - Crazy Sexy Marvellous (video NSFW) (lyrics)

Songs with a Good Melody and Positive Suggestions:

Rihanna – Diamonds (lyrics)

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For (Official Video) ft. Rihanna

DJ BoBo – Everybody (lyrics)

DJ BoBo - Somebody Dance With Me

Lady Gaga – Fashion

Chris Brown – Yeah 3x

Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Klaas Vocal Edit)

Special Cases – Love Songs:

In most love songs, the suggestions are either that of a healthy declaration of love (= positive), or those of simping and whoring out (= highly negative because it puts the admired side onto a pedastal, with massive negative implications one’s self worth!).

Negative Examples – Simping/Whoring Out:

Male singers:

Akon – Beautiful (Official Music Video) ft. Colby O’Donis, Kardinal Offishall (lyrics)

Jason Derulo – Want to Want Me

Justin Bieber – Friends

Female singers:

Celtic woman – Siuil A run (lyrics)

Ace of Base – Angel Eyes (lyrics)

Danity Kane – Sucka For Love (lyrics)

Mostly okay Love Songs with just a little bit simping:

Okay to listen on a rare occasion.

Mark’Oh – Because I Love You

Positive Examples – Healthy declaration of love:

Male singers:

Akon – We Don’t Care (only 95% positive)

Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour Toujours

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

Female singers:

Spice Girls – Viva Forever (lyrics)

Inna – Sun Is Up (lyrics)

Whitney Tai – With Me

Ace of Base – Ordinary Day (lyrics)

Ace of Base – Lucky Love (lyrics)

Cassie – In Love With You (lyrics)

Special Cases – Conceptual distortion of lyric meaning vs interpretation:

Some songs have a lyric that is a little bit negative but where this can be neglected, if the described CONCEPT behind the words has a positive meaning for you personally and for the masses.

That means, a song, that is despite being slightly negative objectively, is conceptually understood by most people as something positive.


Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Good melody, filled with a few negative suggestions, but the overall concept of the song has a positive meaning for most and me personally.

Schiller (with Kim Sanders) – Let me love you (lyrics)

Good melody, filled with a few negative suggestions, but the overall concept of the song has a positive meaning for most and me personally.

Same here:

Emilia – Heaven (lyrics)

DJ Sammy version (@SammyG :stuck_out_tongue:):

The important thing here is that MOST listeners understand the concept in the song as a positive one. So the overall energy you are connecting to when listening to the song would be rather positive as well.

Now if a song is understood by most listeners as rather something negative, it will be very difficult to explain to your subconscious mind that this song is rather positive, because everytime you will listen to it, your subconscious mind will also radionically connect with the overall energy that the song and its general audience are giving off.

Special Cases – Songs that have negative lyrics but can give one a motivational push if listened only once:


2WEI – Survivor (Tomb Raider movie trailer cover)

Special Cases – Songs with just One Lyric Sentence:

Some songs have a good melody and only one sentence at the beginning, but not throughout the whole song. These songs count as 95% positive, however keep in mind that the beautiful melody can act as anchor to this one sentence and if that sentence is negative then it is better to still be avoided.

Here is a positive example:

Schiller (feat. Isgaard) – A Beautiful Day

The sentence is in German and says "A beautiful day. Once it ends, nothing remains the way it was.“

Special Cases – Good Melody and only One Sentence that Repeats throughout the whole song:

:warning: These are the potentially most dangerous ones as you will get the same message over and over again and anchored to the melody. :warning:

Negative example:

Rihanna – We Found Love

Analyzing Lyrics:

The longer the lyrics, the higher the chance that some negative lyrics are in there.

Most lyrics are written without the writers being aware of subconscious suggestability.

Be particularly careful with lyrics that have these very dangerous words in them:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Anger

And these critical words too which are often inverted into a negative meaning but are essential for your own self worth and your manifestations success:

  • Worth
  • Deserving
  • Need
  • Want
  • Desire

About the Melody:

Melody taste is completely subjective.

The verbal lyric suggestions in them are not.

So I cannot give you examples a “positive” or “bad” melody because it is up to you whether it resonates with your inner being.

Music without any lyrics and melodies that you like is almost always positive.

In some instanced it can be still negative if the music is linked to a negative event, movie scene, computer game scene etc.

A temporary solution for songs that have a good melody but negative lyrics is to listen only to the instrumental version of the song. It is temporary because the concept behind the melody is still still linked in most poeple’s mind and listening to the instrumental version still connects your subconscious mind to the original song and its concept.

Example (good melody, negative lyrics in original song):

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Instrumental Cover) (lyrics of the original)

About the Voice and the Singer:

The voice of counts as melody too.

But also important to know, if the singer is a messed up person, everytime you are listening to their voice, you are connecting with them, even with an etheric cord, and an information and vibrational exchange takes place.

Your subconscious mind and energy system can download and be affected by whatever this singer has in his own subconscious mind and energy system.

So, listening to singers that are messed up people, full of etheric parasites and negative beliefs, regardless of how much you like their voice, is highly adviced against here.

Whether you prefer female or male voices more does not say anything about your sexuality and sexual preferences. Rather it could be a sign of the level of intergration of the female and male energies in you. Or just be part of your “personality setup” that your Higher Self has chosen for you for this incarnation.

Special Cases – Good Melody and Lyrics in Foreign Language that you zero understand:

Here it is important what the concept behind the song is.

Even if you don’t understand the language consciously, your subconscious mind connects to it and conceptually understands its meaning and message.

Question to ask is therefore whether the song is considered as positive or negative by native speakers?

You will probably need to use a translation tool to find out.

If you don’t google it, it will be just “random input”, which can be anything.

I recommend to google.

Examples with Finnish songs with beautiful melodies and voice:

Jenni Vartiainen – Missä Muruseni On

Jenni Vartiainen – Minä Sinua Vaan

Positive or negative concepts behind these songs?
I am not going to do all the work for you…

Special Cases – Songs with lyrics that most likely will not mean anything to most listeners:

These can be listened to safely in my opinion.


Natacha Atlas – Maktub (lyrics)

(Please correct me if I am wrong on this example, I don’t know if this one has a deeper cultural interpretation.)

That’s it!

Now have fun discerning and sorting out your music playlists :stuck_out_tongue:


I use a subconscious protection from another creator and made sure to put it in the new Masculinity project as I felt it was so important.

Reminds me of a good Christian quote: Be of the world, but not in it.


Does this has a synchronizing / aligment function between what the conscious mind and the subconscious mind consider as positive/negative?

I ask because for most people what they consciously believe is positive is totally different than what their subconscious mind considers as positive.


Not certain. It seems to intuitively be the answer to what I need so I imagine its getting its source of positive/negative from a higher version of myself or some other aspect that’s more pure.


Agree with what you did here and think it’s some good work-

That quote from high fidelity , “am I depressed because I listen to sad music or do I listen to sad music because I’m depressed?”

Growing up I listened to a lot of sad music with really negative messages.

Honestly I think I was already thinking a certain way and the music comforted me because it was already on my wavelength. It made me feel like this experience of being sad and disappointed had a beauty to it.

Looking back at the memories, the music seemed a saving grace.

I didn’t know how important your mental diet is, how that can build your entire reality. I hope enough kids growing up today are telling each other. I know I see a lot of teens on YouTube who seem to know.


Great info, thank you @JAAJ!

I would like to add another aspect - the melodic line itself can create good things or bad things. You can transform a protein into a song or you can obtain a protein singing the right song.

Making the long story short: there is a correspondence between amino acids ( and nucleosides) and various frequencies (musical notes) and you can induce the production of a protein/enzyme using “a song”. For example, certain Mozart pieces contain sequences corresponding to prolactin and hence the effect Mozart’s music has on cows.

Dr. Sternheimer (a physicist) explains: “To each amino acid, a musical note is associated. But not anyhow: of two such ways or rules for associating a musical note with an amino acid, one is able to stimulate and the other to inhibit the synthesis of the corresponding protein. Such stimulation or inhibition takes place through a physical resonance phenomenon similar to sympathetic strings in a musical instrument”.

More info here:

The scientific world moved in this direction. On Buehler Soundcloud there are some interesting “songs”.

" They then [taught a neural network] to create similar music patterns based on this music library. Without knowing anything about proteins and biochemistry, the neural network analyzed the music patterns and made new music that resembled it.

Yu and Buehler then turned these new music patterns back into proteins. These were proteins that didn’t exist before, but they appeared to be stable, and folded in similar ways as naturally existing proteins."

Playing with codons,

The good part: even if someone makes a “bad song” , you can find a “good song” and fix things. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a very important aspect for everyone.


:wink: :point_down:

Also see here please → Does anyone know how to reprogram the subconscious effectively? - #9 by JAAJ


No I know this now lol, I was reflecting back to what I used to feel in the past

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Thanks too.

But keep in mind that for this to work you still need to supply your body with the physical building blocks (the amino acids).

That’s similar to what e.g. Sapien’s Creatine Synthesis field does.
The field tells the body what protein to synthesize. But your body still requires to receive the physical building blocks through nutrition for this to work.

However keep in mind that every installation and deletion of beliefs takes time – precious infinitely valuable incarnational time. Time that you don’t get back.

And also the opportunity cost is too high in my opinion.
Ask yourself, what is more important?
Programming your subconscious mind to manifest an awesome life now and as soon as possible?
Or postponing it somewhere into the future and doing it only half-heartedly?

Same analogy as with putting junk food into your body:
Do you want to be healthy and fit today and as soon as possible?
Or do you want to postpone it into the future just because this piece of junk food is “too tasty right now”?


Not really. I can “see” some fields ( I don’t know how to explain). I don’t know the particular field you mentioned but I can “see” the oxytocin one. What SM does is somehow different and more adequate. I would say it seems “encapsulated” and eady for correct connections and work.

Thank you very much! I am very aware of this aspect.

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It does not really take time; we make it so. I don’t program my subconscious mind. :relaxed: It’s already programmed and I worked for a while to de-program it. Later on, I saw another path.


Is this something that you can tell more about here on the forum?


Great post JAAJ. I already know this thread will be disliked and ignored by many because the truth hurts. It’s uncomfortable. Especially when you grow up listening to music like that. Anyone on a serious subC reprogramming journey take notes if you jam out daily. Once you become the master of your mind, ego and subconscious, negative things won’t enter into it anyway.

As you raise your vibration you will quickly notice how certain music lowers it immediately. Once you start feeling that “distaste” when the lyrics come on, you know you’re stepping in the right direction.

There’s also negative energy binaural and beats within much of pop music, but I’m not about to debate people on what I can sense energetically. Just do you.


Thank you very much my friend.

Yeah, I thought about it too.
Facing your ego and shadow is challenging for most people, me included.
Everyone is responsible for their own choices and life.

And after all, this is a spiritual forum.
So, still many people are going to wake up with the info provided, thus I shared it.

Many songs are also made on purpose with the same rhythm as the human heart beats, to make songs even more addictive.


I posted the links to everything, because

  1. I think many people will want to listen into some of the songs by themselves out of curiosity anyways

  2. Under some of the videos you have the actual lyrics

  3. Most people have been listening to songs with negative lyrics for their whole life without being aware of this, so one more round, this time for educational and realizational purposes, won’t hurt too much. The key realization here is that one needs to pay full attention to the actual lyrics and/or what the song conceptually communicates – despite the beautiful melody.


Fake love by drake is so catchy…but I stopped listening due to knowing about the subconscious mind. Stopped years ago


True true!


Make me want to listen more to it. :laughing:


This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. As a lifelong metal fan… well, rereading some lyrics of songs I listened to 24/7 as a teenager has been eye-opening. And terrifying. Especially since death/black metal has always been my no 1 jam. Nothing bright or sunshiny about those guys and gals. Seems like 80’s hair metal will be my only choice if I want to continue listening to harder tunes.

Well. I have Bach and Sapien Medicine. That’ll do.


One word:

Reverse speech