Journey with Sapien

Hey friends,
I want to know about your own personal journey with Sapien medicine. How you got to know about Sapien ? Which fields did you start with? And which made you into a believer of the work of dreamweaver? How long have you been using these? What have been your experiences so far … what all changed in your life, your physical body, mental states etc ? Even any pitfalls ? What did you learn using the fields

And all such experiences… please share with the forum here. I am personally interested to know about the experiences and I am sure many more would like to read about those as well. :blush::blush::blush:


i like these threads!

i’ve known about sapien while i was really into subliminals. i didn’t give them much thought since at the time the audios were mostly one tone frequency and i liked subliminals with fun songs where you could hear the whispers of the voices.

after awhile i lost interest in subliminals and decided to give sapien medicine a try since i was really worried about my health at the time.

it was really fun and exciting for me to learn that there were more than just health morphic fields and it helped me open up more to spirituality.

i started to explore more of what they have to offer and the most important thing that keeps me around is the community aspect.

with subliminals i was lacking social interactions as i would only read through comments on youtube.

i’ve gone through mental and emotional ups and downs in life with sapien medicine there to help me. sometimes it’s like being extra layers of clothing. sometimes it’s insights that lead me to learn more about what i wanted or needed to know. sometimes it’s the interactions with the other sapien medicine users that help me break through.

what made me really believe that all this works was one of the dopamine morphic fields that helped me feel an inner rush. also the salt energy cleanse really made me taste salt.

now i almost take it for granted when a morphic field directly supports the dreams i experience.

there’s also a huge difference in my social interactions when i’ve been listening to social audios and when i’m not.


Hey @psynergy … thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.
So Dopamine field it was … good for you. Happiness is what we all seek at the end from everything :blush:
When I played internal alchemical crucible for the first time I actually smelled something burning lol … just like you are saying for salt taste.
Keep updating if you have more to share with the forum :heart:


@Maoshan_Wanderer @_OM @Gnosticmedic27 @45stars @anon46520955 @Desiree @GoddessAndGodOfAll @AkiraTheWild @anon32464289 @Eli

Just a few names I could remember from the forum. I am sure there are many many more people who have had experiences to share…


I had luck or something

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( i was searching for something , and finded this , when i finded this i didint thinked what it can be )

and at this momment this make sense Lanos


This a secret but always when i read @_OM i think in Morpheus , or perhaps for others it wanst lol


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I didn’t understand you … :question:

aaaand your post Most effective field

and a lot of other experiences in most of other threads :p


A no problem Lanos , the image i posted its from a movie called Matrixx , if you like the actual Jhon Wick you may wanted to see Keanu as Neo , the movie its a good one , i think it doenst aappear to be of the 2000 it was really well maded . (referring to the effects )

Morpheus its a badass character from the movie .

Some people in life say that our lifes or the reality we share its similaar to the Matrix : which i dont know lol

(The Movies , There are 3: Matrix Reloaded , Matrix Revolution and Matrix lol , there gonna be a new one , you may be in time to watch the previous 3 , to enjoy the nnew one, in my experience i ennjoy alot watching movies with enhanced vissual proccesor , anime or mangas , i even think its a cheat code for karaoke stuff 100% sure , lol )

how your hair its going? Silky and beautiful , like his owner? :)


Nice share Eli … this was about results but also about the journey … what brought them here and got connected … how long they have been using this etc … many other things if they want to share … one member shared with me and I found it interesting to know :)


Yeah… I’m a ”less is more” kind of person so I won’t repeat myself or my ”story” unnecessarily.

You have to be observant when I show up.
And contemplate carefully, on what I’m saying, haha!:wink:


many of the people you pinged have shared it in other threads but sure :slight_smile:


That’s the problem with these tempting fields … I was making up my mind to get the hair field and meanwhile brought my personal emotional and mental supporter, intestinal cleanser, the acquisition of abdominal definition… three :upside_down_face:… and ran out of budget … it’s still there in my wish list … and I was taking time to get the hair field for the fear of shedding only and meanwhile bought others lol :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Sure … I tagged the names I knew from the forum … you don’t have to if you are not interested… only if anyone wants to … they are welcome.

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And this.:point_up_2:

As far for the journey… it’s neverending, ongoing and shared all the time in the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great share @anon37166570 … this question is similar to what I asked … didn’t know this thread exists though I keep searching the forum often

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I will post mine soon!


Well I discovered sapien 2-3 years ago and it was about tinnitus. My first audio that I use from sapien channel was that only and…then slowly I tried attract love. Using it for couple of days and then I saw some big result. Back then sapien also have that whitening skin. Tan skin as well to brown one. Genetically it changed your skin over time.

I use the whitening one. I had very big results. I always loop it every night for maybe 4-5 months. This is I think around 2019. And suddenly now it got removed :(

Results from it still in me today. I didn’t tan very easily now. And I like it.

And I keep coming back since then. And now I’m still here lol

It took me one year to even take me to use such mandalas. Sigils. I didn’t even know what that is and still my limiting belief firmly very strong enough. Especially with my religious background at that time was lingering. But I’m pretty much still open minded.
I guess anxiety as well playing big role but I remember I think my first time me trying to use mandala is around 2019. My first printed mandala was fame mandala :joy:. I didn’t really know how to use it but I kept it my pocket. And use only when I go out. I didn’t see much results because I wasn’t really consistent with it but I remembered that I had some huge result from it. I went to my father friend’s wedding. I carried the fame mandala. Put it in my pocket. And just forgot about it. Then I went to the wedding and I got hella stares. It’s like I’m the star itself. People focused on me rather than the married couple :joy: and then I asked myself why I got these people starring at me :rofl: . So I tried to calm myself try to hide my hands in my pocket and then I realized oh wait. Why this printed mandala here! And just looking at it. Wait this is the fame mandala. :thinking: and just starting to think. Could this be the reason why i got so much stares… Lol so from there. I’m a collector of mandalas. Printed lot of them. From fame to Kitsune. To luck mandala and thor :joy: and even made my cat some luck necklace from resin with luck mandala in it.

And it keep expanding to the point I went to this forum. Back then I didn’t really want to join because like I said. I’m not too familiar with these stuff. But I read very interesting topics that caught my eyes and I just liked it since then. I gained much better understanding of things. What is sigils. What is sevitor. What is this and that. Then I decided to join this server and here I am. Lol

I’m still learning. And will keep learning. Sometimes I just read people threads for hours. Everyday. If I really like the topic. I could go read it and even studying it. Searching the meaning of it. This is only if I find it interesting though.

It’s also funny how much I learned of Understanding the energy work. How to apply law of attraction. Energy work in general. Compared to the old me before. So there are lot of results. Better understanding of energy work. And understanding what is sigil and sevitor. Even with Google. I didn’t really understand it much because they don’t really show you the experience of having the sevitor. Rather it showed me the opinion on what is sevitor. So it got me into confusion. But from this forum. I can understand it better because the experiences from people who Owning it. Now even owning myself one.

The journey isn’t stop just yet. It will keep going. To understand it much better and better. And it will keep doing that till the point of no return. And idk what the future brings. But from what I learned.

Things slowly getting better. Miracle happens every day now. Less sadness. Not saying there is no sadness. There is but it’s lesser. Financial problems improve. My mom that used to be in debts for many years suddenly the debt just fixed in one day. What a miracle indeed


Looking forward to it :blush:

Awesome story ! Keep going Imogen and happy for your mother … being debt free is such a boost in life. Also the fame story :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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