Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

A dedicated Discord group has been created, so we can align on spontaneous synchronized meditations with ease and share experiences more privately.

In order to keep it nice & spam free, please DM me or @Divine_Lotus for the invite link :slight_smile:

To stay in the loop in parallel:

If you are not available during synchro mass meditations, always be reminded that the field is built to be asynchronous. Anytime you connect this has an impact.

Doing it synchronized, only add power to our endeavor and make it socially nice.

This is a very powerful but a safe field, you can play it in the background at any time.
Though make sure to drink plenty of water and ground yourself often :deciduous_tree:

Content of the field :sparkles:

We made a list of ideas & suggestion for Dream, and left all the room for his creative potential.
I was definitely not expecting this feedback:

From there, here is the final template:

Overall vision:

  • Gather inspirations to help you come up with the best mass meditation field to date.
  • Have a beautiful impact on our forum, our planet and all its inhabitants, the Cosmos.
  • Bring back our weekly meditations and be the power of positive change.
  • Take our reality to the next level.

Field deas & Suggestions:


  • Best version of Earth: aligning our planet with its most favorable timeline, this reinforced by the woven world concept.
  • Restoring our amazing planet to its original template and its highest potential with the highest geometry pattern, and any other template we may be unaware of.
  • Restoration of its connection with all beneficial dimensions.
  • Ley Line Node restoration and improvement.
  • Crystal Grid renovation and improvement.

(Gaia, humans, animals, crystals, plants, etheric beings, other beings inhabiting it)

  • Blueprint of the Past applied to our planet and all of its inhabitants
  • Remake of the Wisdom of the dying: “The Wisdom of the Planets”, collected in all dimensions and timelines, and installed to our collective consciousness.
  • Restoration of the mother/child link between Gaia and all of its inhabitants.
  • Restoration of the feeling of interconnection, divinity and unity to all its inhabitants.
  • Restoration of all beings to their divine roots, to the Cosmic Thought or the Creator, to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth concept, this in harmony with their belief system and subconscious.
  • Radical positive change applied to the collective.
  • Installation of the fundamental virtues: generosity, moral, patience, vigor, compassion and wisdom.
  • Abundance river to all beings.
  • Reconnection of all beings with the etheric and celestial realms


  • Cosmic intercession with all beneficial beings to assist Earth and all of its inhabitants in their healing and ascension.
  • Divine guidance to all beings (earthly and non-earthly)

Field features suggestions:

  • Filling a pool of consciousness that will allow us to meditate and have an impact asynchronously.
  • Woven world concept combined with the Solidifier field.
  • Gratitude to Gaia and all of its inhabitants.
  • Gratitude to all helpers and to ourselves for dedicating time to this project.
  • Smart negentropic interconnection between all users of the field, with smart cord application: cutting negative cords and reinforcing positive ones.
  • Smart features reading the energy present within the node and acts based on it – de-patterning if undesirable, or supporting with unity, harmony, peace, joy, happiness, love, etc.
  • Transmutation & reinforcement of all intents of users into a positive & powerful one.
  • Reinforcement of our collective focus & intent, and purification with the possible use of technologies such as the PRK-1U.
  • Each user becomes a beacon spreading the positive vibration to his environment and the people they are interconnected with (if they subconsciously wish to participate).
  • Energy is outsourced by zero point energy, so users are revived by the meditations instead of being drained.
  • Cheering all meditators: Conceptual integration of a feeling of pride, satisfaction, appreciation for those meditations. Remove resistances to doing this meditation.
  • Conceptual integration of the impact of such meditations.
  • Conceptual integration of faith in such meditations, our collective power, and its benefits.
  • Shielding to all users and helpers during and outside the meditations, including consciousness edits, implants, curses, etc.
  • Shielding to Earth
  • Grounding the users in order to channel higher energies and avoid overwhelm.


  • Mandala for those that wish to be connected to the field 24/7, similar to the Sacred Flower
  • Boost the Mass Meditation dynamic, encourage everyone and inspire us towards integrity & Service to Others


I think a lot of us can agree that we may have the most potent field to date, in term of individual & collective change.

Our planet evolves → we evolve.
We give → we receive.

From this, how can we take this to the next level?


Great job to those that contributed! So happy this was re-created. The new version sounds fantastic. Looking forward to mediating with it. :sparkling_heart::earth_americas:


Great job. A field to use everyday for the rest of our lives.


Is it always live?
I don’t understand.

Edit: thank you so much, Captain - with this meditation we can all add a little bit (or more than a little bit) of light in/to our current world/mess.
Thank you, @anon32464289 for this topic.
Thank you, @GoddessAndGodOfAll for answering.


Time for weekly mass meditations again y’all!!

Btw, is there any way I can listen to this after having exited the Venmo app? Like YouTube premium but for Venmo lol

Pop up view is the next best thing i think

Is there any way we can get a downloadable mp3 version of this? :pray:


Thank you for this. I am excited to try this regularly starting this week.


Still some fine tuning I guess :grin:


Last mass med fields also had an impact even if one would not listen to it if I remember right.
Does this apply to this one too? Just thinking of looping it even if I don’t have time to meditate or listen to it.


Thank you Boris and everyone driving this.
I’m very happy the mass meditation is “online” again.


Is it supposed to look like this?

I love the new fields included with this one. Also, could we maybe arrange a set date and time for an actual synchronized mass meditation with this? I run a website (non-profit) for arranging and promoting mass meditations. It’s and I’d like to maybe use this video for a global meditation.


You’re ahead of me.

And yep for the current look & feel of Vimeo.

The dedicated Discord group is created, so we can align on synchronized meditations.

@Anyone, in order to keep it nice & spam free, please DM me or @Divine_Lotus for the invite link :slight_smile:

(this is night time here in Europe, no worry if I take some time to reply)


There should be a dedicated thread too for those who don’t use discord :)

There’s probably a lot of lurkers here who don’t use discord or comment or pm who’d like to take part


Good idea man.

Will create this tomorrow :raised_hands:


Wait, is this in the making right now? I almost never check the threads anymore(Too many and not enough time) , but something made me see this.


Oh no bro, it’s already made!


Holy shit! Thanks bro! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So, 7 P. M. on my time (Eastern European Summer Time) (I guess it’s done in such a way as to show schedule according to your local time)?

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(that is how it integrates, as a link)


Good morning everyone :sun_with_face:

(1) The dedicated Discord group is created

Please DM me or @Divine_Lotus for the invite link.
We share the link privately, as we would like to keep that group nice & spam free :slight_smile:

(2) Testimonial thread is created

Please do share your experiences :sparkles:

(3) We are still working on schedules, but the thread is also created: